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  1. This weary looking one had a day off and got buried, until we unearthed it in the garden some thirty years ago. It escaped from a large, well known and regal palace (just west of LHR) in the lunch box of a stone mason doing some refurbishment I understand. Iv'e always threatened to put two large red LED's in it's eye sockets! Steve W.
  2. Absolutely superb modelling. Just as I imagined the city. Is there room for Lady Sybils' Swamp Dragons? - would make a great animation. When you come to do the river, I have four out of date Robinsons blackcurrant jellies and an old jar of Branston pickle that I would be happy to donate to the project for the 'water'
  3. It's definitely AC input. You might like to check out this link: https://tinyurl.com/yxhwpydg This is to an Ebay item that I have used in the past for xmas lights. Provides a nominal 12VAC output. there are some variations, just make sure it says AC/AC and is double insulated. The connector may need changing but there are solderable ones or push on adapters available for that. On a small 00 layout I found the control of locomotives with these Bachmann units very good
  4. https://www.falmouthpacket.co.uk/news/18785310.helston-railway-wins-76-000-continue-reopening-branch-line/ Lucky chaps. It won't get them to Gwinear Road, but will keep them going in the right direction for the time being and give a chance of coming up with an idea to solve the bridge and industrial estate problems.
  5. Signed in this morning without problem using a stored shortcut. Tried again this evening (22:20) and got 'Dangerous site' security warnings. Knowing what I was going into, I continued and it immediately opened to the site of an artist (Anne Christie , nothing to do with railways, although the address still pointed to the NGRM site correctly. Tried again directly from google search with same results. Summit wrong I think.
  6. Depending the load in the section you are feeding, but assume a double headed train with lights it would still be hard pressed to exceed 4A in 00. Therefore in a 2m length of 16/0.2mm with 4A load will give a volt drop of about 0.3Volts or, if it's an out and back circuit, 0.6V. Not enough under DCC to make any real impact and certainly not enough to get the wire hot. As for connecting to the rail, the advice to use solid conductors is good and makes them inconspicuous. I use this on '0' scale trackwork, but usually put two droppers per yard length of track, close to either end of the length
  7. Contact A&H is best bet. One of the most helpful shops you counld encounter - Just saying as a happy past customer.
  8. I have previously used a #11 blade in a scalpel handle as the angle is good, but heated it up first with a hot soldering iron or more recently a hot air blower to help it melt through rather than cut. Too much cutting pressure risks damage to the tracks
  9. Heres mine: So much fun with some Evergreen plastic and a #11 scalpel.
  10. Weller guns and look alike copies: Beware. They are great for the odd electrical joint but not suitable for electronics (The tips are to big and blunt ) or for sustained operation because they have a limited operational cycle of typically a maximum of 1minute operation and four minutes off. from the Weller instruction book. The penalty for disregarding this useful advice is the smell of hot varnish, leading to smoke from the overheated transformer.
  11. Having a 'side interest' in 0 scale and and on occaisons wondered whether I should join the Guild I have followed this thread with interest. That said, it has (like most threads) deviated wildy from the OP's original question and probably has provided all the information he could have hoped for. Perhaps's it's time to put this one to bed.
  12. Looks rather like one of the 'rare' items periodically offered by the more rogue-ish ebay sellers..
  13. Thanks. An interesting build and motor. In use, what's it like for getting track alignment? do you have an automatic system or just eyeball it? Steve W
  14. What? reduced to showing off in cattle sheds? Actually, it's a lovely site with good access and parking, though the floors are a bit uneven.
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