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  1. in Australia we have obviously superior sheep – some of the rams driven around in the back of Rolls-Royces–with of course the chauffeur divider up so that they don't breath down your neck-
  2. Ian , have had a bit of a preview in MRH so pleasantly surprised to see it in mag format - I am in!
  3. I am about to fit KDs to a Siverfox J70. Does anyone have any advice for me ?
  4. I am sorry about that - I was hoping there would be the odd banker required.
  5. Just as an aside- going on our experience of the current next door build - some so called architects cannot prepare decent plans and the builders have to rely on imagination and experience sometimes . Daughter ( architect) who can draw up properly detailed drawings for builders, has been very critical of the plans drawn for next door- the builders make up for the plan decifiencies
  6. Bungus, Do you know if anyone videoed any of your exhibition attendances? If so would you point the way please?
  7. The long way round is usually the best - saves doing again after you have made a mess of it the first time by taking a short cut . In this case it would mean I had just demolished your wonderful new construction, solid as it may be, by ducking under.
  8. Mr Nuttall, I have admired your baseboards on many occasions so it is pleasing to see how it is done proper
  9. Cant quite see from the photo, how many wagons have been brought from the minehead - I assume 6- a half load and then back for the other half?
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