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  1. My late uncle (actually my dad's cousin) was a very senior man at Crewe, and when I was about twelve, he took me to Dalry Road, where there were Black 5s galore - his comment that day was "there's one thing better than one of these Hikers (a Scottish nickname for them) is two of them. He also had the honour of having to put a Black 5 on the Royal Scot to cover a failed Class 40 English Electric Type 4, and the event was also photographed by the brilliant railwayman/photographer, Ron Herbert in one of his books "The Working Railway" Vols 1 and 2.
  2. Afternoon All Again, all posts read and rated, and generic greetings are proffered to each and every ER. Walk around the block again this morning, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to clean the kitchen blind. However, it did come up a little cleaner. Not a great deal else has happened here, so I'll revisit tomorrow after the early morning fodder run. Regards to All Stewart
  3. Afternoon All All posts have been read and rated. Condolences to NHN on his boss's wife's passing - it's never easy, and here in ERs where many of us are of similar age (or age group anyway), it is something which seems to hit us more and more often. As to what I visit on RMWeb, I tend to steer as clear of the contentious topics as I can, and if something starts to become so, I quickly stop following. I follow a few layout threads just because the modelling on them is so superb that I can't leave them alone, and a few threads in other areas. However, it is mainly ERs and the occasional thread in Wheeltappers that I tend to visit most. Today marked a bit of a success for us - we packed the car with garden rubbish, made our way to the tip, were stopped, and asked "have you an appointment" - "yes" "well queue over there behind these other cars" - we were 7th in the queue. Promptly at 9am, the first ten cars in the queue got waved in to be stopped car by car at the entrance to be asked "what are you leaving today?" "garden stuff" "go to bay 4". Went to bay 4, and was within a couple of feet of the green waste skip. Dumped about seven bags of stuff, and were on our way again by 9.10 - slick, and a credit to Lancs CC - unlke the schools fiasco on Thursday evening. Back tomorrow Regards to All Stewart
  4. Afternoon All Pleased to say all posts read and rated, and the usual greetings are on offer to all ERs. Not a lot happening here today, but it appears that outside of 45156 towers, the schools and nurseries round here will NOT be returning on Monday, as Lancashire Council have decreed that it may be too soon. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-52825752 That's all from me for today. Regards to All Stewart
  5. Afternoon All Finally caught up, and did not get here at all yesterday, as a walk round the block was "requested" by 30747, then when I got back, I pressure washed all the walls facing the street - never been done before, so 60 years of grot and lichen, and about 4 of moss - I'd guess at somewhere near to 150 feet done. I was so tired that I didn't bother to switch on the laptop at all. Then today, 30747 "suggested" that we take Lily for a walk round Kirkby Lonsdale, and that was upwards of a couple of miles by the time we'd taken in Ruskin's VIew and the still closed down High Street. And as the pressure washer was so high pressure, I found that some of the cement that I'd done on the path beyond the front door had cracked - so that was today accounted for as well. Now I'm not tired, I'm comnackly pletered. So anyway, generic greetings are on offer, and I do hope that all my fellow ERs are well, and not suffering any ill effects of the nasty lurgi type - it does appear that the "slight" relaxations which are being suggested are being taken with too much alacrity by many. Regards to All Stewart
  6. I have twice met both Barry Cryer, who is very deaf indeed now, and Colin Sell. They are both very genuine people, and Barry was having a cigarette outside the theatre where he was appearing, and Colin was having a breather downwind. They both hoped I was enjoying the show (which I was, even though the material was about a century old - but the delivery was faultless), and they both thanked me for coming to see them perform.
  7. Afternoon All For once, all posts read and rated - will wonders never cease? And of course, the usual lock down generic greetings are on offer to all fellow ERs. I ventured out a bit further today, with a trip to Home Bargains, the big one in Morecambe, as there are things that they stock which they don't carry at the smaller branch in Lancaster. Wow, I do know how to live. When I got back, I got the new Karcher out, and gave the garden paths a quick once over, and as an encore, I took it over the front garden walls, in part, and will finish the job off tomorrow, as we have a fairly big frontage. being on a corner plot. Tired now, but Lily needs another walk, and a nice bottle of Westons is calling me. Regards to All Stewart
  8. Both of the above duly completed, and slot finally booked for Saturday morning at the eighth attempt, Not a lot more to report or to comment on today - so I'll go elsewhere to read some of the rest of RMWeb.
  9. Yes, that's an idea. However, I really don't like the mobile version of this site, and also it is normally always me driving the computer as well, as 30747 just gets me to do all her searching and the like, as she's not all that computer savvy. Morning All Will hopefully backread later, but am just having a quick peek while trying to get a slot booked to get rid of a whole load of garden rubbish at the tip in Lancaster. Fodder run done, and a goodly supply of still fresh but on use by date items obtained - three chicken kormas, one sweet and sour chicken, three packs of pork chipolatas, all for under a fiver (70p each). Ate the last of the stuff we got two weeks ago - six steak and ale pies at 20p each, last two defrosted and consumed yesterday. Meantime, generic greetings are on offer pending a revisit later. Back later (hopefully) Regards to All Stewart
  10. Afternoon All Not all posts read again - sorry, it is getting difficult to keep up here AND to use the PC for other purposes - and as 30747 keeps reminding me, there are other purposes. Walk around the block this morning, and it's starting to take a bit less time, and the hills are starting to get a bit less difficult. Then a visit to the paper shop where a fiver's worth of Westons was obtained. And one was consumed with dinner. Fodder run tomorrow first thing. Wow, I know how to live dangerously, don't I? Regards to All Stewart
  11. Afternoon All Again, have had to skip a lot and will probably not be able to backread anything much - it seems that the computer just seems to be needed for so much else, and I have to be the one working it, So it's just a generic greeting again, and if I've missed anything significant, please can somebody PM me with an update - thanks. Hopefully back tomorrow and also hopefully will be able to catch up at last. Regards to All Stewart
  12. Afternoon All Haven't managed to backread at all, and also had to skip a few pages again. Generic greetings are, of course, on offer to all ERs. Not a lot to report here, but the hills do appear to be getting a bit less steep. Regards to All Stewart
  13. It went better than I expected, and she was actually able to thin it using a technique called channel cutting, which is something that many hairdressers don't do as it is quite difficult. Back tomorrow, as time has just got the better of me today, as we went to town, and the car was quite smelly inside - don't know why, but as a result, I cleaned all the carpets and mats, and then did the upholstery, and then did the plastic interior trim. So when I was that far into it, I got the Karcher out as well, and gave it a wash. Regards to All Stewart
  14. Afternoon All Happy birthday Sherry. All posts have been read and rated now, and as usual, I offer generic greetings to all who need or want them. After yesterday's post, had a bit of a domestic problem, and the sink started to run slow, slower, slowest, stop... Cleared up the under sink cupboard, and for once remembering to put a bucket under the u bend, carefully undid it - nothing came out. Tried putting it back, then started to investigate a bit more fully - turned out to be the final 90 degree angle bend on the outside drainpipe, which I cleared, then when I went to put it all back together, found that the rubber washer which seals it all was not there. A frantic search ensued, and it was not to be found - I finally found it was mixed in with the gunk from the pipe which I had just decanted into the bin - luckily I found it, as I hadn't a spare. A visit to Screwfix will follow for a couple of spares. Walk around the block today was a lot less tiring than on late, and perhaps I am getting used to the climb. And now it's possible disaster time, as 30747 wants to "have a look at that hair of yours" - well she does groom the dog, and managed that - I'll let you all know tomorrow how it goes. Regards To All Stewart
  15. I agree in the former - LOVE "Kicking Up The Sawdust", and have it on quite often - however, it is a casette copied from a vinyl recording, and the quality is pretty dire. Always have admired Chris Pollington, but IMHO, the best rendition of "Music For A Found Harmonium" is the version by Patrick Street - check it out. Afternoon All Sorry, I have missed about 8 pages, and also not checked in yesterday. This was down to a broadband outages which was not corrected until this morning, then the fodder run intervened as well. Belated happy birthday to Rick. I too have very eclectic tastes in music, and a very varied album collection, all on CD. As to a top ten, in no particular order:- Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov) The Planets - Holst Revolver - Beatles Sgt Peppers - Beatles Neck and Neck - Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler Dark Side Of The Moon - Having heard it on my friend's £20,000 hi-fi, off a vinyl copy which is an original but has been kept pristine, there are things going on that I've never heard on any other system or source - it is utterly stunning - my CD copy is just on the plus side of mediocre by comparison. Firewire - Chris Newman and Maire Ni Chathasaig Still Getting Away With It - Chris Newman The Adventures Of The Brothers Gibb - Bee Gees A Cut Above - Martin Simpson and June Tabor I'm off for a look round some of the other threads that I follow - they too have been a bit neglected. Oh and it's raining so Lily and I will be getting a wetting. Hopefully back tomorrow Regards to All Stewart
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