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  1. Dear Dave, PM sent. Best regards, Philip
  2. Although earlier than the OP's time period, a pair of 33s made it to Manchester Piccadilly in either 1987 or 1988. If I recall correctly a 47 had failed on a morning Poole - Manchester service and was replaced by 2 x 33s on the run to Birmingham. Rather than coming off at New Street the pair worked through to Piccadilly, took the ECS to Liverpool Lime Street and then worked a south coast service back in the afternoon. I was on the train from New Street to Wolverhampton, and somewhere have pictures of the locos at and leaving Wolverhampton.
  3. London Liverpool Street had a small coaling point and turntable squeezed in between the mainline and suburban platforms, located between and below Primrose Street and Skinner Street. It was still in use in the early / mid 1980s to refuel locos but the turntable was long gone by then. Primrose Street still exists but Skinner Street seems to have disappeared. Use Google search for images - "London Liverpool Street track plan". The same search produced a track plan for Liverpool Lime Street from RMWeb which shows turntables near platforms 1 and 7 http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/33141-lime-street-station/page-43 Post 1067
  4. Came across these photos on the National Railway Museum website: http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=Liverpool Street&objid=1995-7233_LIVST_FT_207_A http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=Liverpool Street&objid=1995-7233_LIVST_FT_207_B Close up of wagons from 6:40pm special cattle train in Chelmsford yard, 10 October 1952 http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=Liverpool Street&objid=1995-7233_LIVST_FT_417 Title: Cows at Saffron Walden station, 1961 Cattle pens on platform with cattle wagons being loaded. http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=British%20Transport%20Commission&objid=1996-7038_BTF_92_28&keywords=cattle Off topic but still live-stock by rail (plus an unusual use for a ferry van) Farm removal, April 1934, Howarden to Stodbroke. Horses being loaded into horsebox. http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=Liverpool Street&objid=1995-7233_LIVST_FT_30 Elephant being unloaded from ferry wagons at Harringay west for Tom Arnold's circus, Dec 1953. http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/photo?group=Liverpool Street&objid=1995-7233_LIVST_FE_228_B
  5. Just noticed a newly installed shop facia for Southeast Models on Upper Wickham Lane, Welling DA16 3HE, close to Wimpy and Superdrug. The website mentions Airfix kits, Humbrol paints and glue, Hornby, Scalextrics and Corgi. Could not see a opening date.
  6. From the product leaflet in the box, there appears to be only one type of 4L box in their product range. It measures 255mm x 395mm x 88mm and is designed to fit 1 ream of A4 paper.
  7. B&M are currently selling 4L Really Useful Boxes for £3.99 each. Hobbycraft current price is £5 each.
  8. Hobbycraft - 4 sheets of foam board for £10. I have seen 3 for £10 previously but can't recall a 4 for £10 offer. Staples - 64L Really Useful Boxes - 3 for £23.37 (normally £10.99 each) Wickes - 35L Really Useful Boxes - 3 for £23,97 (I think - it was just under £8 each when 3 are purchased together). Current Hobbycraft price - £12 each. All seen in Greenwich / Charlton (SE3) area of London.
  9. Staples occasionally have a Really Useful Box (RUB) promotion where they sell some of the larger sizes (48l and 64l) at £20 for 2 (of the same size). Useful for lightweight things and possibly rolling stock. Locos are too heavy even if the box is only half full. This is the nest deal I have seen on the larger sizes. Hobbycraft have a 3 for the price of 2 event (seemingly two or three times a year) on RUB which is the best deal I have seen on the smaller size boxes (at least up to 21l). A local Homebase (Kidbrooke SE3) have some of the smaller sizes of RUB but are not particularly good one price. Rymans can be cheap when the Really Useful Box is sold with a ream or two of A4 paper (and the paper is about the same price per ream as 10 reams from Staples). Never managed to beat the Staples and Hobbycraft promotional prices on line, and the benefit of buying them in a shop is you can check the boxes and lids are not cracked or chipped.
  10. Rare opportunity to buy one of the current in service Penman Trailers, as used with the Land Rover Wolf. http://www.mod-sales.com/direct/vehicle/,30,/78220/Penman.htm The same site has plenty of Land rovers for sale, including hard and soft topped, battlefield ambulances, armoured and snatch. Oh, plus there are Scimitars, Spartans and an Alvis Stormer.
  11. There is a photo by John Woolley taken in August 1980 on Flickr of 45121 in this "two white stripe" livery. Possibly a case of right livery, wrong loco number?
  12. I appreciate model points / turnouts are considerably shorter than in real life but are the points used on the run-round loop at a branch line terminus / the passing loop at an intermediate station and to give access a good yards longer than the points used in the goods yard itself if there was no space constraints within good yard itself? I am particularly interested in the design of good yards serving a decent size (market) town operated by the Great Northern / Midland / LNWR that (could of) survived until the 1960s or 1970s. The layout will be 4mm / OO.
  13. Rather than making a tube, it might be worth checking plumbing suppliers, DIY outlets, etc.. for something with a suitable diameter. Polyplumb is plastic piping with a diameter of 15mm and 22mm - 3m of 22mm cost £7.49 at Wickes (other store and other brands of plastic pipe available). There are also MDPE end stops of 25mm diameter I have not tried using these materials for fan ducts inside locos but have used them for wagon loads (large sewer pipes, etc.)
  14. Railway Modeller November 1959 page 243 has a wonderful aerial photo showing the entire length of Aylesbury Station including the engine shed and the water tower.
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