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  1. What a shame NSE mark2a arent being produced to go with the Accurascale ones, they'd sell thousands.
  2. A spell on the layout before popping up to Aish / Totnes for some very damp Pilotmans duties on the big railway. Sadly no WR whoppers like these below, but do get some freight & class 57 on the sleepers to play with...
  3. Some great stuff here. I recall CCT and other 4 wheelers at St Erth sidings for fruit & veg in the early 80s. I guess this was worked into parcel workings, but I have seen them included on the afternoon tripper from St Erth. Hayle wharves last trip was 1980 I think. I remember mineral wagons with a very fishy smell in the 1980s at Truro. NCL at Drump lane had all sorts of 4 wheel vans there when rail linked. Holmans had 4 wheeled flat wagons for the small generators, and minerals for the scrap. As a Signalman from 1989 to 1994 in Cornwall I think all the areas have been covered above. The Truro fertiliser traffic was in Cargowaggon type wagons by then. I don't recall any revenue earning freight west of there from the early 90s. The St Erth scrap came later.
  4. Read above, the Hullabalooe tour did. This is the ONLY occasion this happened. Access for certain class 47 sub classes are also being examined at the moment.
  5. Hi yes I have a number of pictures I'll get around to uploading them at some point.
  6. Back again after a bit of a recess due to losing some image reducing software. I have a good system on board again. Tornado on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway 66025 at St Blazey amid a lovely display of buttercups The GWR loco hauled is out & about once again. Burngullow last week Coombe last evening The Belmonmd Pullman at Penzance recently
  7. Hi Finally found a good image reducing bit of software. Here are some recent Moorswater shots. The Glynn Valley shots are likely to be the exception in the future as run round activities are now undertaken at Liskeard. 70812 Bolitho The down working seen at Penkestle woods Draw wood near Largin - the Up working back to Aberthaw.
  8. Heads up for Fri 5th - 7th May VSOE workings. Please check RTT for train schedules and progress. Friday 1Z78 09.48 Victoria to Truro 0Z78 Truro to St Blazey after shunting stock to yard. Sat 6th May 0Z48 04.50 St Blazey to Truro Light locos 5Z78 06.45 Truro to Penzance (empty stock) 1Z79 09.10 Penzance to Bath Spa (Charter) 1Z80 17.30 Bath Spa to Penzance Sun 7th May 5Z33 10.45 Penzance to Truro ECS (runs around in Slopers siding) 1Z33 12.25 Truro to Victoria
  9. 37175 in Colas livery the loco for the test train I hear.
  10. I'll give this topic a bit of a nudge... Class 37 test train in Cornwall next week. Arrives at Penzance Wed morning 04.03 but departs in the evening 20.42 for Exeter via Newquay & Looe. Cheers CM
  11. Hi Dave Thanks for the comments. The cement wagons are loaded in, empty out.
  12. Some piccies from Dec: 6C97 11th Dec Coombe RHTT Grampound
  13. Some pictures from the Colas Moorswater age:
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