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Brewery Project Approved by the Cat!

Chris Nevard





As a brief diversion from my Mendip Colliery project, and because I have a spare freshly made 4ft x 2ft baseboard kicking about as well as a keen magazine editor hungry for stuff like this, I've decided to do a quickie in the form of a brewery based around the excellent Bachmann Scenecraft Oak Hill Brewery buildings.



Interestingly enough, the Oakhill Brewery did really exist, and in the early part of the 20th century was served by a 2ft 6 inch gauge railway from the standard gauge S&DJR at nearby Binegar. Sadly the brewery closed its doors for good in 2004 when its owner retired. The real buildings have however since been converted into private dwellings.



My project will be standard gauge, and whilst I have yet to design a trackplan, it's likely to be a simple run-around loop with a couple of sidings coming off it to allow a little shunting with smaller locomotives like a Pug and the forthcoming Model Rail/Dapol Sentinel.



Why the cat? Well she (Fleur) made a pretty picture I'm sure you'll agree, and obviously she approves of the baseboard and buildings dotted about on this fledgeling project.




Mock up of possible brewery layout, with all trains entering and leaving via a tight alleyway between the brewery buildings.




A sneak preview of the Model Rail/Dapol sentinels. See George Dent's BLOG for more photo.

Pic copyright Chris Nevard - please do not repost.


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Those are rather nice looking buildings, Chris, though Fleur is the real scene-stealer. I'd not realised that they had produced these buildings and now you've got me resurecting an old idea about a little bit of 009 alongside the S&DJR, though the brewery might need to be a bit closer than the prototype was. Anyway, this set me looking through a few books and I found that Robin Atthill says the line was 2'6" gauge on one page but later he says 3'0". Any idea which is correct?


I also found a photo in his 'Picture History...' volume of the two engines, Oakhill and Mendip top and tailing a train of five open wagons carrying barrels of the famous stout.


I know the Binegar goods shed was originally the end of the brewery line, but so far I've found very little information. Have you found any other sources on the brewery and its railway?


Now, I wonder if our cats would like a layout to sit on? Maybe not, they're still a bit young for toy trains :unsure:




ps what size is the overall footprint of these buildings?

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If you're having a giant cat in the brewery, then you need some 4mm scale figures of The Goodies to go with it... ;)

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Anyway, this set me looking through a few books and I found that Robin Atthill says the line was 2'6" gauge on one page but later he says 3'0". Any idea which is correct?


Have you found any other sources on the brewery and its railway?


'Brewery Railways' - Ian Peaty

Railway Bylines - volume 8 issue 3 February 2003

Industrial Railway Record 159


All state that the line was 2' 6".



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Thanks Paul and Chris :) Out of those, I only have Mitchell and wotsit so it looks like I need to do some book hunting...

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Looking forward to seeing this progress - scale mice perhaps?

It is reassuring that its not just our cat that assesses peoples attention needs based upon the timesincelastvisit to fridge/cupboard/oven formula and decides that if your failing that you need close supervision within 2' of your nose - way to go Fleur (and Chris too)


Never mind the sad terminal history of the brewery...... what did the beer taste like?


All the best



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The beer was very good I recall the Mendip Gold especially so, and great value from the brewery when I went there in 1994.

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Chris, I am hoping your photograph of your cat convinces my better half that cats and trains can mix as hobbies!!! :)


Great pics, so inspirational.

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Just a quick note to thank Chris and Paul for the Oakhill references. I've now managed to get my hands on most of them and they are providing interesting food for thought :)



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