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  1. Fascinating stuff, Paul. Many thanks for the link. Trevor
  2. Thanks for this, Dave. Incidentally, I have often wondered why the word 'siphon' - now I know! Cheers Trevor
  3. Like many spotters/photographers in the steam era my main attraction was the locos themselves, and it is only many years later that items which were unnoticed at the time a picture was taken now seem worthy of a second look. This an enlargement of the edge of a picture I took at Carlisle of the station pilot, Ivatt 2-6-2T No 41222, in May 1966. The vehicle has the running number W2937W and a search online informs me that this was a 1944-built Collett-design of gangwayed milk van. (Please correct me if I have that wrong.) I am no expert on rolling stock, so my question is: in 1966 was it still used for milk traffic (and if so, where to/from in Carlisle?) or had the vehicle been rebuilt internally to do something else? Many thanks in advance Trevor
  4. A BR Type 2 assisting a Brush Type 4 may not be that unusual, but perhaps the diesel brake tender sporting the Express Passenger headlamps is, so I hope I get away with this. Anyway, it's another opportunity to show this picture of mine, on the off chance that someone, somewhere, may also have witnessed this event and made a note of the loco numbers. I took this at Low Fell (Gateshead) on 2nd August 1967 but I can't find any reference to which locos they are - it's the northbound car carrier, of course. Any help at this late stage would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Trevor
  5. I am grateful to woodenhead, sandra and LMS2968 for their responses. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter. Trevor
  6. On a visit to Trafford Park shed in 1965 I noted Fowler, Stanier and Fairburn versions of 2-6-4Tank locos, many in steam. I presume they found work on empty stock trains, but I'm curious as to what else (if anything) were they used on at this (relatively) late date. Thanks in advance Trevor
  7. Yes, I wondered about the headcode, but always assumed it was just 'wrong'. Perhaps someone with a WTT of the era could shed some light, please? Trevor
  8. 46035 heads north past Teignmouth on 27th May 1975 D1009 'WESTERN INVADER' heading west on 30th May 1974 Trevor
  9. Thanks, Geoff. If I remember correctly I was standing in a car park using a 135mm telephoto lens. Trevor
  10. D1070 'WESTERN GAUNTLET' crosses into Devon with a ballast train on 28th May 1975 47081 'ODIN' on the centre road at Exeter St David's with an unrecorded working on 29th May 1975 Trevor
  11. I've just found this thread, hidden away in the 'Special interests - UK prototype' section. I spent several happy summer holidays in the 1970s with a 'Western rail rover'-type ticket and have lots of pictures taken in Devon. Some of these have already been shared in the 'Diesel Hydraulic Group' section (under my 'Trev's Western wanderings' thread) in 2017. Here's D1046 'Western Marquis' approaching Teignmouth from the West at Shaldon Bridge on 30th May 1975 This is 47059 the previous year, starting the climb westwards out of Totnes on 29th May 1974 Trevor
  12. A 2-coach DMU on the High Level Bridge over the Tyne on 22nd May 1977 Trevor
  13. Once a familiar sight, now the only regular workings by HSTs at Newcastle are operated by CrossCountry between Plymouth and Edinburgh/Glasgow (apparently only two per day are rostered, one each way). Earlier this week on 12th June this is 43303 at the head of the 12.27 Plymouth-Glasgow crossing the King Edward Bridge over the Tyne into Newcastle (43239 was at the rear). Photographed from the Redheugh Bridge at about 19.40 (it was running late - due in at 19.32) There is also an Edinburgh-Plymouth working due in at 07.38 - too early for me to see it! Trevor
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