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  1. Ha yes. I'll have to dab some grey splatter about!
  2. Here's a close up of the bridge. I've tried to achieve a typical look of a bridge that is over due a refurb. The letters are 15mm vinyls from a military kit supplier and are self adhesive being applied over an acrylic paint base. A hairdryer activates the glue once placed. They are then washed over with a matt varnish dyed with a dirt colour. Weathering was applied over the top to suggest where the paint had been beaten by rust. Regards Stu
  3. I realised i need a mk3 coach as a gauge for the station platforms before i can go any further. So while i wait, work has begun on the bridge structures. The first is based on the H&B line over Chanterlands Avenue, Hull. This is how it will sit once the brickwork is complete: Regards Stu
  4. My original plan had a wide, wooden platform as a plain through station. Further thoughts and testing found this operationally boring and unprototypical in having no crossover in a mile of city line with loops and a station. I decided to adjust the track work an boards to accommodate 2 outer platforms and a stabling siding with space between showing some typical rationalisation. There's the inference that the station had loop platforms in busier times. The last two images show where the downside station access ramp will be. The down side will have a small building and arches which supported a recently removed overall GT Andrews roof. The main station building will be on the upside. Most of the buildings will be depicted out of use, typical of the late seventies period of infrastructure retraction. Regards Stu
  5. The mud banks on the river now have a coat of gloss to make them look nice and wet. The grubby type 3 trundling over provides a perfect example of what I'm trying to achieve. This will look better with a big metal bridge and sparse greenery. 20 odd TTA's getting pulled over will add atmosphere too I hope. So that ballasting can be completed, attention will now turn to the station area. Regards Stu
  6. That sounds really effective. I'll give it some thought. I've also considered cutting the rails by about 2/3 down for the 'clickety-clack' effect. I'm going to explore 3 possibilities. 1. Some metal against metal impact using steel sheet picking up vibration under the bridge. 2. replacement of the track bed with metal and 'floating' rails. 3. Some sort of wheel triggered contraption under the supports at both ends wher there's plenty of room. Thanks for the info Michael.
  7. Mmm, that's got me thinking about metal sheet suspended under the bridge with small metal bits on that vibrate when a train passes over.... Might work?
  8. I did consider some kind of hollow metal box made from old biscuit tins but the support needed would ruin the rattling sound effects. Plus all stock would need to be pretty weighty to get the 'big thud' noises.
  9. I would look at models of cars. The wheels look like modern style car types without tyres.
  10. Hi Russ, I know what you mean, the amount of ground to cover on this one is pretty daunting at times. I've had to more or less complete the river section so that the bridge can be built in-situ. Once the bridge is in, acces to the river area will be minimal. The swing-bridge won't, of course, be operational; but it would be an interesting project to build one.
  11. Hi, Good progress on the tidal river bed and swing-bridge. Just need to add a coat of gloss varnish to make the mud 'wet'. I've also 'sunk' the massive pile foundations at the eastern end of the bridge and laid the foundations for the foot boards on the bridge. There will be a walkway down one side hence the asymmetric widths. Regards Stu
  12. I'm also well advanced with ballast laying (about 50% complete). I've also started to experiment with the placement of some industrial storage containers. This will be a slow process with lots of scratch-building required. Here's close-up of Poorhouse Lane box. I'm installing full 3 aspect colour light signalling and can have a total of 8 signals and 2 shunt signals with 3 full signal sections in both directions. Regards Stu
  13. Thanks Montyburns, I used black ink and Indian red ink mixed with IPA to soak the timbers. I then added a green algae tide mark by painting with very watery sap green and yellow acrylics.
  14. Hi Simon, I'm intending to model around 76-82 ish although I have a liking for various 'modernisation plan' diesels and so might also extend that back to a pre-tops period too.
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