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  1. What's actually in a DVT? Seems a lot of wasted space.. has anyone ever converted them to put extra seats in? Or is this not possible
  2. What is the length of a Mk4 compared to a Mk3 or class 175? Although it's not booked to stop (though I have seen it on rare occasions in the past) at Ludlow there is a issue with the station being on a curve making the train to platform gap rather large. Not sure how health and safety can get around this easily either.
  3. When TfW took over the franchise could they do anything this want livery wise or is there certain things that aren't allowed. The new livery on the units does look modern, however I feel they should have added some green on it somewhere. Who gets the final say on it too, does the boss say this is what I want so do it.. do final liveries need to go through network rail for approval? Thanks.
  4. They look a great model but from pictures I've seen, the "As new" livery seems to be more red whereas your models seem more brown?
  5. What would Transport for Wales say about extra services on there patch. It works well at the moment for them to feed the traffic from Gobowen up to crewe for Pendolinos to take you to Euston? Also why is it always seemed everyone wants to travel to London. Ludlow handles more passengers then Gobowen, let's have a direct service to London from there!
  6. Are you going to be modelling the log load? Or just the flats for then people to produce there own? Thanks
  7. How do I gain access to different cams? I can only see the one on YouTube which is Slough? Thanks.
  8. So I stumbled across Rail Cam UK on YouTube. Surely this is the future, live webcams in busy locations and with the aid of Real Time Trains I can watch it at just the correct moment, then go back to mowing the grass, cooking diner etc etc.. Be interested to see more locations added too. Whats people's thoughts? Thanks.
  9. Hello Before I go and buy one from Hattons at there heavily discounted rate, does anyone have any versions of the Heljan O gauge Cargowaggon there willing to sell? Thanks, Matt
  10. I'm pretty sure dad has some great pictures of Hereford station and sidings from late 80s early 90s. I will have a look this weekend and get back to you.
  11. Hello Everyday (minus Friday) this week I noticed Locomotive Services running light engine from Crewe to Alexandra Docks then returning back. Anyone know why they are doing this? I saw it today at a distance and looked like a plain blue 47. I know they were moving scrap EMU stock from Scotland the other week using 37s down to the Docks. Could it be route/traction learning? Or is there any new units in the near future due to arrive at the Docks that need moving on to a new location? Thanks, Matt
  12. I see Aldi are now selling 3D printers, I've seen some random things in there before but I think this is the best one yet.
  13. Wrexham station isn't very long. Will a 3 coach train just about squeeze in?
  14. Hello all I am currently building a Skytrex Mk3 coach. Its my first go at kit building so I'm enjoying the simplicity of the kit, although I understand the model itself isn't that accurate, for me personally it looks the part. Anyway, I'm looking for advice on liveries.. I like the idea of Intercity, though because I'm a novice to painting I'm not sure this is the best livery to start with. I'm also tempted by the blue First Great Western with the pink doors. Does anyone know what colour match either of this liveries are in rattle cans? Would you recommend painting or spraying in O Gauge? Thanks, Matt
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