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2mmFS - 3D Printing (Vans & Cattle Wagons)

Ian Smith


Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons I have not ordered the previously drawn models from Shapeways yet. One of the reasons for this is that I have decided that I don't need any more of the Outside Framed Vans that I were originally forming part of that order. I have however almost finished 2 of the Vans, attempting to complete them in GWR Red Livery with the 5" G.W.R lettering.


The one with the roughly printed side I have decided to finish off as a grounded body, the images below hopefully will allow the reader to discern the variable results of the 3D Printing process between the 2 sides of this van (the roof of this van is 0.010" plasticard) :


Good Side :



Bad Side :



The other van that is almost complete now (apart from the less than 1mm high lettering), and can be seen in the image below. Because I had initially drawn up the van as a body only, I have constructed the solebars and headstocks from plasticard strips (with rod welded on to give the impression of the bulb section solebars). The Buffers and Springs/Axleboxes are the last of my stock of Cast White Metal items that the 2mm Association made available years ago, and the W Irons and brake gear are from Colin Waite etches from the same source. The roof is 0.006" nickel silver sheet gently rolled into an arced profile on the mouse mat.



Because I now have all of the Oustide Framed Goods Vans that I think I'll need, I decided that I would make up the rest of my ultimate order with Shapeways with some of the Cattle Wagons that I will eventually need. To this end I have now drawn up one of the Large (18'6" over headstocks, 11'0" wheel base) W1 / W5 diagram wagons, and also one of the Small (13'9" over headstocks, 8'6" wheel base) W3 diagram wagons. Google Sketch-Up screen shots of these can be seen below :


W1/W5 Cattle Wagon :



W3 Cattle Wagon :




The image from below illustrates the recesses I have drawn into all of the models to help aligh the 2mmSA RCH W Irons (part no. 2-312), and also a similar recess for the V hanger.



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The assymetric nature of some prints is frustrating... maybe I'm too patient in thinking that we are lucky to have these technologies changing the face of modelling. Any model I make tends to have a 'better side' anyway due to human errors in the finishing process!!


Thanks for the close up pics, I must get some wagons going...

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Thanks for the positive comments chaps. I have now started to make some 3 link couplings to join some of my wagons into pairs - another blog entry coming on I think :-)



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Hi Ian, What shade of red did you use? drduncan



After some deliberation I ended up settling for a mix of Humbrol Matt 70 and Humbrol Satin 132 in a ratio of about 3 x132 to 1 x 70.  I had originally bought the Satin 132 specifically for my "Red" but it dried far to orangey for my taste so I toned it down with the Matt 70.  Obviously my wagons receive a coat of Matt Varnish once the lettering has been applied to kill any satin/gloss finish.  


I rather liked Mikkel's choice of Red and I was trying to replicate it, but my replication is based on what I see on a computer screen rather than Mikkel's exact shade so could be wildly different to his.  In the end I do feel that since no-one knows what shade GWR Red wagons actually were finding something you are happy with and sticking to it is probably good enough - from what I've read the shade appears to have been "Dark", "Light", "Bright" or almost any other adjective!!!



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