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Introduction to Snitzl




 Hello RMwebber's. Snitzl is a nickname I've had from very young, used by my  mother to describe the mess I used to make whenever I made something.  These blogs will illustrate whatever I've been obsessed with, whether it be sctrach building, electronics or venture's into the unknown. I tend to model whatever I like, with little thought as to location. For instance, the illustrated lattice bridge is based on a bridge that existed at Kimberley Station,  Notts, which was G.N.R. and later became Midland and the engine pictured alongside it is a scratch built L.S.W.R. by Stephenson ( 7 foot driving wheels ).


Below are examples of some of my work taken from the two layouts that I am currently working on,  these are 'Snitzl Town' and 'Fun Town. I take my inspiration not only from the real world but  also the model press and films. The terraced cottages below are based on structures found on a layout  called Eaton Gomery, by Peter Thomas, the Mart, also pictured below actually existed in the early  1900's on Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham.  The track plan for Snitzl Town is similar in design  to Iain Rice's Tregarrick, which was a North Cornwall Minerals Railway, Fun Town on the other hand,  is a very simple micro layout which breaks alot of rules. On Fun Town, none of the rolling stock  ever existed in the real world and many features such as Jules Vernes Tower, Vernes  Flying Machine, Monorail, Railway Market and Steam Tram are pure modelling fun. I started scratch building in the early 1980's and have included a few images below of my efforts.



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Speak of the devil :) 


Welcome back Snitzl, you have been missed. Don't think I've seen the lattice footbridge before, is that a recent build?  


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Hi Mikkel, I've discovered that I can't retain enthusiasm for railway modeling without some contact with other railway enthusiasts, so glad to be back and I've also missed some of you guy's. The lattice bridge you speak of was built for kimberley, but I also made a second bridge for Snitzl Town, there is a blog that covers the build.


Regards Snitzl

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Ah yes, found the lattice bridge post.  


We were just discussing your Blogger blog in a thread the other day. I use my Blogger site as a sort of mirror/backup, but it feels nicer to be part of a community like here.  




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Hi Mikkel, I totally agree with you, Blogger just seems to be out there, on its own, just a little isolated.

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