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  1. Any updates on this layout?
  2. Hi folks, Looking at wiring up my railway using DC and section switches. What is the point of on off on switches? I envisaged it would only be useful to have on off switches. Are they more for two controllers rather than one single?
  3. Morning, Would anyone be kind enough to advise if 91119, intercity liveried is out today? Any diagram info would be a lot of help Thanks
  4. Fantastic stuff James, the last batch of 37s are particularly nice. Keep up the good work. Can we expect more tractor action in your next post?
  5. Thanks for all the feedback folks. The loco is currently sitting in a tub looking quite awful to be frank. I tried using white spirit but its done nothing but make the loco smell even worse than it did from Dettol. Is my only real option now to use phoenix stripper?
  6. Thanks for all the responses, most helpful. I've had the shell in Dettol for nearly 48 hours and the paint has got soft and scrapes off with a bit of effort. It's not really peeling off like I envisaged though. I'll bring it out tonight when I get home and take it from there. Hopefully I don't go home to a blob of distorted plastic!
  7. Morning all, I've been looking through various threads regarding paint stripping and noticed that Dettol seems to work for a number of folks. I'm stripping a Bachmann class 20 and have had the shell in Dettol overnight and it doesn't seem to have had much success at taking the paint off. The paint has gone a tacky sort of feel. Is it a case of leaving it soaking for longer? Does the plastic start to become distorted the longer you leave it This forum has always been very useful, any wise words would be most appreciated cheers
  8. Thanks for the information throughout this thread. What ready to run coaching stock would be seen in this era? Suburban/mk1/lms stock?
  9. Lovely little layout. What are the platforms made from?
  10. Not at all, I just remember the type of rust buckets that James is going for, happy days indeed!
  11. ooh bingo.....i'll go for 010, 055, 051, 170, 248, 403, 704 and 717
  12. Thanks very much for all your input on this. The loco was an ebay purchase (excellent condition stated) and at the moment, the seller is disputing the problem rather disappointingly. He has proposed a part refund but to be honest, for the price I paid, it should really be going back. If the seller is reading this, so be it!
  13. Thanks for the reply. If you don't mind me asking, what sort of cost is the new can motor? I know, high mileage 08's, who knows what folk get up to!
  14. Hi Folks, I recently purchased a second hand Bachmann class 08 and while running in one direction, the loco is a little hesitant, when I run it the other way, there is a terrible sort of humming/electrical almost sound coming from the motor. I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar and what sort of action you took to fix (if it is). thanks
  15. Hello all, would anyone in the know be so kind to post what diagrams the intercity 91119 will work tomorrow (09/04/19)? any help would be greatly appreciated cheers 37403
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