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  1. "today you can find new, or second hand as appropriate, what appear to be the same basic model in Mainline, Replica, Dapol, Bachmann and Hornby packaging" That was the reason for my post. Many thanks to all for clearing that lot up. (Ooops - I had forgotten to list Wrenn - probably because I never had any of their stuff).
  2. When I were a lad, Hornby and Lima ruled the roost over the fading Triang brand (I know that Triang owned Hornby) Then interlopers like Airfix RTR and Mainline snuck in and raised the RTR bar. Airfix was just becoming GMR (I think). I go off and play with very fast cars and in 2010 decide to "return". Hornby is still here, no Lima, who is Dapol, what is a Bachman - whose idea was it to shrink triang type tension locks on Bachmans, Where did Replica Railays appear from? Please can someone explain who merged with who, and fill in the gaps. TY
  3. "Modern"/"Recent" Hornby GWR clerestories - I seem to have 3 different RTR GW liveries. The R122/R123 series which has very early crests. Some which have the "garter" crest (which I have in composite and 3rd/brake) and an odd pair. The odd pair of composites has the "coat of arms" crest. I can't find any reference to a matching brake. I can't remember where they came from, but they are individually boxed in original boxes and marked R4222. Is there a corresponding brake/3rd to go with the R4222? Thanks
  4. The purpose of the offset in the TPO cars was to allow for space for the operation of the catcher and "flinger" equipment for mail bag re-distribution.
  5. Outstanding. Many thnaks to all involved. I will have a look at the couplings which I may be able to remove and make a "close coupler" out of plastic rod to slip into the original mounting pockets. I am having problems buying these things singly and often end up with another pair, which of course I can't bear to split and sell half.
  6. I have reworked the Hornby TPO to something a lot more realistic, including offset corridor connectors. There are plenty of photos of single TPOs on the 'net, but no details of how far the offset permeated throughout the stock. Date is mid/late 40s, region is GWR. I have a number of full brakes and "bashed" parcels stock which can be altered to have offset. Were all vehicles in a mail train (with TPO) offset in terms of corridor, or if not, in what vehicles did the gangways return to centre? Thanks.
  7. I want to make up 2 rakes of GWR B Sets. I have a number of questions: Were they always used in pairs or can I run a rake of 3 or 5? How is each pair coupled together - brake end to brake end, compartment end to compartment end, or brake end to comparment end? Does it then matter how each pair are combined with a following pair? Many thanks
  8. An excellent layout - well done. That old goods shed wouldn't lie dormant for long 'round here - there would be a car repair shop or agricultural machinery repair shop in there by now.
  9. The GW ALE wagons had partitioning removed in all cases. In some cases the side doors were altered, but no all cases. Most were still open to the elements via the slats in the upper half. They wereused for full and empty casks.
  10. IIRC There is a photo in the E Lyons book of GWR/Western Region Sheds which shows a table with chocolate and cream side panels - The main girder work seems to be black, then the "infill panels" are cream on the outer edge but most of the infil panel is a chocolate rectangle with a 1/4 circle cut out of each corner.
  11. Foil is fine or even plastic - the "tin" part comes from it's military name "wriggly tin" (because soldiers can't spell corrugated".)
  12. Thanks for posting upmore inspiration. 99% of layouts on here are better than I can currently achieve, so therfore get my respect. Very very few really blow my socks off. This one does already.
  13. Alan's wannadoo email address no longer works. Does anyone have a more up to date one please?
  14. Thanks John. I do remember that it comes in sheets and needs to be overlapped in reality and replicated in the smaller world. The thick stuff I have is beautifully detailed and overlapped. Too thick to bend tho.
  15. I have some small sheets of quite thick wriggly tin in OO. Will be OK for small flat roof sections. One project ( a GWR sand shed) needs a curved wriggly tin toof of quite small radius. Does anyone make thin flexible wriggly tin for 00? Also, Next model after that is an ash shed which has large expanses of flat corugated roofing. Does anyone sell A4 (ish) sized sheets? I have been to my local supplier who didn't have any (the assistant was is, the expert away - so he couldn't assist), and I have also been to my local hobby superstore who sell all sorts of Evergreen p
  16. I haven't for gotten churns and barrels. When I am in my local model shop I often chuck a blister pack of barrels or churns or crates in with whatever it was I went in there for. Thanks to a fellow RM webber I have a photo of a grain discharge system from 73, but we are agreed that because we don't know who has copy right, we won't post it. I will however start a drawing soon. It's not high tech and the 1973 solution was probably the same as the 1943 solution. Under each grain wagon is a fixed hopper about 12" tall with a 12" x 12" square open top, which feeds into a 6" pipe runni
  17. My problem is standardising - I have Bachman, Dapol, Hornby new wagons, right through to some Traing chassied and early Hornby as well as a a rake of late Dublo re- detailed GRANOs. Getting one RTR coupling to work and fit will be difficult.
  18. Sorry for the lack of terminology, but I am swayed towards using the tiny brass hooks which latch onto a wire strung across buffers. T'was "easy" when I was a lad - Hornby, Airfix, Mainline and Lima all had compatible couplings, but now add in Bachman and Dapol sizes too....... and my recent kit builds which have another type of tension lock. I see the point of them as regards ditching the chunky RTR couplings, but are they up to the strain of 25 following wagons, or an 8 coach express? Straight wire is easy to source, but who sells the hooks and roughly what price? (I have 20 engines
  19. I would like to do some work on some Airfix (RTR) and mainline B Set coaches. There are no screws or clips visible from underneath. How do I open these up? I am sure the roof and sides are one moulding and the chassis is seperate, but I don't want to force it and shatter something. Many thanks in advance.
  20. Jerry - you were never in the way operating "Calne", and it was truly a work of art. Many thanks for showing it.
  21. Thanks to all involved for a great show. I won't shame the culprit, but if you have a remote controller, please stand away from the layout when you are running it, so that others can see - every time I passed your efforts, you were blocking the view. Operate it from the back or the side. Wallet hurts a bit - but I have added to the rolling stock, and bought all the point motors I need. Head hurt too this morning after a pub crawl down memory lane last night............
  22. Thanks Don. You have re-assured me. Where's that tin of track pins........
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