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  1. Looks great, lovely, interesting buidlings which the weathering enhances.
  2. Even the offstage bits on this layout are spotlessly tidy! Interesting, that you've chosen to operate the fiddle yard points manually - for me, that was one of the attractions of DCC being able to set up macros to set routes through the fiddle yard.
  3. Stretching it a long way admitteddly , the little community on Flats Lane and Knox Grave Lane near Weeford on Phase 1. The residents wanted to move together to new location. What the railway missed, the side road realingment didn't.
  4. It's not your skills that are modest, you are. I wish I could produce coaches as well finished as you have.
  5. You're certainly using every last millimetre available to you in the window area and corner of the window reveal. Are those areas scenic?
  6. The material roll that came with my CMX when new was corduroy. I don't use the cleaner much (layout most of the time covered in junk!) but it seems to be reasonably durable and not shed bits that I've noticed.
  7. Even if you could just do the first bit that would add quite a bit of operational interest, exchanging freight to/from the branch and also the dropping off and collection of a milk tank for the creamery at Wallingford. (My branch line is heavily inspired by Wallingford but my mainline is set north of Oxford, the layout of Cholsey and Moulsford didn't suit.) Your river bridge is very impressive, I could not not have sawn those arches that neatly for sure! Good to see another western mainline layout, look forward to seeing more. All the best Jon
  8. And on the western, didn't the King come off at Plymouth being too heavy for the Royal Albert Bridge? Were coaches taken off here too?
  9. For something that combines the flexibility of a DSLR with size toward that of a compact camera, there are mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Originally these were a system called micro 4/3 (m4/3) developed by Olympus and Panasonic but the other big camera manufacturers (Canon, Nikon, Sony) are introducing their own version of this - this is the future and DSLRs are likely to slowly fade away to a residual base. (The cameras have less parts, no complex things like the flip up mirror, so more profitable for the manufacturers so they are pushing them.) I use an Olympus OM-D E-
  10. I've clicked agree to the previous three compliments but I still feel it necessary to add something - exceptional modelling, the roof being particularly stunning.
  11. A few shots of a goods train... Probably the last for a while as I'm running out of working locos Most are in boxes and not fitted with decoders yet, for safe keeping until the layout is complete and everything tidy... which never seems to happen. Plus a few more are in various stages of disassembly where plans to detail or get running have hit the buffers of time/patience/skill.
  12. Sublime modelling, the lorry scene especially...well observed everyday scenes
  13. Having bought the Hornby suburban coaches when they came out a year ago, finally here's a train with them in. The second coach, strengthening the set to five coaches, is a home made C23. The transfers on the coach ends eventually will get changed to London Division; I think from discussion in the topic on the coaches such a set was used; or if it wasn't rule no.1 applies The Bulldog is a home made hybrid of Bachmann Earl plus 3d printed body. Running it here has exposed a problem, in my excited haste to finish it I didn't put any weight in the boiler, so the phrase "couldn't
  14. I put mine on bits of card glued onto the ballast see here and following posts. My thinking being the card more or less looks like the top of concrete I shaped bases...
  15. The Hornby buffet car is so far away as to not offend on the eye:) Topping up the balast on the pointwork is somewhere on the to-do list - or if brave replacing with Peco bullhead versions when available, though the cut up chairs I added makes them a bit better.
  16. Now, a proper train. And you can't get much more proper than a Star - at the head of a cross-country express (Birkenhead to Margate/Sandwich or something like that perhaps) The close up does rather cruely show the limitations of my painting and lining on the leading brake composite.
  17. The 37 does have a habit of derailing on double slips, I've just found having done the staging tracks - not sure if that's a trait or something amiss with mine- so maybe a 4 axle loco might have been better.
  18. In my experience, yes; and you should find other favourable reviews - I'm sure I looked before splashing out (!?) on it. My staging tracks are rather inaccessible, hidden behind the branch line terminus (though that can be moved if need be, and have just done that to clean up some out of control cobwebs!) so for me having a hands-free cleaning method was highly desirable.
  19. After a long gap, a train... Not what you were expecting?! Probably the only time a photo of a diesel will appear here. Well, unless I succomb to a Dapol railcar In hindsight I should have got something more appropriate ie western, a Warship maybe. But, whereas before the 56xx I used to shove the CMX around really struggled the 37 shifts it no problem. Running this around has revealed a few niggles in the up fiddle yard, which I had forgotten about whilst doing my coach building.
  20. The doors on K22 1145 have the same colour but not the rest of the interior which is white. Picture around 1/4 way down the page here http://www.lnersvrcoachfund.org.uk/gwr_1145.html
  21. A few more home made coaches. An E73: An E82: An E85: My goal for the coming weekend is to clear all the junk resting on the layout and get these in a train. Might as well do something productive whilst under house arrest!
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