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Take 2 GWR Metros



As is my wont, I am batch building again, this time two GWR Metros (amongst other things).  Another blast from the past:  back in the day, M&L Leisure sold a discounted pack of 2 kits a couple of which I acquired.  The 633 kit in the header photo became surplus to requirements but it has donated some of its contents to this (re)build of a Wills Metro - mainly the bunker - hence its inclusion in the header.  The 850 is in the roundtoit pile


These are the etches for the Rod Neep kit.  The chassis has been built since this photo.  They are dated 1986




But I am starting with rebuilding my Wills kit.  The tank sides broke of from the front valance when I dismantled it.  (can't remember when that was!)


Edit: you can see that I've filed off the rivets on the right hand tank side to be replaced later.




I srcatch built a new footplate based on the Neep one as a template and, having fitted the front and rear buffer beams, I then decided it needed some rivets which was a bit back to front:




The Wills kit is designed around the extended later bunker so the ends needed shortening as marked on the pic




Soldered to footplate with bunker plonked on to check along with the cab front in progress.




Now to the boiler which needed rolling (this from Nickel Silver).  Again the Neep kit providing a handy template




Held in position with screws.  In the meantime both the chassis completed, the guard irons being the last bit to be added.




and chimney attached:




Currently the chassis and wheels are in the paint shop before final assembly.

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Added note re rivets on tanks sides

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Revealing my ignorance: Why the solder on the tank sides?



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57 minutes ago, Mikkel said:

Revealing my ignorance: Why the solder on the tank sides?




Thanks Mikkel, I wondered if anyone would notice.  The early Metros had far fewer rivets than on the Wills kit so I filed them off (you can see it on one of the early photos) and soldered in some wire as rivets.  18 each side but whose counting.  It needs a lot of cleaning up which I hope to do towards the end.  Of course it might not work in which case I'll probably file it flat.  I do think they are noticeable and a quite feature of this loco:



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Posted (edited)

Aha, thanks. I did wonder if it had anything to do with rivets, but couldn't make sense of it. That's a nice touch, and yes I agree the photo shows them quite prominently. 


Some nicely polished fittings in that photo, smokebox door included.



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2 hours ago, Mikkel said:

Some nicely polished fittings in that photo, smokebox door included.


Yes but not always the case.  This earlier one with S2 boiler; still lined though



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Those tank-side rivets are very noticeable on both photos.  On 626 they don't even seem to be in a regular array or, perhaps, some are marks on the photo.  A curious arrangement and, once seen, cries out to be modelled.

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