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16XX (P4) running in

Having been granted a further day to keep the P4 circuit in place, I've been making the most of it, with further running in activity taking place. This time, it's the turn of my P4 16XX pannier, 1650. Here's a rather wobbly panned photo:



This loco was built as a commission for me several years ago, when I thought that I would have a completed P4 layout to take to shows, so it was a means of saving me some modelling time, as I needed to work on the layout itself ('Callow Lane').


As things turned out, the layout still isn't finished, but I do hope to start work on it again soon.


The loco features modified milled Alan Gibson 64XX frames (same wheelbase), with Gibson wheels, the usual High Level and Mashima drive and a whitemetal Cotswold body.


Unfortunately, the slow running qualities of this loco never came up to scratch as far as I was concerned.


These days, I would do things differently. For a start, I'd almost certainly make the loco myself now and I'd obviously use the lovely NuCast Partners 16XX chassis kit, designed by Justin Newitt, which was exactly what I did when I built one of these in OO a few months ago.


I had put the loco away for a while and was contemplating building a completely new chassis for it, especially once said NuCast Partners chassis became available in recent times.


However, I decided to put it on the rolling road for some extended running-in and was pleased to note, a year or so ago, that the running did seem to have improved somewhat. As such, I am going to try to give it a lot more running in, in order to improve it sufficiently, so that I don't have to build another chassis for it.


Here is some footage of 1650 running on the highly sophisticated Kernow test facility this afternoon:


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The loco looks steadier than the camera or the track so I'd persevere with it. :good_mini:

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2 hours ago, Miss Prism said:

I like the floating track!

Yes, well, that's one of the unadvertised disadvantages of a deeper pile!


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3 hours ago, Captain Kernow said:

Yes, well, that's one of the unadvertised disadvantages of a deeper pile!


There's a cream for that. Seriously, that looks very nice indeed.

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If only Brunel had thought of floating track!  He really would have had the smooth ride he was mistakenly trying to obtain by rigidity.



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