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  1. Well worth braving the rain for. Good selection of layouts in most scales and lots and lots of children which is great news for the hobby! Well done all who organised it and participated. Kind regards, Peter
  2. Sommerfeldt is definitely the more accurate Swiss type though Viessmann is easier to install. I also prefer painting the wires dark grey or dark brown Matt. Wires as they come just look too glossy! I always find I am nervous installing the Catenary but really pleased I did so. Kind regards Peter in Olten SBB Cafe
  3. John, It is Faller 110089. no longer produced but there is one available apparently at Osborn Models. it was a really nice model to assemble. laser cut. I am just about to begin building a new Swiss std gauge layout myself too. pete
  4. The top halt is by Faller. It appears in Peco bookazine about Modelling Swiss Railways. I will dig out it’s stock number for you later today. the modern shelter is by Fides. See www.hobby-shop.ch. looking forward to seeing your progress....
  5. Hello. Here is a quick selection of pics of Swiss halts in model and proto form. I am happy to provide any more info if anything here appeals to you. Kind regards, Peter
  6. You have made a great start! nice timber work. Looking forward to seeing how the layout progresses. pete
  7. Hello, I have a Liliput OBB 2060 two axle HO scale loco (L132471) that runs really well indeed but the interior of the cab is the same red plastic as the body and I would like to be able to paint inside the cab and add a driver. My model is about 3 years old and made in China. I say this because older versions of this loco seem to be made differently. I have read the instructions but there is very little in them about body removal. I have removed the couplings etc. Nothing budges. I have tried prizing open the sides of the loco body but the sides do not even move! The body must be removable but I am struggling at the moment. Does anyone know anything please that might help? Thanks very much indeed. Kind regards, Peter
  8. swisspeat


    Looks very good Jim. I saw your layout in the CM Swiss Special. It is a bit different having no catenary. Keep up the good work with the Swiss modelling! Kind regards, Peter
  9. Here is the promised update. Loco works fine. Sound is turned on at F7. The sounds and light show is quite impressive. Because it is targeted at European train set track it has quite deep flanges which frankly do not run too well on Code 75 track. Looks like my next Swiss shunting layout will be limited to Code 100 track unless I can find a couple of replacement wheelsets! I will send a picture of the loco as soon as I have taken a photo. Thanks for your helpful comments! Pete
  10. Thank you! I have been playing around and I have had intermittent sound and lights! I am running the loco on Code 75 track and looking at the wheel flanges it does not seem to like that too much. You can hear it rumbling along on the plastic sleeper ties! I do wonder if it is picking up enough power... I cannot do anything else today but will run it on clean Code 100 tomorrow and report back. A bit odd from a brand new loco! I have just tested a Roco DCC Sound OBB 2067 and he works fine straight out of the box on Code 75. Thanks for your help so far... Pete
  11. Thanks very much. A Zimo MTC21. In the shop it was tested on ECoS Commander unit. I must confess I am struggling a bit with the instruction leaflets in German. Peter
  12. I bought a DCC Sound one from Bahnorama in Bern (a jolly nice model shop!) and had it tested in the shop. Lovely. On getting it home I find that I cannot get any lights or sounds using my Gaugemaster Prodigy. I am wondering what I am missing! Any ideasplease? Thanks. Peter
  13. Hello, Has anyone bought one of these please? Are you pleased with it and how does it run? I am considering buying a DCC Sound one but it looks like I might have to import it from CH. I checked on Wemoba but I never seem to be able to access their website from the UK. I might have to use EYRO. Thanks very much indeed. Peter
  14. You make an interesting point about the height of the wall and bridge. You are probably correct. When I made this layout it was a bit of a compromise between the height of my polysterne blocks to support the track behind the retaining wall. I recall testing a figure outside the ballast and seem to remember the top of the wall/bridge came above his waist. That still might not have been enough! Again, thanks for your observation. Kind regards, Peter
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