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  1. Looking forward to this weekend - I grew up in Calne but haven't been back since before they knocked the Pie factory and the remainder of the old Station down. Three birds with one stone - a show, a walk down memory lane, and a drink or two in some memory lane boozers
  2. I am working from preserved GWR engines I have seen. Many have that "Eau De Nile" light green colour with a black floor, black face to the boiler, copper piping (polished) with guages (which I tend to do in "Aluminium" rather than white or silver), and levers and handles in red. It will also depend on the type of engine and condition of the engine. I assume that the cab of a nice shiney express will be similarly clean, but not spotless, whereas a time weary shunter at the end of its days will have a grubby black cab.
  3. I have returned to the hobby after 25 - 30 years. It stays with you for life, and lies dormant. Don't sell any rolling stock now, carefully box it up. When you re-awaken from your hibernation, anything that doesn't fit the new plan/theme can be sold off to contribute. That's what I did. If you feel the need to keep ticking over, build a kit or detail something RTR, and pol that away for later.
  4. I would agree with Gordon, and add that they seem to work well in static applications, but develop faults in moving applications like caravans and cars. If you have the right guage wire and they are well applied, then you should have no issues.
  5. I have to get it through a domestic doorway - I was looking for something along the lines of an oversized wallpapering table. My biggest concern is the length of incline I need to make 9mm in height in OO.
  6. Many thanks - a compromise - re-name to more "attractive names" but not OOC based.
  7. Fictitious GWR urban "just to the W of Paddington", mid to late 40s. Through Up and Downs for expresses and local goods as well. I have a nice selection of named engines, the majority of which were Old Oak Common shedded at the time, however I have a Hall, a Saint and a 4-6-0 County which all hail from elsewhere. Part of me says re-name the remainder to OOC shedded engines (to some names which appeal more to me than the RTR names). Part of me says that engines shedded elsewhere would have been passing through on the Up leg, so there should be a sprinkling of passing visitors. Ple
  8. Thanks Nick - the Truro tender can be hacked about if needs be - but I already have a suitably sad looking sand van, and the location is urban, so no issues with water storage.
  9. I can't make anything permanent due to an impending move ( I'm off because the b*st*rds from the Council won't let me build anything in my football pitch sized garden..... ) , and I have not bought the new property yet, so I can't pre construct anything. There is only so much stock weathering and building I can do without itching to lay down some track and watch the stuff going round and round. I have a large room with hard level gap free floors which is great for building a nice big "roundy roundy" with set track. Sadly the room also gets used for other things so I can't leave things do
  10. Many thanks. One tender belongs to a runner which has been temporarily lost (stashed away by my father 25 years ago and has't unearthed itself yet). Therefore I am loathed to dispose of it, because it's engine will then appear. The other is from a City of Truro Airfix kit and has been finished to a high standard with accessories ( buckets. tools etc) and real coal. The engine was slightly damaged and has been broken up to provide loads for a couple of MACAWs (boiler and firebox on one, wheel sets on another) and some more scrap for the scrap yard (pieces of cab and rodding suitable cho
  11. Excellent use for a corner - I am planning a furniture warehouse and was wondering how to road serve it as well. That looks like an excellent wat to fill the corner and physically join the upper and lower levels in terms of functionality. Where you have put your box I will add a second short siding for holding container stock. Truly inspirational. Many thanks.
  12. When tender swaps took place, were they only done at major depots such as Wolverhampton and Swindon? The reason I ask is that I have 2 spare non motorised tenders and plans for a large engine shed. Can these 2 tenders sit quietly at the end of a road, or would they be out of place?
  13. I helped bury the stockpile in the early 90s. There was a lot or argument as to who owned it, and to save arguments because it needed shifting on a timescale, it was dumped in a small quarry with plastic sheeting on top, and covered over with soil. The idea was that it would be safe there until ownership was sorted out. We also buried most of Spandau Prison where Hess lived. To stop souvenier hunters the place was levelled and carted off to a similar large hole in the ground and suitable earthed over.
  14. So before I part with the wonga, I am considering a handful of SEEP PM2s and a CDU. Situation is: Hornby and PECO points, no need for quiet or gentle operation, nor any need to operate signals. Have I made the correct model choice please?
  15. I had 2 paper rounds in the early 80s and it took a month to buy the (then) brand new Mainline Collett 0-6-0. Having just looked at the prices of 3803 from Hornby, (Average of £110), divided that by 4 weeks and 2 paper rounds and it still works out very attainable. The standards of finish, lettering, detail offered now are way way better, so my take on this is that relative prices have stayed the same in terms of "hurt" to the wallet.
  16. Fox transfers arrived in double quick time and I applied them last night. Bit tricky on a long "run" to begin with, but they were ramarkable pliable for a long time so nudging them straight with a cocktail stick was easy. I got used to them quite quickly - an excellent proiduct. Thanks for the recommendation.
  17. Brian Thanks for an excellent explanation. I have lots of that type of switch available from another project. Your expanation put what seemed to nme to be a nightmare into simple terms.
  18. So a momentary (sprung type) switch is fine for SEEP units. How does the motor return the point back to the opposite "road" by use of a solenoid and a momentary switch? (I hate elcectrics) Does the first operation of the switch throw the point over and the subsequent operation throw the point back?
  19. Thanks Mike - already ordered from Fox. I will peruse the Comet website tho - all new info to me, and I'm bust soaking it all in.
  20. Solenoid type - no need for slow/realistic action - Most of the points needing motors are for the fiddle/stock yards "behind the scenes". Does each Seep unit require a CDU, and if so, how are they wired up from and back to the switch? On off switch, or momentary type switch. Thanks.
  21. Old fashioned DC 00, Hornby and PECO set track. Which off the shelf RTR point motors for under board use please? I have looked at the similarly titled posts, but mentions of DCC, PC interface etc all leave me cold. Thanks
  22. Thanks for the tip on Fox Transfers - ordered some and they will be here soon.
  23. I thought as much on the masking tape idea. I have checked out Modelmaster to no avail. Will check Fox now.
  24. Dilbert and Oakydoke - thanks - I will go price comparing now. And I promise never to darken the DCC forum's door again. (unless you tell me that my new Haljan turntable will only work on DCC.... Hope not.
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