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  1. I am reminded of this comment on P3 Seeing the results above, I wish I had paid more attention at the time! Splendid modelling.
  2. My experience also. Had three TCS50's in three years with nothing more than light bench soldering duties. Guarantees were OK though. When the third failed I switched to an Atten 50W temp controlled iron and havn't looked back. Hot in a few seconds and great to use. I do use Atten's own bits, the cheaper and compatible Chinese series 900 bits don't last as long.
  3. Yes - as long as you use 3/16" (4.8mm) ones. The more usual Halfords ones in the store I use are bigger and either cannot be housed on the spade or are loose. Much cheaper to look for the right size from an electrical supplier or even eBay. The connections can also be soldered to the spades. I have used Neutrik style connectors like those on Pauls layout extensively and they are resilient and reliable. The Chinese clones are a lot cheaper, but still seem to be OK for our purposes.
  4. Crimping not as neat as usual, but she's been 'multitasking and they were a bit rushed. Tasted fine though!
  5. Iv'e just been looking at some of the ptototype info on line and there is no doubt you have absolutely nailed this one.
  6. What, like these? Ready for baking. Although this topic is getting so far off topic, perhaps it's time to start a new one on a different subject! Steve W ps: Let's not start calculating the calorific value of that lot pictured, it will make me feel very unwell.
  7. Whatever you've got most of for the layout? if it doesn't work add another strand until it does reliably.
  8. You don't say if you are using a capacitor dicharge unit, but 7m is a fair old run even with. Personally, at that distance I would be starting with 24/02 (0.75mm2), you can allways add another one in parallel with a very short 7/02 to the point motor itself. Ultimately it depends on the mechanical load to get the point across allowing for the over centre springs etc.
  9. Yes, I agree. It also suggests that the banks etc. have been doing their best to find a way forward.
  10. It's not a good St David's Day for this line Refer to: www.llangollen-railway.co.uk/ A sad announcement, lets hope they can recover . Steve W.
  11. Having erronously suggested Plymouth, I passed the query on to a friend who is very much a London tram enthusiast and he has now come back with a likely explanation: "...........concerning grounded vehicle bodies in Cornwall: I have done some research and they are ex-LCC trailer bodies, the unusual ventilator arrangement, number and proportion of the windows and the straight matchboard sides are the indicators. The LCC trailers were in operation 1913-24 on the south side when their use was discontinued as part of the drive to speed up services in response to growing bus competiti
  12. I've just been looking up the book on the Cambone and Redruth Tramway (Cornwalls Electric Tramcars, L.Fisher Barham, Glasney Press, 1972). The large cars only had three window sections, not four and the smaller cars had two. The book states "... were all broken up and it was the company's policy that none should be sold partially intact to litter the district as sheds." Plymouth's cars are a more likey source. See: http://www.tramwaybadgesandbuttons.com/page148/page151/page336/files/p_00010_19330crop.jpg Car 24.
  13. A great piece of work. I received one of Beal's books as a school prize one year. It was more inspirational than any education certificate I received!
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