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4-CEP 1500 - Almost Complete!

John M Upton


All the painting is done, most of the transfers and all four cars have been reassembled amidst the usual grunting, swearing and threats with a deadly lump hammer... :lol:


blogentry-6910-069422100 1287098778_thumb.jpg

The two DMSO's standing side by side on the workbench. I wasn't originally going to do the mods to the corridor connections but later relented and quite glad I did now as they do look the part. Unfortunately if you are a scale passenger standing on the platform, you will be able to see the joins, having said that, I recall standing next to a real CEP once and if you looked you really could see the joins!!


blogentry-6910-074148200 1287098907_thumb.jpg

If I ever do another refurbished CEP in any way, I know that the TBCK will have to be done differently. Although it looks all right, there are some serious issues with the Bachmann Mk 1 bodysides where they have been inserted into the former TCK body sides.


blogentry-6910-089911400 1287098990_thumb.jpg

First time all four cars have been together, admittedly posed on my US HO shunting plank(!) which happens to be adjacent to my workbench. Looks like 4-CEP 1500 to me... Others may pick some holes in it I expect however.


There are a few finishing touches to be done yet. 'C1' restriction codes are missing from the inner ends as I cannot find the transfers in my box for love nor money, the white double arrows on the cab sides are absent as both small '08/09 shunter' size ones I have are actually too large so will need to get creative on that front, also the door handles etc have yet to be picked out.


As an experimental project it seems to have come off reasonably well. There are things I would do differently next time (if there was one!) and it occurs to me that a conversion kit in the style of those old Westward(?) kits for converting Lima 117's all those years ago could be made for a fully refurbished CEP. All it would require would be etched replacement hopper vent windows and maybe cast resin replacement side sections for the DMSO's and TBCK, Commonwealth bogie frames being sourced as I did with this one from the readily available Bachmann replacements.


One thing to note in all this, the Bachmann loco hauled Mk 1 and the body sides of their CEP body shells have subtly different shaped tumble homes, they should be identical which is making me wonder which is correct!!


I am seriously considering an Central Division unrefurbished 4-BEP next however since I bought the CEP for this project, Hattons have bunged the price up by nearly twenty five notes, Ouch... Also I am getting thoroughly confused on the subject of bogies. Some seem to have Commonwealths just on the buffet car, some on all the trailer bogies. I am confused... :D


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John, well, that looks stunning! It probably does need those decals to add the finishing touches... and hopefully you'll be able to get some outdoors shots next time the sun's out. These models are certainly taking the genre to the next level... Personally, I don't really recall the CEPs too much, but the REPs VEPs and CIGs are well remembered... from my childhood on day trips down to the Watercressline, when you had to get the bus from Alton to Ropley (and then only to Medsted and foremarks)... usually a VEP... sometimes a REP? ... right up to the last three years of commuting twixt Burgess Hill and Gatwick on the VEPs and CIGs of South Central and Southern, which is waht rekindled my interest in railways in the first place - nostalgia! So, hopefully the Hornby units will be just as good.


Looking forward to seeing the Jaffa livery in some sunshine John.... thanks for sharing :clapping_mini: :good_mini:


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Looks very nice, though I'm not a big fan of the Jaffa Cake livery.


Regarding commonwealth bogies under BEPs, the prototype pair and the phase 1 units seem to have had their buffer cars retrofitted with these at some point in the 1960s whilst keeping the original bogies under the other carriages. The phase 2 units had them throughout from new.


"Slam doors on the Souther" has a photo of prototype unit 7001, with Commonwealth bogies under the buffet car in 1967.


Some of the refurbished units seem to have acquired B4 or B5 trailer bogies and Mk6 power bogies. 2306 is an example of this.

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