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  1. It seems to have taken nearly all day to finish off this building but now its done. So I've made a start on the plastic headstock using the kit part scans and various Evergreen styrene sections. Regards, Brian.
  2. Significant progress today. After I posted here yesterday, I fabricated the 4 corner pier overlays thus. This morning I wrapped them in brick paper... ...and glued them to the appropriate ends. Assembly of the main elements followed thus. The roofs were then added, the flat "concrete" roof will support the headstock. Lots of coping stones and cappings to be added and then I need to reconstruct the card headstock kit in plastic. Regards, Brian.
  3. We've been away for the weekend up to the Midlands so no progress on the "heapstead", maybe tomorrow there should be something to report. However, while we were away we had a quick visit to The Great Central at Loughborough. Now, how about doing a "Driver Experience" day on something like this? The BR 9F 2-10-0s are truly impressive locos. The green livery and non-original name doesn't really detract from the overall visual impact. I'm really glad I have my own Bachmann model to use on Deneside, although perhaps it needs the modifications necessary to convert it to a Tyne Dock based specimen. Regards, Brian.
  4. Thanks Ian, yes I tend to agree. Space is extremely tight in the colliery though so I can't promise to implement your recommendation. We'll see. Best Regards, Brian.
  5. The main brick structure of the pit head ("heapstead"?) is taking longer to make because it is so large (in excess of a foot long). However, earlier today I had three main sides complete - one side and both ends, so the opportunity was taken to have a trial erection (ooh erh matron) in the shed to see how it looked - see below. The big white things are my right angle magnetic clamps which come in handy for this sort of thing. Here is a pic showing all the recently completed colliery buildings. There is still the winding house and the conveyor system to be added to the colliery complex. I managed to complete the last main side of the structure this afternoon. You can't have enough clamps! Regards, Brian.
  6. As I said in an earlier post, I've been into TurboCAD and produced a drawing of the main side walls. These have been printed and pasted onto mounting card (they are longer than A4 so I can't use my stock of grey board which is A4 size). I have posed the first cut out side with the kit to show the effect I'm looking for... ...which is basically this. I found this pic on google images a while back (apologies for any copyright issues - if notified I will delete the image) and it's the only one I could find of the end walls of the main structures, the one visible here is I assume, the winding house. The artwork was done during the colliery demolition I think. A few cheats to note - I've avoided semi-circular window heads (they are a pain to cut in card of any thickness) and the building will have a flat roof where the pit head "steel" structures sit but I want to keep the pitch on the end walls if possible (I'm off to TurboCAD in a minute to sketch out the end walls). Regards, Brian.
  7. Thanks Baz. However, I'm more than happy with the ones that came with the kit now that I've glued together the parts (each wheel is in three parts) - see below. Regards, Brian.
  8. Absolutely Baz, I'll reduce it in height. I've looked at a lot of pit head structures and they all look different even at the same pit. Also, my model is a touch freelance but I'm hoping to give it a taste of Easington. Limited space in the shed dictates compression so I cannot do a proper scale model of the colliery structures. Totally agree Scott. The kit was a great purchase if nothing else than to use as a pattern but the pulley wheels (sheaves) are really the icing on the cake - so difficult to scratch build. I'm concentrating on the brick support structure for now (already drawn something out in TurboCAD) and will build that first, see how the truncated kit looks on top of it and then replicate it in Evergreen styrene sections. Thanks guys. Regards, Brian.
  9. An interesting kit as I said. I've made a start but the overwhelming impression I get of the "steelwork" parts is that they are very fragile being only 2mm lazer cut card so I have taken the precaution of scanning them just in case of any future damage - I gave the mock up of this structure a glancing blow with my elbow in the shed the other day. I could fabricate the parts in plastic strip, angle or H section by using these scans. Scanned headgear parts 1.pdf Scanned headgear parts 2.pdf I've also found an internet pic which has helped with the build. So here are some pics of the build so far. The "shaft" in this pic was supposed to have a roof in the kit but non was found so I had to make one but there were a few other spares provided. I'm inclined to stop at this point because I want to truncate this structure so it emerges from a substantial brick building as used to exist at Easington as below. I need to build the brick structure supporting the head stock and its corresponding winding house but perhaps a bit of measuring up in the shed first viz a vie elbow height Regards, Brian.
  10. Wow! Just add trains. What are your plans for locos (Q6, J27) and stock (Hoppers) in your chosen scale? Brilliant modelling. Regards, Brian
  11. Following a very helpful suggestion by Tom Shaw of this parish, I purchased this kit a couple of years ago. There are no instructions with the kit. However, I managed to download some limited instructions from the internet shortly after purchase. In the interim Modelux have gone bust. As I said, interesting. I'll hopefully make a start on this tomorrow. Needless to say, I'll let you know how I get on. Regards, Brian.
  12. Thanks for that Scott, I've had a look and it really is a great thread, now following. Best Regards, Brian.
  13. Hi Richard, Your thread has been referred to me by "Jukebox" of this parish because I am doing something similar in OO. Top modelling, you certainly haven't lost it in the thirty odd years, hugely inspirational. Now following. Regards, Brian.
  14. More progress today has pretty much completed the screens building. Firstly, the diagonal bracing was manufactured using plastic angle and card and then painted to match the "steel work" The postie delivered another pack of Evergreen Number 126 so the missing "exposed beams" were added to the end walls. The roof was also added. Finally, a roof ridge ventilator was added - this utilised the various parts from the Scalescenes loco shed kit but shortened to suit. The substantially complete building has now replaced its mock up on the layout. The next project will be the pit headstock for which I have a kit but scant instructions - should be interesting. Regards, Brian.
  15. More progress today - the centre line of columns and associated frame work has been glued together, painted and glued to the structure as below. The incomplete model is shown here posed temporarily in position on the layout. Hopefully I'll make further progress tomorrow. Regards, Brian.
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