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  1. I used to see them at Rhyl (Grandfather lived here) and Aber (Great Uncle here ) on the main line to Holyhead. Dave
  2. This will go well with my North Wales class 101. Dave
  3. Finally finished my two car unit. I couldn't bring myself to do anything to the boxed Hornby class 101 I had so I used a green livery Lima version. I found some pics of a Chester based one and copied it as much as possible. I got hold of a trailer chassis and used it to make a driving trailer composite. I only removed the footboards at one end as they weren't needed. I removed the gutters leaving just the bits over the doors. I cut out and flush glazed the destination windows/ blinds. I repainted with an airbrush in blue livery and applied the numbers for this set from a custom set ordered
  4. I recently treated our garage floor with PVA as described by "The Johnster" above. I vacuumed up all the concrete dust and then painted PVA mixed at 1 part PVA and 5 parts water. It soaks in and makes it quite solid and dust proof. Dave
  5. I always tend to use by this airbrush but have found that the finish is quite easily damaged. I have been using it over Railmatch enamel. the enamel paint itself adheres well and seems tougher than the varnish. I wonder what I am doing wrong? Dave
  6. They certainly have a distinctive sound. When I was a boy I used to see the 25/3s clattering through Kenton on the west coast mainline. Then when we went on Holiday to my grand parents in North Wales I would see them there, too! Later when I travelled about on the railways they seemed to be everywhere. I saw the side on picture of Heljan 25 093 on the Rails site and it does look really good to me. I had a Bachmann D7667 which I liked but I had also done a Hornby conversion so kept that one after spending so long on it! Here are the two together. Have posted this pic
  7. I was thinking how good the blue ones look! Dave
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Dave
  9. So is it alright to keep spraying to a wet sheen in one go as long as it doesn't run rather than waiting for one coat to dry? Do proper enamel thinners dry more quickly? I have been using white spirit. Dave
  10. Is it better to spray wet looking coats and allow to fully dry for a few hours between them or just to continuously build up the paint by spraying lightly? I tend to do the latter and if one sweep looks a bit too wet I dry it by blasting straight air at it. I use railmatch enamels and the finish looks a bit matt sometimes or even grainy. I am using Railmatch enamels. Dave
  11. You can unclip the roof and windows from the body by pressing the latter in slightly. They act as clips for the roof. Dave
  12. Has anyone got a picture of a driving trailer underframe (maybe the Bachmann one)? Thanks
  13. No. I have done everything possible as regards maintenance. One thing I notice is that it is as if the magnet is too strong as I turn the motor armature by hand. Dave
  14. Roy- I cleaned everything carefully. 34- this loco is well used!
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