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  1. That is quite simply fantastic...
  2. Truly dissapointing to hear this, but I do wish Dave all the best. I think it is safe to say that Dave's interaction with the community via RMWeb was truly stellar, and many other manufacturers/retailers could learn a thing or two from Dave on how to successfully interact with your customers! So thank you Dave, for your hard work over the last 7 years, I hope you are truly proud of how much Dapol, and British N Gauge in general has improved under your watchful eye!
  3. Graham Farish already produce those in GBRf livery.
  4. On the original topic: I've always seen the way Farish do things in their sets as wasteful. Carboard box, plastic tray and plastic boxes for each individual item in the tray. That's just excessive and most likely quite expensive. Considering how much plastic is put into Landfill every year, the less of it used in packaging, the better! Whilst Dapol will need a new tray made for each set, I imagine that will be a cheaper method rather than having to provide a tray, plus multiple stock boxes in each and every set. And Matt, please don't be rude to the rest of the community. When I read the topic of your post, I assumed you were talking about a feature that both DC and DCC controllers missed out on. Then when I read your post I began to understand that you were infact talking about the starter sets. Perhaps you whould have titled this post: "Have Dapol missed a trick with their DC and DCC starter sets." That would have made a lot more sense, and would have allowed us to understand the rest of your post a lot easier!
  5. Well, knowing your remarkable progress rate David, we'll be seeing this essentially finished before September! Looks like an excellent plan, and I definitely can't wait to see more.
  6. I've been thinking about this as I've been reading, and realised how varied my interpretation of it is! To give some examples of the way I would say a number: 1466/4866 = Fourteen Sixty Six / Forty Eight Sixty Six 3650 = Thirty Six Fifty 3738 = Thirty Seven Thirty Eight 5051 Earl Bathurst = Fifty Fifty One 6024 King Edward = Six Oh Two Four 60163 Tornado = Six Oh One Six Three 47500 = Forty Seven Five Hundred 80104 = Eight Oh One Oh Four 66072 = Six Six Zero Seven Two 66713 = Sixty Six Seven One Three or Sixty Six Seven Thirteen So yeah, mine is a real hodge-podge of methods. I tend to use the first two numbers of a Tops Class as a single number, and then the last three individually, except for Class 66s which I call various different things. Setam Locos tend to be spelled out as individual numbers, except for the small GWR tanks which get two pairs (usually). I think in my case at least, i've picked my numbering scheme up off other people I've heard. For example my dad always calls Didcot's 3738 "Thirty Seven Thirty Eight", whereas on a visit to the South Devon Railway, a friend called the visiting prairie 5542 "Five Five Four Two", which is what I now call it!
  7. My FGW Buffet arrived yesterday courtsey of Hattons (wasn't expecting Saturday delivery for only £4!). Excellent model as expected. The colouring of the "dynamic lines" logos is a little lighter than my bookset coaches, but it's really nothing major, as coaches tend to fade differently in real life anyway! Finally made my HST a 2+5, ehich is the most my layout can fit, so I'm rather happy.
  8. RWJP

    New Dapol website

    To be honest, I'd get rid of the whole store/stock/sales side of things altogether. Obviously I have no idea of the numbers, but I would have thought that sales through the website are pretty minimal. Almost no one is going to buy models direct from Dapol as other retailers stock their models for quite a lot less than the RRP. The only real sales I can see going through the website are for the various spare parts packs. I'd far rather see a more Bachmann style website, clear news section, clear products section, split by range, gauge, etc and a comprehensive list of where I can buy Dapol products from. Right now for example, both the "News" section and the "Launches" fulfill exactly the same purpose! As awesome as it is for a company to release a new product, it's nothing that needs separating from regular news. Think of it this way, if a customer goes to the "Launches" section, they will see that Dapol's 2884 has been released (an example only gents!), but they won't see the News posts that says Dapol will be at their local model show, selling said new 2884, as the two announcements are in two separate sections. I feel Dapol have gone massively overboard on shiny graphics and pretty features, but have really failed to provide the information customers really want. Personally, I want to know what models Dapol are currently producing, their features, and where to buy them from. I don't want to know that Dapol are offering 10% off A4s, as I can get them cheaper than Dapol's discounted price from the big retailers! Overall, I agree with Dungrange in his suggestions. Get a good product database/catalogue set up, then add a news feed. once that is finished, look at adding a shopping cart.
  9. Those look excellent Dave. I really can't wait to see what they look like in the flesh! Once again, thank you for listening to the feedback of modellers and improving your products to match. However, the first batch of names/numbers really doesn't interest me at all... What would interest me are the following: 34023 Blackmoor Vale (in Malachite Green as 21C123) 34028 Eddystone (rebuilt) 34053 Sir Keith Park (rebuilt) 34067 Tangmere 34070 Manston 34072 257 Squadron Produce any of them, and I will definitely be parting with some cash!
  10. RWJP

    Dapol 57XX

    Dapol had 4 liveried samples on display at TINGS. All of which were utterly beautiful. Perhaps the most impressive feature though was how imple it was to DCC chip the loco. Hook the cab off, remove blanking plate, insert chip, clip cab back on. DapolDave could do it in 7 seconds. Overall the chipping method appears almost identical to the new Class 20 from Farish, which is the same kind of theory. Also worth pointing out, you cannot see the chip in the cab from eye-level.
  11. To echo 34010-34005's comment, locos like Eddystone and 257 Squadron would be an instant buy in my books. Any of the Bulleids that run at Swanage or the Mid Hants fall slap bang into the "I don't care how much they cost, I want them" category!
  12. As is always the answer when asked the question "What do you want?": Class 442 Wessex Electric I'd also love to see Class 377s and Class 165/166s Also, I'll echo the calls for an Industrial Loco, ideally I'd like to see Steam and Diesel Industrials available. (Of course, all of the above is in N Gauge.)
  13. Cross Street on this forum takes very heavy influence from parts of Manchester (scenics wise), and a friend of mine is building a model of the southern end of Carlise Station (although that's a big'un, not really sensible space).
  14. RWJP

    Warley 2011

    I don't think at any point I suggested that DapolDave should be the one posting news. I am well aware that he is far too busy this weekend... Unless I am very much mistaken though, there were Hundreds of people who went to Warley today, and many of them would have at some point passed the Dapol Stand (or the Farish Stand/Bachmann/Hornby etc etc etc...). Surely one of them might have seen what was going on there. Many of them should be home by now, so someone, somewhere in the country will have a computer + an RMWeb account + details/photos of all the new stuff. What Woodsidebeer and myself have commented on is simply the fact that out of hundreds of people who attended, only a tiny number seem to have taken any photos, and of those, an even smaller percentage have actually deigned to share any knowledge with those of us unfortunate enough to have not gone. If DapolDave does have time to post, that would be great. But surely someone somewhere might have gone "Ooh, that's an awesome new X from Dapol/Farish/Other Manufacturer, i'll post something about it on the forum for the people who weren't there. Going back to the example given earlier. If this had been a video game festival, every major website would have had all the details of the new releases within seconds of them first being made available. Again, being bold, it's not me who has missed the point at all, after all I'm the one making it!
  15. RWJP

    Warley 2011

    If I may be so bold as to butt in... I'm pretty sure that Woodsidebeer was simply commenting on the lack of any word online as to what has actually been announced, aside from the 7mm Wagons. Most people will be aware of those already. Put it this way Mike, I have been trawling RMWeb, Model Rail Forum, N Gauge Forum, New Railway Modellers Forum, Model Rail's Website and Facebook page, Dapols Website and Facebook page, and even the Facebook pages of Hattons and Rails, and have yet to see ANY news! Although perhaps misphrased, I can understand Woodsidebeers frustrations, as he said, any other industry and we would have had news from the show floor within 30 seconds of it being announced! Ross Edit: Ninjaed to it! Lets get back on topic, Alistair has promised more pictures, and surely someone else with come in with more concrete news soon!
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