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  1. A bit more structure was added today to support the decking and the whole thing has been sprayed with grey car primer from a rattle can. Obviously the "feet" need painting a different "concrete" colour. The final Train-Tech signal head arrived today so I need to assemble that, paint all the signal heads and fashion a "timber" deck from plastic strip before final assembly of the gantry and wiring up to an as yet unbuilt signal control panel. Getting there (slowly)! Regards, Brian.
  2. Recent activity has centred on signal head construction for the gantry. However, the more that I looked at the gantry, the more dissatisfied I got with its appearance - it is just too chunky looking. Things have moved on a bit since this Airfix kit (bashed in this case) had its tools made so I have decided to replace it with one of these... ...again slightly kit bashed. I have replaced the kit supports with hollow fabricated plastic sections as below... ...to hide the signal head wires. The visible sections of wire within the Pratt truss will be sprayed matt black and the main structure sprayed matt grey to hopefully make the wires within invisible. The truss will be placed here and will carry four signal heads. Regards, Brian.
  3. I've just uploaded another video, this time featuring my "Streak" Andrew K McCosh. Find it here if you are interested. Regards, Brian.
  4. The Deltic video is complete and you can view it here... I used the cam truck for both the on track and line side clips so as to get a little closer to the action. Enjoy or othjerwise. Regards, Brian.
  5. Lovely ballasting Andy - looks a treat. Regards, Brian.
  6. Harking back to my own train spotting years at Easington, all I ever saw going in and out of the colliery sidings were coal hoppers, empty in, full out. I never saw any open wagons containing pit props. However, I'm beginning to think that timber pit props had become obsolete by that time (the end of the 1950s/early 60s) in favour of engineered steel hydraulic props. As I understand it, in the East Durham coal fields the coal seems were relatively thin and once the coal had been won, the props were removed and the roof or ceiling was allowed to collapse. The thin "empty" seems collapsing being anything up to 1200 feet or more below ground level caused I believe only isolated settlement/subsidence issues at ground level - I remember the odd road sign warning of subsidence. But at that time I believe the active coal face was far out under the sea. Regards, Brian.
  7. And the same to you Will. All the best, Brian.
  8. The Deltic prototype has visited Deneside. I feel another video coming on Regards, Brian.
  9. Thanks Pete, and all the very best for 2020 to you too. That is a great suggestion about the pit prop loads. I'll give it some thought but siding space at the colliery is a bit tight - here's a reminder of my track plan. I do remember, I think (or did I see pictures), that when we returned to the North East by train from KX that, arriving in Hartlepool in the late 1950s, there were sidings full of wagons loaded with timber props in the harbour (now marina) area south of the station. Regards, Brian.
  10. I've added some more ground cover to the colliery area and made this video this afternoon which reflects all the changes to Deneside Colliery made in the last couple of months or so. So for your enjoyment or otherwise click here... Regards, Brian.
  11. Stone me Andy, I can't keep up mate. You put me to shame progress wise. However, I see a kettle or two is part of this mix in your latest offering and it's always a pleasure to watch your layouts bloom in such short time scales. Needless to say I'm now following. Best Regards, Brian. PS All the best for 2020 PPS Just how many layouts did you complete in 2019?
  12. Final update before the Festivities. In the last few days I have replaced the temporary paper photo backscene with A4 card sheets, also printed with the back scene panorama. These are glued to the hardboard sheeting surrounding the fiddle yard. I've also extended the brick wall to fully enclose the colliery as below shown without the screens and conveyor... ...and with the screens and conveyor replaced. Still more ground cover to be added. Regards, Brian.
  13. It's that time of year again so... ...and all the very best for 2020. Regards, Brian.
  14. The other low bridge has also received appropriate signage. I probably now need to get back to finishing off the layout signalling. Regards, Brian.
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