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Bristol Barrow Road - Storage Sidings and other updates




It's been a while since I updated my blog but we haven't been idle. Chris has made two Power Boxes one for the scenic side and a Booster box for the Storage sidings. Each contain a Maplins X21M Power unit, PSX circuit breakers, a DCC Concepts 12v Power supply PSU2 and NCE Units - a 5amp command unit in the main box and a Booster in the other. They do look rather smart.


Main Power Box


Booster Box


Engine Shed Sidings now has a panel for the turnouts which controls the Fishponds banker siding and the south exit from the engine shed


Engine Shed Sidings Panel


Chris has done a brilliant job with both Power boxes and the panels and is currently building the Lawrence Hill Junction Panel. When complete and fitted the scenic side of the layout will be fully operational. Both Panels are designed as an interim measure whilst a decision on the design of signalling the layout is made.


The track in the storage sidings is now complete with the addition of 16 Peco EM buffer stops on the dead end sidings.


Here are a few photos of the completed sidings. My next task is the complete the wiring on the storage boards.

















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Yes, Robin, the power boxes do look very neat indeed. The storage sidings look to have come on quite a bit, too. Very impressive.

Happy New Year and good modelling in 2019.


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Thanks to you both I'm sure Chris will appreciate your comments. Happy New Year to you both.


How is your arm Dave? How soon until you can get back to some modelling?  



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Hi Robin.


My arm is progressing slowly, thanks. I have a little less discomfort and slightly more movement in the shoulder, but I think it's going to take quite a while. The A&E doctor said 5 to 6 weeks. However, I think that is just the initial period for the bones to start to knit together. I have a physiotherapy appointment a week tomorrow, so I might have a better idea after that.


The other thing I forgot to comment on is just how well the Peco EM buffer stops fit onto P4 track. Amazing!



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