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Bristol Barrow Road - Laying Storage Sidings




Just a quick update on the storage sidings. The total of turnouts built is now 11 with ten now fixed in position in the storage sidings and three of the sidings laid.
The turnouts are all constructed using 1.6mm thick double sided copper clad sleepers whilst the sidings are K&L and C&L lengths of flexitrack board joints strengthened using copper clad sleeper strips.


Over the hot weather I have checked all the rail joints on the turnouts and board joints and where necessary I have widened the gap using a very thin file - a very useful tool obtained some years ago from Eileens.


Here are some photos of the progress made so far. Once all the turnouts are in position I will fit digital cobalts and wire them in to two separate accessory buses.


















EDIT;- Two more turnouts added since my last post.






EDIT:- Further progress as of this afternoon 24th July 2018. I have completed laying metre lengths of C&L Flexi track in the UP storage sidings. I have run out of the Evostick Timebond Adjustable glue I am using to fix this track and am having difficulty finding a replacement tube as B&Q don't have any local to me. I also need to order some more track and copper clad.









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Hi John, Chris has finished the two power boxes and they are now both operational which means I now have power to the shed yard and can run locos! All the yard turnouts are now operational, including the three way tandem and I can run a loco through the two double slips. All the turnouts operated by analogue cobalts still need to be wired into their switches so the yard and the main line are yet to be linked but things are looking good. Oh well better get back to building a few more turnouts :-).

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Excellent, Robin.


It's kind of like your own version of Westerleigh Yard, perhaps (albeit not featuring single-ended sidings)?

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Hi, Robin


Excellent progress - well done. I won’t be back for another ten days, so I will expect to see it completed?? :-)


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You look to be making excellent progress with the fiddle yard and shed yard. I hope it's more pleasant working in your layout room than it is in my model room recently. It's so unbearably hot up here that I haven't done any modelling for weeks now.



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Dave,  The morning is the best time to work o the shed in this hot weather. I have the windows and doors open to get  a flow of air through the building. It's too hot to work in the afternoon unless you like working in a sauna although this afternoon wasn't to bad and I added two more roads of flexi-track. I shall need another 25m soon. 

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