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  1. Hi All, Ive got two Bachmann 45s (Later versions) both have the same issue, stalling.....the track and the wheels are scrupulously clean, the track has droppers to each section. But both 45s run like absolute pigs. They are both a 21 pin chassis fitted with a loksound 3.5 neither will do a lap without stalling at some point, whereas other locos will do a lap without an issue. Before I consign both of these loco's to eBay...and they are both one off resprays (45149 with the correct mismatched ends and 45150 with Tinsley name) is there anything else I can do to improve running?
  2. Everyone on a preserved railway has an agenda....you all get along well until your agenda interferes with theres.
  3. Anyone know if express models are trading again? I did have an order cancelled due to a bereavement, and she stated she would restart the business in time but seen no news on the website, but messages on FB saying things are back in stock, just wondered if anyone had ordered recently?
  4. My programming track on my ECoS is permanently live... if I short it, it trips the ECoS out just like main. My ECoS will also allow up to (I think) 500ma I know this because when I read a loco on the programming track rollers that's doing a (dcc runaway) it trips the ECoS out. But with the right fault 500ma is more than enough to blow a decoder. the Heljan 128 does not suffer from the usual build issues that say the Heljan type 2s suffer from, its a better built locomotive, and plastic cover prevents any shorting of the pins on the main PCB. So you have foun
  5. in my case the class 56 issue it is from use. the drive cup issue, ive seen (predominantly on Heljan models) has been from new.......but it became an issue, when the cracks caused the drive cups to slip on the shaft.
  6. Ive had split gears on Hornby 56s, substandard plastic.........no incorrect plastic type, maybe, incorrect design....possibly.... substandard implies that the chemical makeup of the plastic is incorrect for the type we dont know that to be the case, plastic however does age with time, and oils and solvents will speed this up, but also dont forget that the designs of gears over the years hasn't changed but the weight of the locomotives and In a lot of cases the weight we are pulling behind them has gone up and up and up...which puts more stress on them and will inevitably they will
  7. some TTS decoders have DC enabled by default, and this results in the phenomena you are seeing thumper, set cv 29 to disable DC running
  8. If the amplifier has failed the chip will never produce sound no matter how many reblows you try, the other most likely issue is as Ray H said is a faulty speaker I have had the coil go open circuit on speakers before and produce zero sound.....if you have a multimeter you can easily check for this. you should see 100, 8, or 4 ohms across the speaker terminals (with the decoder disconnected).
  9. That would depend on the project having a function for the cab light....if your swapping for Bachmann factory class 37 or 47 sound that would be the case, Howes or biffo, or SWD, I couldn't tell you...
  10. Not to mention artificially restricting 47s to 75mph...or hacksawing through the ETH on 31s I seem to recall CE 33s were the same....they had their ETH permanently disabled so they couldn't be borrowed for passenger duties.... Its covered quite a bit in the book 50 years of class 47s...where intercity 47s were ending up on ballast duties and what process they had to go through to recover costs..
  11. sounds great but why do the coaches look totally out of proportion to the cab?
  12. Did you program the chips address using the ECoS? Have read the chips address using the ECoS? Edit loco and its settings page 3 (might be 2 ) if I recall correctly, set it to the programming track and ask it to read CV 1 this should return the address the ECoS thinks is in the chip, the lokprogrammer works because it is address agnostic so it will always communicate with it.
  13. Regarding 1a if you look hear it appears...you can set a delay on switches in a route.... http://www.esu.eu/en/support/tips-tricks/ECoS/erweiterte-fahrwegesteuerung/ regarding slips I dont use them on my ECoS but @GoingUnderground and @bigal10 have talked about this in the past Hope that helps...
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