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  1. A couple of video updates. With a couple of weeks off work and nowhere to go, I've spent some time down in the cellar. First one is a bit of EWS action Second is some Railfreight As usual if you see a car, other loco that shouldn't really be there just avert your eyes.... Enjoy! Phil
  2. Hi Ian Great work! Very brave to have the helix hidden behind the cover. I was always worried about things crashing and falling off - not that they ever did of course.... Are you going all Swiss with the cellotex mountains on top? Phil
  3. A bit more progress today now the weather seems to have changed - were the previous three days the summer of 2020? Bridge has been built and partially rusted - bit of a bridge to nowhere, but I quite like it. Now given it is a rail bridge, what is the equivanent of the bus to park on top? You'll also notice some of my old stock has started re-appearing - I'm trying not to get too much out at once and keep some free space available to shunt things too. Let's see how long that lasts.... Phil
  4. Afternoon - a bit of cutting, stapling, gluing and sticking with the kids this afternoon. Once it is all dry, we can get some ballast down, then we're going to start on the bridge - you can see where it is going on the first photo below - over at the right-hand side. And yes I know I've been using very precious kitchen roll! I should point out that this is some I've had in stock for a few years in the cellar so not really any good for food use.... Phil
  5. Thanks - I did have plans to make the section removable (hence the little lock to hold it in place), but the track never quite lined up, so it's now just been screwed permanently in place and you just need to climb under it now. Since these pics, it has been painted and now planning on what scenery to add on. Phil
  6. I thought I'd leave helixes to you....
  7. Thanks Scott Funnily I was thinking that too (the Leaford spur) , but then I inspected my modelling/woodworking skills and thought again! It's actaully quite theraputic watching the trains go round and round - I even had my FGW full lenght HST running for the first time ever, although it can never stop, as there isn't anywhere long enough for it to stop. The other good thing is the kids are getting into the modelling/running trains and since it looks like we'll all have plenty of time on our hands for the rest of 2020 who knows where Beresford Junction will end. On the stock front - I think some of the FGW carriages came from you. Phil
  8. As you can imagine, my travelling round the world on airplanes has been somewhat curtailed! Over the weekend, the kids decided they needed it to become a roundy-roundy, so we've made some minor adjustments.... Excuse the 'stuff' lying about - I need to do a bit of a tidy up! Phil
  9. End of an era indeed, I have been priviledged to help out on Leaford on a few occasions, both in situ and on the exhibiton circuit - all great fun and fun times. Thanks Kevin
  10. Some pictures of Millway Dock from the Poole show today - it looks even better in real life. Good to catch up Kevin - see you again soon.
  11. Good to (briefly) catch up and glad our three votes helped! Phil
  12. Thanks for asking.... My work takes me away from The Junction a lot these days, so only minor progress. I'll post an update when I'm back in the mainland UK at the weekend. Phil
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