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  1. I warn you now, don’t look at Bristol Temple Meads, and certainly not in the direction of Bath Road. And definitely don’t look out of the window if passing Severn Tunnel Junction. 😪
  2. But you did manage to post another insult, pot and kettle might come to mind. What abuse did you receive?
  3. So much for using the Ignore button, had your curiousity got the better of you? What does 'Colonials' mean, that does not sound to me like a term of endearment.
  4. I know, but said issue was asking about this particular button a couple of days back, perhaps it is a chance to practice using it.
  5. Well there was Buxton..... But generally yes, small branches with a sense of over importance don't tend to exist.
  6. And given the lack of space at St Pancras, perhaps this is a piece of demand management by not offering any cheap tickets to get to the terminal. St Pancras is for people of the South East to get to France (as long as you go to London first much to the ire of Kent). Without something to encourage people onto trains then air will remain the most appealing way to get to northern Europe destinations like Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels etc.
  7. Have you ever considered a Geep or two, this layout looks very suited to the other side of the Atlantic too. Deffo don't do any passenger facilities on this one, it would look well out of place I think.
  8. I would agree, having an international terminal in the middle of the UK rather than central London might encourage other people to use such services instead of air. Imagine the people of Liverpool and Manchester taking a HS2 train (on not HS2 tracks) to Birmingham and transferring there to an international service rather than a Pendo to Euston, a walk down Euston Rd to St Pancras and then going through Customs in a cramped not designed for Brexit transit point. One can hope a new government in a few weeks might usher in a change in relations with the EU and seamless travel might yet be back on the cards.
  9. You're guaranteed a coach to yourself in any one of those outfits. And we can see where George Lucas got his inspriration for Darth Vader from.
  10. One email per day, I too get a lot from them. But I also get several email alerts from Ebay and I imagine if I signed up to emails from Rails I would get a lot from them too. At the end of the day they are businesses trying to get your attention to sell stuff in their warehouse or recently announced over all the other shops with an online presence who also want your money. If you opt in to emails then you are asking for offers to be shared, even if it is the same offer several times, they are just trying to get more business. An email wastes no paper and takes little time to delete if there is nothing of interest.
  11. Andy sharing his EPs for a WD 2-10-0, a large Prairie, a class 31 and a class 50 in OO.
  12. @t-b-g It's that Buckingham scene that is keeping me going on this - I do want to achieve something with this railway and I am annoyed at myself that I didn't address it early on by adopting a temporary Metcalfe station - though some elements I may reuse in some manner so my passengers have some extra cover beyond the roof. Also a little annoyed that at York I bought the components I needed for the roof, apart from the clear plastic for the glass which is most of the roof! So now I am looking for a local model shop with some (and I was in Waltons only two weeks back and didn't look). In my head I am breaking it down into projects - having done the cardboard test roof trusses (shaped from the actual ones I am to use) for the prototype, I am confident that I can build the actual roof as one part and it will hold together, then side walls and iron posts inner supports can be built on the layout and the roof plonked on top.
  13. The RB is too stiff for Monaco, that's the problem. It doesn't like bumps and curbs, it's also a difficult circuit to simulate so they couldn't have their test driver find the sweet spot on the simulator after the early practices to nail the qualifying set up. On average it is the best car around most tracks and when it's not at it's best the lost performance is only enough to bring the other cars closer. Verstappen is aware that RB have not done enough to address this issue that is most on display at Monaco, and with other teams now beginning to catch up he is eager that RB engineers begin to address the issue. However, I've seen that RB are not intending to fix it this season, i.e. it will be dealt with on the 2025 car. Does sound like other cars will be mixing it more with RB later in the season which will lead to a better end of season, but RB are not standing still and I would expect some upgrades to come that will make them fly even more at faster circuits than Monaco. Apart from Bottas and Stroll (amazing eh) - noone was going to attempt a risky overtake, the whole strategy for the race was set by tyres and as soon as the crash happened everyone at the front did their one stop and then it followed they would all be in tyre management the rest of the race only needing to be careful at possible overtaking spots. Some points is better than no points and why risk the car when there are plenty more races to win at.
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