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Ground Frame.



At last I can start moving on from point rodding and signal wires! Nearly. Until I start the other end. The pullies bit has had the wires threaded through and dollop of paint (still wet in the photo). The Signal is fixed in place and when the paint is dry the aforementioned pullies, wires and signals will be affixed to the other. If The Plan works it should be simple. Ha ha.


Starting to look past The Beam Of Doom, I've sorted out how the totally unnecessary ground frame will work. As mentioned earlier, I bought the ground frame kit on a bit a whim - I wanted to have one just because... With no picture on the Wizard site I bought it anyway because I like making their ( Inc. MSE) kits. I wasn't quite what I expected, but as ever failed expectations are the mother of invention. All the ones I got to play with were a small step up on whatever remaining timber constituted the platform, so I'm going to let this into the baseboard so it suits the height of the platform, rather than vice versa. To which end I've made the platform, which is c. 10" high - less whatever ground cover goes round it). I've decided not to go overboard on the weathering, again the ones I played with were reasonably well painted. I'm still not sure about "white" levers in a ground frame but it does look a bit naff with only one lever. That lever I lost when making the kit? Two nights back I dropped something else and there it was, right in front of me. I suspect the cat.


With the other bits is the phone cabinet, which will be placed with it supposedly having the token (key if you prefer) release in it. This will mounted on a post or frame, I need to see the frame in place to decide, but it's a bit late to start drilling holes. 


And the speed sign is in! (The strange shadowing round the "50" is the awful phone flash again). I ummed and arrred about whether the bit under the numbers should be yellow too, and googling was inconclusive so I've gone for 'not'. Stupid it may be, but that's one accessory I always wanted to have on my train sets but never did.







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Very impressive work again. It all seems to be progressing fast, too.



 the awful phone flash


You could turn it off. I find that for our purposes the photos almost always turn out better without the flash. As long as the lighting isn't too bad of course.

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