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  1. Try a Zimo chip they generally have better load control and give better general control of a loco. I have tried Bachman’s chips and found them useless also Hornby are very different depending on who manufactured them the only ones I think are worth buying are their TTS ones for the money they are good value but limited to 0.5amp so only suitable for the new generation of motors. regards Mike
  2. Thanks. Iain I thought that might be the case, I will have to search my bank statements and find when I bought it. regards mike
  3. I use the Z21 and was wondering if it stores the date that a chip is added to the system? I ask as I have a loco with a sound chip in that I thought had a Zimo MX600 in but have found that it is a MX645 and have no record of buying it, I usually record the dates of installation on the Zimo card in the packaging but I have only recorded the loco it was put in. I know that the first chip was installed 6 months after I bought the loco at Guildex in 2007 but have no idea when I changed it to sound. So as I know that several members use the Z21 does any of you know what is stored and where in
  4. Kevin it all depends on the company and ground conditions, I generally use 70mm for flat areas and 42mm if on a sloping site, I model the Southern as it’s where I lived until I was 24 but I think most of the big 4 used used similar post and wire fencing out in the country areas. regards Mike
  5. I think that DCC would be easier for you to control, you would not have to convert all of your locos as I think only the newest ones are worth doing as they will have lower less power hungry motors. With DCC you maybe able to have a joystick control linked through a computer or eye control is now possible. I think that in a 19ft square room depending on the door position you could have a double dumbbells formation that would let you be in the middle of the layout and make access for maintenance easier, I’m sure that there must be others that are in a similar position as you and can give
  6. Henry I to recommend Zimo decoders, I have tried most makes and have slowly been replacing them with Zimo. I think that the £20 MX600 is very good value for money for non sound and MX645R for sound. The size of both chips will fit in most locos I think but as I have mainly O gauge I have limited knowledge of OO, I mainly have diesels in the scale so plenty of space. regards Mike
  7. John I think that the decoder could be locked as I have one that will not change from the 4 figure address and I was told to change a CV in the 200 range but can’t find the exact number, I think it’s 257 but my TCS manual pages only go up to 254. It might be worth having a word with John at TCS I have found him very helpful in the past. I have now standardised on Zimo decoders having found them very good for slow running and the quality of sound. Hope you can get it sorted. regards Mike
  8. John I have changed CV1 on a TCST1 without a problem on the main as I have found that when they get stuck on 3 it’s the only way to reset the chip. I have had 4 with this problem and all have been reset on the main. I use my Gaugemaster P2 for this as my Z21 that’s for my layout says that there is no chip on the track! The P2 is in my workshop attached to my test track and although it has a few odd quirks I use it when setting up my locos. Hope this helps, regards Mike
  9. Damo666, I don’t think the decoder is damaged, you need to do a reset, check the reset code it’s usually CV8 = 8 but can be CV8 = 2 or 30 depending on the make. I would try to do it on the main ( not sure what it is on the NCE) as that works better than the program track. When I have this problem I try to reprogram the address using CV1 = 3 if that doesn’t work use the reset CV8=?(8or30). Hope this helps. regards mike
  10. Terry you need to measure the amps that the loco draws on DC, the Dapol 08 will need a 1amp chip, I have a Zimo in mine and it runs well, the falcon is probably the same as a class 47 and I used a 2amp chip in mine although it only draws 0.7-1.1amps but the stall current is just on 2amps therefore you’re talking about a £140+ chip. I think my 47 has an ESU chip 3.5 but that was all I could get at the time (21 years ago) I would now use a Zimo MX699R having seen a Heljan Western with one and tried driving it, far better than my 47. I think that unless there is a reason why yo
  11. Gilbert that’s where I have looked. Mike
  12. Does anyone know if TCS still offer a goof proof replacement service? I have a chip that has been used and I reused it and it’s gone short circuit! I have no idea how old it is but think about 9-10 years. Have not been able to find anything on their website. regards mike
  13. Deltech, you need to establish the amps that the set uses as the TTS chips are only rated at 0.5amps and I think the older sets draw more than that. I think you will need to get an £100 chip to be able to run it. regards Mike
  14. If I remember correctly Danbury mint had locos in 3mm, 3.5mm & 4mm scale but they were all about the same size as it depended on the loco being cast, I remember a jinty that was the same length as a collet tender loco, about 1985/7. I have an SR spam can in coal that’s exactly 4mm scale and very detailed. Its my favourite loco and have two in 7mm scale both with sound but different recordings. regards mike
  15. Claggy I think you have a problem with humidity, is the insulation sealed? I found that before I lined my workshop tools soon had a patina of rust but as soon as I lined it with 3mm plywood and painted the roof with white acrylic paint within a week the tarnish stopped. My layout in the garage does not have any problems as it is well ventilated, the problem is spider poo! one spot can stop a loco. I think it’s the thickness that causes the problem as it lifts the centre wheels on a fixed chassis. Hope this may give you a clue regards mike
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