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    The air temperature in Sherton Abbas has been plummeting over the last few days. A winter like this hasn't been seen since the mid 1890's when the Queen was still on the throne. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_of_1894%E2%80%9395_in_the_United_Kingdom More snow has been forecast to fall this evening and reports are coming in of heavy drifting further North. Despite this bone chilling weather, passengers are arriving at the station in the hope that trains are still running and the line hasn't been closed! Sir Edward arrives at the station forecourt by carriage and is accompanied by his manservant Jenkins. As long as the train arrives, a luncheon engagement awaits at his club in St James's Street. Head Porter Wilfred Edwards braves the elements, but wishes he was back inside and sat by the fire. The waiting rooms in the station building are both full and some hardy souls have decided to await the train on the platform. Lets hope it arrives before frost bite sets in! The train finally draws into Sherton Abbas platform, pulled by a Metro class locomotive numbered 1500 While the passengers were settling themselves into the carriages, the locomotive has run around, coupled back onto the train and is now ready to return up the line through the snow covered landscape. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!
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    After a lot of time messing about with 1990s TPO stock last night, I also found time to do a little more work on my 1947 coach projects While there is still a lot of work to do to get these ready to enter service, the most pressing task is to finish the painting. This covers a number of areas: the black ends (tonight’s job), dirty underframes, the window frames and touch up work on the cream paint to fix where brown paint seeped under the masking. This last point was the focus last night. Having received an order of paints from Amazon, I have some new colours to try out for GWR cream. This was formed from a base of something like 3 drops of Vallejo light sand and one drop of warm yellow (aiming to get a good match with Phoenix GWR cream). Once I got a colour that I was happy with I used a fine brush to touch up the damaged areas, along with a small piece of wrap around on the ends that needed to be cream. The area towards the ends of the sides lacked a deep finish in a couple of places, so here I repainted the whole panel. 8 coaches later and they are all now ready for lining, of course I haven’t nearly enough HMRS lining available so this is going to be a very slow process (initially only one side will be lined on each coach) It is my intention to buy a bow pen and learn how to use it to reduce the cost of this process whilst hopefully increasing the quality. Tonight I am to make a start on window frames and ends, before returning to the chassis next week (at which point I really ought to knock up some couplings for them…)
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