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  1. The Law of Unintended Consequences has been at work today! For a while I have been thinking that my Accurascale 21 ton hoppers fitted with their bespoke coal loads look a little under filled so I thought I would raise them up a touch by gluing some corrugated card to their bases as shown (apologies for dodgy phone pics). This seemed to have improved the appearance considerably. But, the top of the coal load now fouled the underside of the screens so I raised the screens a little to compensate by adding some plastic sections to simulate a conc
  2. Yes, that's the only way I know of doing it. You have to set up your own YouTube "channel" and make your videos public to share the link. Regards, Brian.
  3. Dan, any chance of a video link. Your pics are just a bit of a tease me thinks. Great layout my friend. Regards, Brian
  4. The latest video is available here... Regards, Brian.
  5. Only just stumbled across your latest layout Dan. The old forum layout update way back when meant I lost track of your work, amongst others, but the new forum update has helped me find you again . Great work and very atmospheric. I'm especially jealous of the lengths of trains you can run. Now following. Regards, Brian.
  6. The latest video can be seen here Enjoy or otherwise. Regards, Brian.
  7. What's he doing fixing an old cycle mirror to the shed ceiling for??? The reason is that this will be an aid to the manual (by eye) indexing of the turntable. Hopefully, this will minimise derailments by giving a vertical view of the table rails alignment as below. Meanwhile, we have a visitor from 36A (Doncaster). A1 60156 "Great Central" stands alongside A3 60077 "The White Knight" of 56B (Ardsley). I've also been working on another coal train video. Stay tuned. Regards, Brian.
  8. It has been a while since I posted any updates, basically because there has not been much to report. However, I have been busy upgrading the scenics especially in the dene area by adding bushes and trees as below. These images have been subject to focus stacking. Regards, Brian.
  9. Despite its appearance faults and after a struggle, the main tender body, including wheels, has now been assembled thus. I say a struggle because the fit of the parts was not great and the wheels had to be somehow captured between the two sides whilst soldering everything together from the inside. But, it's amazing how useful elastic bands are and it's always good to have a skinny soldering iron bit. So the loco/tender combo looks quite handsome IMHO. The main purpose of starting the tender before fully finishing the loco has to check whether
  10. Thanks for this Dave, an extremely interesting article. In my former life pre-retirement my specialism was structural engineering so most of the article made a lot of sense. I think utilising the (extreme) weight of the tender will be the way to go. I know the motor is "pointing the wrong way" as it were but the whole motor/gearbox unit is extremely lightweight. I think there would still be a problem Centre of Gravity wise with the CofG still likely to be well forward of the leading driver. I'll also see what I can do with added weight, indeed this is an easier thing to experiment with i
  11. In between work on my DJH D20 build (see my other thread) I've been experimenting with the free to download "CombineZP" focus stacking software using my DSLR. So far, this is the pick of the results. Regards, Brian.
  12. Using the techniques described above (paper, pin hole, plumbers' flux) I have succeeded in soldering the crank pin collars to the crank pins and thus retaining the coupling rods on both sides. A quick test on the layout with the match truck revealed all was well. I then spend a tedious hour or so enlarging the footplate aperture so that crank pins and coupling rods do not foul the body above when rotating. One or two parts came loose during this process and had to be reattached. Eventually, after several abortive tests, this was the result. I then got a
  13. That is brilliant Andy - super job of hiding the rabbit hole. Regards, Brian.
  14. Measure twice and cut once + finger and sand down work piece to remove blood stains. Railway modelling can be dangerous you know.
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