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  1. HI all, well after a picture of my new 2mmFS layout was put up in the Taunton thread i thought i had better do a little entry on progress. The layout its self is a 4ft 6" dia circle and will have two main lines on the front and a four road fiddle at the back. The board folds up in the middle and this will provide proctection for the layout and i am toying with the idea to find some boxes that will sit on the rear half and these will hold the stock for the layout so it can be transported as one unit rather than having a few extra bits kicking around in the back of the car. The layout its self will be no where inperticular and i will try not to date the scenery in anyway and have the details like cars and stock etc to date it to a year(s) and also try and see if i can also have it so it the region can be moved around by having a building on there that can be changed to show the local building material. If that makes sense. THE PROGRESS. So far the boards have the templot plan V2 stuck down to the board and the sleeper strip is all down and now i am just awaiting the arrival of my custom jigs. I say custom as my original plan (kindly made by DaveC) was to have 1:8 points and the jigs (filing and crossing) where bought and i was all set to go but after prining the plan and joining it together the three tracks on the front was to much so a change was made and now the points range from 1:14, 1:13 and one lonely 1:11 and none of these are avalible off the shelf from the 2mm shop as a quick email sent off to a man in the know and i have some being made as i type. The crude photos below show the progress so far The track is going to be a mixture of flat bottom for the lines and bullhead for the points. Two reasons for this, one i had already bought the flat bottom and secondly i found out that there are no chairs in the easitrack system for flat bottom. As for how it turns out, i will just have to wait and see. Just before i finish i would like to say a big thank you for Captian K for having the layout as it is and also to the many people who should an intreast at Taunton. If any one took any pics of the layout could you please pm me with a copy of them please (if thats ok?? ) as i didnt take that many whilst there. If you have any questions or comments please let me know and i will do my best to answer them. cheers Simon
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  2. Hello. Its time for a little update to tell you all about what I have been upto... Firstly I have now started a new job which is good and a bit of a relief! Of course the down side is it has taken a large slice of my spare time so right now modelling time is limited mostly to weekends. The trackwork on Highclere is nearlly there. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out a problem with the MERG servo controllers though which has been slowing me down. For some reason at the moment I cannot program the controller chip so therefore I cannot operate the points! Its only a matter of time until its fixed as there are a few possible solutions that not only myself but with the help of a really nice MERG guy by the name of Trevor (thank you Trevor) and so normal service on the layout will resume soon. Finally some of you might be aware but I am managing to squeeze in a bit of chassis building, the results of which can be found on the RMWeb Showcase (the first post is HERE, the second HERE, the third HERE) Its a chassis for the 2mm Narrow Gauge diesel I built a short while ago and posted on here about (link thingy). Its something a little different from what I am used to and I have been trying out a few new ideas like CNC chassis, 0.2 MOD gears and a different drive arrangement. For those who dont fancy a bit of surfing here are a few photos... Missy
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  3. Just a quick post to show the track work is progressing. The ongoing saga of tweaking the points continues. I have devised a little test axle to show up any faults with the track, quick to build and fun to play with. I hope it is of use to someone.
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