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BRDatabase Problems



The BRDatabase website has had connection issues recently and this is a quick headsup.


The hosting company, who have been less than helpful, have denied access to parts of the database because of high cpu and high RAM hits. I fixed some errors recently and this has meant a refresh of the cache files which is putting a heavy load on the server. I am in the process of removing some of the worst queries and replacing them with 'data warehouse' tables which essentially means that the server will be under a smaller load.


I am looking to move away from the hosting company - they recently increased their basic plan cost by 500% and removed interactive chat support. So I am looking elsewhere, but the cost of running the website has increased considerably since I started. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know.


As for the data, I have completely refreshed everything (offline) from 1946 to 1968 with the exception of a handful of months in 1965/6 which I will add in the next week or so. Then I will check the quality of the data and once that is done, BRDatabase should be much more accurate and reliable. Also, the facelift is imminent ...


In the meantime, I apologise for the problems everyone is facing and I hope to get them resolved as soon as possible. That might mean a bit of downtime for maintenance, so please bear with me.




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Thats ok Ian...... I thought it was my computor, having just had my first anniversary Windows 10 upgrade !!!!!


Good luck and keep it going....... a much appreciated service .....






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Wahay! I haven't got time to test it thoroughly, but I think it is up and running again. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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