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  1. Hi David, I've not encountered any issues with loco's on this layout. I have no raised areas on this build Unfortunately. So slippages isn't a problem. The 128 even takes the set track points without fault on my fiddle yard. Which is always a worry with later stuff I have purchased.
  2. Mine arrived today. Brilliant little DPU. Big thanks to Revolutions for bringing this class to N
  3. More rolling stock update than the layout build. My Revolution trains class 128 landed today. Can't fault the build quality or the finish. Everything is spot on. My only suprise was, I thought it would of been a bit heavier than it is.
  4. Been having a bash at building corrugated fences for my scrap yard scene. Getting there slowly, Kinda pleased so far with my results.
  5. Not much of an update. Been playing around setting the scene, Before I 100% commit to building the backscene up. The Scrap yard scene, is roughly how I want it. I'm still looking at scrap yard images online For inspiration and ideas.
  6. No update on the build, But bit of fun messing around with my rolling stock and loco's. This is a rule 1 moment, which I'm really happy with. 47853 in XP64 guise. Working a Pullman charter set in reverse Blue Grey
  7. Hell's Bell's that is a brilliant mimic panel. Love what you are doing on this build . Looking forward to seeing your next update Phil
  8. Not much of an update. Fiddle yard is now finally completed. With 2 extra roads roads added at each end to accommodate 2 car DMUs and single car. Thanks for looking Phil.
  9. 47799 Prince Henry on it's next royal duty heading into the capital, passing Denbigh North.
  10. Hi Ben. I model from late 80s upto the late 90s. So I can pretty get away with running a mixed batch of rolling stock and loco's. Phil
  11. Funny you should say that you stumbled across class59s on the WCML. Whilst doing research for my new build, I came across a picture of 59103 working a stone train Whatley quarry upto the old ARC site in Wolverton. So they did venture out further than the normal neck of the woods
  12. I know that I have missed the early bird deal. But they do look very tempting 😲 Just unsure which livery would suit the WCMl in the late 80s and 90s era's
  13. Hell's Bell's this is a awesome bit of modelling. Thanks for sharing your handy work. Really love those HST pictures
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