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It’s Got Legs and It Knows How to Use Them...

Bloody hell, for the first time ever the whole layout minus fiddle yard is together, supported entirely on the leg units. Only took 11 years.

As you can see from the thumbnail there was a degree of shock about this.


All the boards. Each modular board is 3’6” long, with the two larger station boards individually sized.

The classic view from above the signal box.
Vs reality


Side by side, I didn’t get quite the same angle, but close enough.

Obviously there’s a degree of compression in play as well. I am very pleased with the flow of the landscape though.


View uphill from the end of the modern  Montague Road, towards the top of Hurrell Road, the reverse of the view I showed last time. Further static grass growth is visible in the foreground.


View from Hurrel Rd to Motague Rd, as before but with the Lime Grove under pass bridge visible. 
Another repeat, fence arrived for here today.


View from platform end, my view is more like you are perched on the locomotive water tower.
“Drone shot” showing track re alignment and station throat.




My next challenge is to make it all work.




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Great work Tom. Even though it has taken 11 years it has been worth it. 

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I put line side fences on that section today. It’s the easiest board to get finished, I think it might be not far from done now. 

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