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  1. Hello, Seems to be a short term coal flow from killoch to port talbot kicking off next week. Does anyone have any knowledge if this will last long? I assume this is for the steel works?
  2. The weathering is fantastic on these. Do you have images of any rolling stock?
  3. Great to see an update. Is construction of the boards likely to happen soon?
  4. I've just went through this whole thread... absolutely great layout and progress. Is this a home or club layout? I can't get over the propelling 16t coal train video. Are all the wagons three links?
  5. Absolutely class. Excellent weathering, really captured the look of the time. Are you a scale coupling man? The three links are pains but look so much better than a big hook
  6. Any pictures of the loco fleet? Every now and again I see a layout that grabs my attention...you got it lol
  7. Great stuff. Really look forward to seeing this one develop....please keep us posted with your progress
  8. BR blue mid 70s layout, excellent. Do you have a list of all stock you plan to run? I do like a roster, the loco plans are great
  9. They looks rather good, although, I wonder how the RRP will sit with people. The price for one is not far of twice the price of accurascale or cavalex set of wagons which have a lot of details. I was hoping that because the base mold was "flat", the price might have reflected this. I'm not nocking the model at all, just providing some feedback from a modellers perspective. Of course, people will disagree but that's okay, everyone has an opinion
  10. Yeah yeah, the wagons are great..but when are we going to see the locos
  11. Hello, I bought a tub of modelstrip to remove a bodged repaint. I opened the tub to find it dry so added a little water to make it soft again. I smeared the stuff over the loco body and left fir 24hrs. It doesn't appear to have done anything at all. Would anyone be able to provide any guidance? Ideally, as I've paid for it I'd like to use it up. Should it be left longer to soak on? Thanks
  12. I know this probably isn't the correct place to post but thanks everyone for notifying about all these bargains. I've got some great stuff in the past few weeks thanks to people posting.
  13. Kilmarnock was four through
  14. Hello all, Hope everyone is staying safe. Can anyone point me towards 1970s commercial vehicles like transit vans, flatbeds etc oo gauge? Most I've seen appear to be either 60s or 80s! Thanks
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