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  1. Erm... just wow, amazing. The many hours you spend constructing the viaduct are so justified by this incredible outcome. Just need to get it "planted" and trains running over it (he said tongue in cheek). Seriuosly, though, I am really looking forward to see how you contour the scenics around the piers. Regards Brian
  2. Hi Jeff, Well how did I miss this thread having followed your previous KLs with huge interest? Perhaps the revised RMWeb format managed to put me off track. Maybe. Anyway, now following another exquisite viaduct build which puts my own crude efforts rightly in a lower division. I had to have a viaduct on my current layout Deneside but inspiration for mine came from the large brick structures on the Durham coast line built by the NER which carry the line over deep denes. Fantastic work, please keep the updates coming. Best Regards, Brian.
  3. I hear what you are saying guys and thanks for taking the time to comment on my ramblings. However, "I've started so I'll finish" - the tender that is. The handrail knobs arrived the other day so, apart from a bit of gap filling, the tender is now finished bar vac pipes, painting and coal load - see below. Had a bit of a struggle with the handrails and knobs so I'm not relishing doing those around the loco boiler. Regards, Brian.
  4. Here is another Rail Cam style video recorded at Colliery Junction. This time I have added sub-titles to describe each train. Enjoy it or otherwise here... Regards, Brian.
  5. The new multimeter has been used to check for gremlins on the Hornby Class 110 DMU. No easy fix was found so the motor was condemned and a Strathpeffer Junction replacement CD player type motor kit purchased and the ringfield motor replaced - see below. All pretty straightforward to fit and the DMU set now runs nice and smoothly. The kit is therefore highly recommended. I didn't bother with any form of voltage dropper so I will take it easy with the "throttle". The DMU can be seen running here... ...so I'll leave you to judge.
  6. Apologies for the extreme delay in posting any updates on my progress with this kit. There is a simple reason - basically I got fed up with it. Nothing in this DJH kit seems to go together without a disproportionate (to my eyes) amount of fettling. The fit of some parts is very poor and the smaller cast white metal parts are covered in flash. Anyway, I decided to grit my teeth and get on with it. So, continuing my concerns about haulage capacity (especially up the severe gradients on my layout) I decided to focus on the tender because several more parts (side rails, etc) and co
  7. Wow Tom, how have I missed this. Fantastic standard of modelling. The station building, overall roof and tower will look amazing when finished. Correct me if I'm wrong but is South Shields now "served" by the dreaded Metro? Keep up the incredible work - now following. Regards, Brian.
  8. The latest addition to the roster (thank you Santa) has been tested... ...and pressed into service on an oil train. This is a Bachmann Class 25/3, lightly weathered, full yellow end, no train heating boiler so mainly for freight. A second hand acquisition from flea bay allegedly barely used by the previous owner. The usual sweet Bachmann mechanism so all is good. Santa also came through with this... ...so I should be able to get to the bottom of the Hornby Class 110 electrical gremlins in due course
  9. As it's the time of year... ...and for goodness sake I hope the New Year turns out a lot better than this one! All the very best to you and yours, Regards, Brian.
  10. You have my deepest sympathy Scott. I know how you feel, my Dad passed away many years ago rather suddenly (heart attack) so I didn't get the chance of last farewells, not sure how I would have coped with that emotionally. All the best for Christmas and the New Year which surely can't be any worse than this one. Best Regards, Brian.
  11. Thanks for this Ian. I guess if I keep the controller knob well away from the the full maximum, there shouldn't be a problem. I tend to drive everything on the layout quite slowly so I doubt very much whether I ever get the voltage above 6v. I could always fit a speedo (voltmeter) I suppose . Thanks again for your interest. Regards, Brian.
  12. Thanks 9C85. I see what you mean by the simultaneous arrivals (Deltic + Class 25 & hoppers). Other than testing the driving skills and concentration of "The Fat Controller", such a movement is entirely feasible. I missed a trick there. Thanks again for your interest. Regards, Brian
  13. I've had another thought about the failed BRCW dmu. The longer platforms on Deneside could accommodate a 5-car unit so I could possibly acquire another 3-car set to create a 2-car + 3-car arrangement leaving a redundant centre car which could donate an unpowered bogie to replace the faulty power bogie. If the problem is not a quick fix, I might go down this route. Food for thought. Regards, Brian.
  14. Thanks for the advice but that sounds like a lot of diodes to me and I'm not sure there's room. Is there not a bigger diode that does the work of these 10? I know very little about electronics but I have used resistors to drop the voltage for the LED colour lights. Would a resistor do the trick? Thanks again for your interest. Regards, Brian.
  15. Thanks Sandhole. Once Santa has delivered on the multimeter all will hopefully be revealed. Glad you are motivated to do likewise. I personally think that adding the various missing bufferbeam details makes a huge difference appearance wise. Thanks again for your advice and interest in my ramblings. Regards, Brian.
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