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More wagons

The Fatadder


A lot more wagon work this evening,


First up a bunch of wagons from my Cheddar valley project that have now been rewheeled for Brent, most of these were missing buffers (given that they were originally going to get sprung buffers.) I have now temporarily fitted them with fixed steel buffer heads, however the diameter is too large for most of the wagons so they will eventually need replacing with the correct size. I am seriously thinking about temporarily fitting with spare tensionlock couplings until the layout is more complete and I have time (and budget) to start fitting scale couplings. Some time spent operating the layout will also help finalise the coupling choice going forward.
Here there is a long wheelbase mink (Parkside), Fruit D (Parkside), Mink (I think Ratio), All Steel mineral Bachmann, GW 5 plank open (Coopercraft), 5 plank Foster Yeoman (Parkside), unpainted Southern 7 plank (Cambrian), LMS 3 plank that still needs buffers (Ratio), LMS Van (Cambrian), P17 "Starfish" (Kirk)


The Cambrian P18 ballast wagon is also progressing well, as it approaches the stage of needing buffers, wirons and break gear (once the suspension units are fully dry


Finally another old Cambrian kit for a 7 plank open in English China Clays livery, went together a lot better than the P18! This just needs brake leavers / door guards and couplings, plus the door opening bar, then it will be finished


There are still 10-15 kits in the pile, including cattle wagons (that are the next to be worked on), more vans and opens, plus a couple of Loco Coal wagons from Cambrian. One of which will end up in the branch goods en route to Kingsbridge loco shed.


I also have another syphon coming from ebay, to start building up some more NPCCS, though is a couple of full brakes that I should really be looking for...

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Just started reading this while waiting for the glue to set on a Cambrian kit - English China Clays #676. 

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Just started reading this while waiting for the glue to set on a Cambrian kit - English China Clays #676.

I might have to get that to go with 671...


This is my first attempt at a preliveried wagon (rather than the transfer approach used on my Parkside Foster Yeoman open) and I have to say I’m impressed. Will definitely be buying a lot more over time

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