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  1. Cant quite see from the photo, how many wagons have been brought from the minehead - I assume 6- a half load and then back for the other half?
  2. One story that came out of Long Tan was that officer in charge of the artillery, had served in Korea, - had a "feeling" the night before the battle, and ordered up twice the ordinary supply of the ammunition which arrived shortly before action commenced. and yes some of my mates served there but not at Long Tan
  3. then appropriate to use a well known NZ swear word
  4. How far were backing movements with partially fitted trains allowed? this would be on say branch line or dock complex and not within a yard. I am thinking a (regular) movement where there was no runaround at the terminus and trains are backed from the last runaround- distance 500 yards -a mile. I assume it would need to have a brake van leading the backup movement.
  5. I am overwhelmed with the responses to my question. First of all, I note Catherine spelt with a K and Londoan spelt London. I am hoping for a very rainy weekend (I know Britain is not!)(We have had up to 400 mils and it has put out most of our big fires.) so that I have to stay indoors and can follow-up all the leads you have given me. My thanks
  6. In Disused Stations entry about Minories , there is mention of a branch line to serve St C's and London Docks built in 1864. The only line I can see,on an old map, is a line going off between Lemon St and Minories going to Smithfield- is there another one actually serving the docks as well as the Smithfield ( meat markets, I assume)
  7. sorry about the heavy shunting today-everything seemed to go well
  8. Kym, remember Long Tan.One of your majors who served in Korea,had an inkling and ordered up twice the number of rounds the night before and the grunts applauded later on . Dropshirts indeed!
  9. has the crane been built into the new sequence-breakdown train or major derailment?
  10. Silly me - had noticed the locks but not the narrowboats - apologies
  11. Young Mr Mortimore, Please understand in Australian Polite Society, it is a badge of honour to be able to trace your ancestry to the First or Second Fleets and a mark up if they were convicts not guards. I hasten to add mine came out in about 1929
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