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GWR Beetle + Centenaries

The Fatadder


Yesterday while visiting the East Somerset Railway, I picked up a Parkside kit for a W7 diagram prize cattle van. Its been a fun build, all be it not Parkside's finest work. The floor is rather below what you would expect (with no location marks for the gas tank or breaks) and lots of parts for the break gear are missing.


I have worked from a prototype photo from 1947 in which the groom's compartment has been replaced (so instead of the 1907 panneling it has flat doors), so I have modified the parts accordingly. It is now out in the garage ready for a coat of GWR brown when I do my next batch of spraying...


I have not glued the roof on yet, both for ease of painting and more importantly to enable glazing after painting.
Eventually I need to confirm were horse boxes and cattle vans loaded in the cattle docks, on the platform, or on the raised platform in the goods yard. My suspicion is the other (where the van and a hosebox are posed below. Eventually I will need to add a tweed clad peer, his pig man and a very large pig awaiting collection...…


I have also been doing some spraying,
First up the ex LNWR diagram 138 composite has now been primed, I picked up a tin of Phoenix LMS coach paint back at Scaleforum (and there is no masking) so I am ready to go. If (and its a big if) the weather is ok tomorrow, I will try and get it painted in the afternoon once my parents have picked up the girls for half term.


Next the first of my Toplights, again this has been primed as I had hoped I would be able to spray the cream.


Speaking of cream, I have completed some testing on the Centenary break third, after applying masking to the chocolate and leaving for the whole time I was in the garage, I managed to remove it without damage. So I sanded back the damaged paint area and gave it a coat of primer. Unfortunately I have now ran out of decent masking tape so no more complex painting until a new batch arrives. Next time I will order a couple of rolls!


Finally something a little different, I cobbled together this fictional loco a long time ago using some Triang Blue Pullman ends (left over from adding replacement ends to my BP) fitted to a modified Class 31 shell with a pair of Class 56 roof grills. It has been given a coat of GWR green, it has a Bachmann 37 chassis with D600 bogie frames (which may eventually get recommissioned into a 37). In the mean time it will get some GWR branding as if the GWRs gas turbine experiments had born more fruit.

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Hi Fatadder,


Great job on the rolling stock - I like the spurious has turbine build too! Perhaps a model of 18000 or 18100 in GWR green might be a good idea?


All the best,



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It is on the to do list one day, I wish I could find out how the GWR had intended to paint them. The only source being a crude b&w picture in the book published just before nationalisation detailing the GWs future plans, but it’s not clear enough to work from...

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