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  1. Let them loose on the Network! Operational wise the lack of LH is stagnating enough.
  2. F17: Authentic “Leg out” 🤷🏼
  3. Probably and hopefully will. But the worrying keyword was Demographics. Age related in this instance. Hopefully a wake up call. Long overdue
  4. Yes. Tempus certainly does Fugit. Memories of Doncaster ADEXES in 1979 with the Deltic lament. (And how as then 16 yr olds we saw them through that middle road on full chat) Seeing the HST for the first time thinking they’ll never catch on.
  5. I enjoy the entertaining froth of it all. Criticism of manufacturers on here was at one time a capital punishment offence 😬
  6. To make all you moaning miserable rivet counters eternally grateful.
  7. I thought your 7mm layout (Can’t recall the name) was quality. Excellent modelling.
  8. It was nice. Back in 2007 Fast forward a decade and the dual carriageway. Definitely found but those Morar sands will live long in my memory.
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