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  1. Thanks for the responses! It's a lima class 121 in be green with stripes so what is reccommendable? I want to repaint it br Blue Thanks Jon
  2. Hi, I was hoping someone could tell me the best way to strip paint off a lima model? Thanks, Jon
  3. Hi guys!! I am looking to re paint a class 122 dmu in the standard br Blue colour scheme with full yellow end using enamels. Please could someone tell me the Railmatch and Phoenix enamel paint numbers and colours I need for: Blue Yellow end Roof grey Thanks in advance for your help! Jon
  4. Good morning, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me, I'm looking to model a highland region layout but I'm confused as to which Cambrian kit for the OTA timber wagon I should buy? I notice from pictures that some have square ends and some have more curved ends? Is there also a difference in the number of stanchions? Many thanks for your time and I appreciate any assistance! Jon
  5. Thanks guys for the reply really appreciate it! 66c and DOCJACOB I'll PM you regarding the articles later on. Thanks again!
  6. Good afternoon, I have recently returned to the hobby and I would like to model a Scottish station in the diesel era. I was wondering if anybody could provide me with some scale drawings for the Ardlui station buildings, especially the little waiting shelter. I am also after pictures of the signal mans cottage situated near to the railway as I plan to scratchbuild a structure like this. I am also keen to learn how to recreate the platform surface if anybody has any tips!? Thanks very much for your time, Jon
  7. Hi guys, Not sure if anyone can help me, but i;m after pictures of a class 143 dmu in Regional Railway livery. Ideally i'm after closer shots of the units as there isnt many of google! Would greatly appeciate any help! Thanks, Jon
  8. Hi was just wondering if you might be able to tell me what transfers you used for your Cambrian BAAs or BBA's as i'm currently building some myself? And also what colours did you use to paint your cambrian turbots? I'm not sure which yellow to use! Thanks for your time, really like this thread! Jon
  9. Probably the first layout that got me interested in modern image modelling ! Loved the busy mainline above with the large shed complex below, plenty of action! Thanks, John
  10. Thanks for your help guys i shall get to work on sourcing those magazines very shortly. This months 'Model Rail' has some valuable info regarding the prototype as well. Peter, if you could check your private Mail as i've sent you some more questions regarding the layout. Thanks again, John
  11. Hi , I was reading the Winter 2006 issue of 'Modern railway Modelling' when i came across an article where Peter Marriott mentions his small 'Ardlui' layout, and from the sole picture it looked like an interesting set up. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of other articles about this layout (if there is any) as I would like to see more photos and learn more about it. Thanks for your time, John
  12. In a bit of a pickle.... Just converted my old lima class 117 into a class 122 using the craftsman kit. It went together well but now i am coming to painting the unit. Basically, i was wondering if anyone had any advice when it comes to painting using the precision enamels? I want to do a blue full yellow end livery. the project is trying to be done on the cheap and therefore expensive (relatively) aerosols are out of the window. I am prepared to use primer, however. So basically any tips with the precision enamels would be great! Thanks very much for your time, Jono
  13. thanks very much guys. i think i'll go with the class 121, i havent done a re-paint before either, so i was thinking of primer, then spray with railmatch aerosol 'rail blue' then hand paint the ends with enamel yellow? thanks again for the help, cant wait to get started... Also, is the etched brass front hard to get into the right shape?
  14. hello all! Just ordered this kit from howes so i can represent a unit that my dad saw in his 'trainspotting days'. We have both a Lima class 117 and a Hornby class 121 in which we can convert (whichone is easiest?). I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me, and i was wondering if it was a hard conversion or not??? If anyone has any pictures of the component parts that would be great as well !!! Also, where can i get any transfers numbers from (W55.......) cheers for taking your time to read this, Jono
  15. Do you reckon i'll be able to pick up an ultrascale conversion pack from any traders for a Heljan class 26 at the show?
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