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  1. Thanks Chris, we'll be there - I've noted it in my calendar - I'll await the details here or on Facebook
  2. I really like this pic - are there any more like it where this one came from?
  3. Loving that last B&W shot, Gilbert, if there was some smoke and steam from the locos, it would be even more difficult to tell that it's a model - this shot is very realistic indeed.
  4. Well deserved Dave - a fitting tribute to a fantastic model which is always well presented.
  5. Couldn't agree more - I was really looking forward to this, and set up a recording of all of the episodes, intending to watch as a three hour sitting. I found this version was just too far removed from what Agatha Christie wrote, and could not take Betty Barnard as a s l u t - the original was a flirt but the portrayal in this version was too far - I watched about 3/4 of the first episode on the afternoon of the 27th, as I had little else to watch, then cancelled the other two episodes, and deleted the first.
  6. And looking forward to lots more next year - I enjoy this thread a lot. A happy Christmas Jim, and a good New Year when it comes.
  7. A lot of work ahead Dave, but knowing of your drive for realism and accuracy, I am not surprised that you will be doing this - and I am sure that the results will justify the efforts.
  8. Many thanks Guzzler - I was sure that this tour left earlier than booked, as I know that some got stuck in the pub - however, it may have been that they just missed it - memory (and a couple of pints of Gales HSB at Pompey) may well have been defective
  9. There was also a railtour featuring a Class 40 brought down from Haymarket, and which ran from Victoria to Portsmouth harbour, then back on the Portsmouth direct, and which ran late throughout - at one stage on the return it was on the fast line and was being overhauled by the 4VEPs on the stoppers. I also recall that departure from Portsmouth was brought forward in order to try to make up time (some hope, the loco was knackered) and that some who decided to visit the pub during the break at harbour were left behind. Other than that, I can't recall the date (or year), and have not had time to search Six Bells Junction for any assistance with that.
  10. I couldn't care less about a double or single chimney - I'd rather say well done on restoring Bahamas to full running order to the team concerned, and also hopefully welcome to the main line at some time in the not too distant future, to join Galatea and Leander.
  11. Kevin Your camera was certainly busy when you visited. I like the slightly differnent take that you have on your images of this amazing layout. GIlbert, that's not to say that I don't enjoy your images - I do, so keep them coming. Stewart
  12. Jim - I think it's time for a new avatar. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/137688-another-rebranding/
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