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CR 29 class in service and shunting.

Dave John


Well there we are, No. 203 in service. It looks all right from a distance, but harsh close ups show my lining inabilities. I did try some of the 2 part Fox transfers where you overlay black on a red/white line, but I just couldn’t get them to look right. The CR red/black/white was subtle with fine lines, hopefully one day a transfer maker will take pity on us.







Then again what matters is how it runs. These engines were built for trip and shunting work, so a bit of video showing 203 doing just that.





I’m quite pleased with that. It will never win races with a 90-1 reduction, but it has considerable tractive effort and is very smooth, all previous pickup problems eliminated. The acid test is pushing a full train backwards through pointwork buffer to buffer and it passes that easily.




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Very nice Dave, and a smooth runner by the looks of it.  I do enjoy your videos, first time I have seen a full train on the bridge I think, a great sight. You must be very pleased.


Is there much more to do on the layout? I can't see any unfinished bits.

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Heh, thanks Mikkel. I have progressed reasonably well with things, but there are still lots of things to keep me going. Nowhere near finished yet.


I might as well add a TTD list here so I can find it and so folk can prod me ;


Signal box

Telegraph poles

Signal wire supports

sort out the scenery at the right hand end

Research a more correct goods shed and build one.

Oil store/lamp hut

Better yard facilities

Build a fill in section for the other end of the viaduct and sort that corner out.

More transport.

Platform furniture/running in board

Fix the jammed ground signal

Stair down from bridge to street


Improvements to goods in yard

Plenty of minor scenic corrections and additions


Oh, and some manure........ 


Well thats a start, for the stock side;



More sheeted wagons( aye ok, a D299 on its travels)

More npcs

Brake wagons/vans

The rest of the CR condensing fleet……


Operationally I am thinking about some sort of running schedule.


I also quite fancy playing with an ambient soundscape.


Ho hum.

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It will never win races with a 90-1 reduction,

But some spirited running was still possible.


The acid test is pushing a full train backwards through pointwork buffer to buffer and it passes that easily.

And at speed!


Nice running.

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