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  1. I seem to recall this story, and the version I read was that the driver was booked for one or both of the ex LMS diesels 10000 oe 10001, which failed, and he had to work the turn was 71000, Duke Of Gloucester, which was then greatly disliked by most of not all Crewe North men.
  2. Hope the golf goes well, Gilbert, despite your trepidation. I still think that the Thompson A1 and A2s looked very ungainly. Regards Stewart
  3. Gilbert - In my opinion, the railway paraphernalia all adds to the air of authenticity, and in any event, it was there, and it often did get in the way, so as far as I'm concerned, it can get in the way - it's the quality of the modelling, and the stunning accuracy of it that keeps us all coming back for more. I only follow a few layouts on here - in fact, two - yours and Waverley West.
  4. Still not sure about the Thompson pacifics - they just look too ungainly. Their performance was not brilliant either, but they were a part of the ECML in the time scale which you are modelling, so they need to appear. Filthy locos were becoming the norm even as early as 1957, especially at some depots, and again, given your love of accurate modelling, need to appear. The weathering on all your locos does reflect very well the differing standards of cleaning and maintenance at the various depots which served trains via Peterborough, and is a credit to you and to the people who assist you with the weathering of your locos and stock.
  5. McSweens' by any chance? Probably the best commercial haggis available
  6. Really liked these pics Jim - nice touch having a stop on Ribblehead viaduct. And gave you a great opportunity for some very unusual and interesting images. Not a bad way to spend a day of your leave.
  7. Our own Big Jim was, apparently acting as pilotman on this run
  8. So you sign Blackburn - Hellifield so do you also sign the S&C?
  9. Both gone, I'm afraid - the Buckle is now a private house
  10. I love the pics, Gilbert. Still not too sure on the Thompson A2s though. They look very ungainly compared to the Gresley and Peppercorn pacifics.
  11. It was a cracking day with a delicious cream tea, and also three locos in steam - Tarn Beck, Mike's own, and two visiting locos, Centurion, on its second ever public outing, and Ross, which also visited last year. The little traction engine was also in attendance, this year painted in a rather fetching blue Centurion followed by Tarn Beck, then the next post is Ross and Centurion again
  12. Trev 52A that image of the Cravens at the end of the back alley would do Colin T GIfford proud. My wife also liked it a lot.
  13. Utterly fabulous, Dave, these outdoor shots are just superb.
  14. Bump - 7th July is on, according to local publicity and the Facebook pages. Admission to the garden is £5 this year with a cream tea, and a train ride is a further £1. There will also be a string quartet playing in the garden. Much to see there, as the garden is now very mature. The railway also now has a signal box to add to the interest there.
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