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  1. That wind pump is looking superb. You wondered about the size of the water tower though, I would tend to agree that it has a rather over-sized and heavily constructed appearance. But conversely, most light railways were driven more by ambition than anything else and they might have anticipated a future need for a large water supply! Here is a more down to earth example, a recreation but close to an original design from the Mid Suffolk Light Railway:- Steve W
  2. until

    Just a brief update: closure will be at 3pm to allow time for dismantling before the library staff close up for the day. apologies for anyone planning a late visit.
  3. Says 'English China Clay' on the sacks
  4. My thoughts are well expressed throughout theis thread. In the event that a show were organised as suggested I would be up for a no cost entry with Clearwater Harbor 0N30 (see CMRA 2019 photos) Steve W
  5. Do hope you will be able to get to one or both of these days to see Ricks excellent work and techniques. I will be posting full details on here, the club FB page and website shortly.
  6. Ooh! I love Bourbon biscuits.
  7. Further afield and much more appetising than Cullumpton (I find large portions heavy on the stomach) is the hamlet of Cow Roast in the civil parish of Wigginton, Hertfordshire) There does not appear, fortunately, to be a Mutton Roast. More importantly, I am advised that Model Railways Direct (no connection) are presently offering Hornby R7122 Sheep at a 99p discount. An opportunity to fill the fields of Mutton Et al. with a very rare breed of standing-still sheep. Steve W
  8. As an alternative look for Gorilla contact adhesive. This is fairly new, in a good sized tube but is more expensive than Evostick. However, it is clear and is a non stringinging gel formulation, same smell but I fancy less of it. Does need spreading to get thin coverage, leave to dry for a couple of minutes then bond - just ike the other stuff. works well.
  9. Waste not, want not! A grand collection of pictures Paul, thank you. All the years I went into the yard and saw this lot (sometimes on the move) I never thought to take a picture, what a mistake. Steve W.
  10. Excellent videos, a real pleasure to watch, but I'm sure my trains on 'Clearwater Harbor' weren't running that fast though! - I'll have to check the brake blocks as well as clean the wheels now and it's no wonder some of the couplings need adjustment. Brilliant bit of filming. Many thanks. As an exhibitor to the show I must congratulate and thank the CMRA for an excellent event and organisation. It was a tiring but thoroughly enjoyable experience hopefully to be repeated next year as part of the 45ft of 'Orange River and Portland' (FN3) or (15mm:ft ) or 1:22.3 layout team.
  11. Just a quick pointer back to original discussion; last year the club safety inspection turned up a moulded unfused '13A' plug as part of a mains lead to a 12V power supply for LED layout lighting. The power supply and lead came from Ebay and the S. American jungle were offering the same units. Further inspections showed the power supply itself to be a nightmare article, but that is another issue. The first thing I noticed was a plastic sleeved earth pin, and then the total lack of a fuse compartment or means to open the plug. The attached 3 core wire was in the region of 0.5mm2 . Overall I support factory fitted plugs, but they have to be of adequate quality and conform to the appropriate standards. There is a good pic and useful info here: http://www.bs1363.org.uk/ The plug in question is in the third row of pics part way down the page. The lead and power supply (with it's record fourteen counterfeit safety standards logos) went in the the recycling, but what you could usefully recycle this lot into I don't know.
  12. The weather is not going to be up to playing golf (unless we get a very un-seasonal 25 deg, gentle breeze and sunshine) so I would plan your trip to Stevenage now!
  13. Bold Beaver Mining will be loading ore at Clearwater Harbor in Stevenage in January. The passenger service is ready to go, just need to fill her up... ... and test the running and check the couplings and clearance of the new scenery and .... ... at least, the van is booked. Look forward to seeing you there, let's get the New Year off to a good start. Cheers The Clearwater Harbor Team..
  14. Thanks for the compliments; the very generously sized bit of vereo board has two opto isolators fed from the CBUS CanACC8 output board for the servo actuation signals. Probably because the servos have a separate power supply in this instance.
  15. Milliput is my favourite filler, but for scenery use as you propose would not be my first choice. If I wanted to ensure that I could control it creeping onto track etc. I would take a look at DAS air drying clay. Has the approximate consistency of Plastiscene so is easy to work (no mixing) and sets hard but not brittle. It probably will do as good a job of holding up that retaining wall as the Milliput would. DAS can be obtained easily from craft and art shops (Hobbycraft usually it or a similar one). Going back to my prev post above, 'Goop' does not need a lot of water to bring it together, does take a bit of mixing, but it should end up as a soft paste that can easily be spread. For Sculptamold check EDM Models. A similar material, 'Celluclay' is available from Hobbycraft and saves postage and works as well. Cheers Steve W
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