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  1. AIUI EE were only supplying the engines, and the locos were always intended to be built by brush, and subcontracted out where required.
  2. LION was BCRWs offering for the BR type 4 requirement, (which specified that prototypes had to be privately funded) it wasnt the test bed for the 12lda, the peaks predated lion by over a year, originally brush offered a class 47 with an 16cyl EE option which was substantially cheaper than the sulzer engine. There was a specific reason the option wasnt taken and that reason escapes me at the moment.... i seem to recall that lion was considered superior to the other type 4 offeringts (lion and DP2) but....BCRW were in a precarious financial position and there was doubt they could fulfill the order...so brush used the external styling of LION on the final type 4 design....thats all they have in common, the bodies of lion and a class 47 use completely different construction techniques.
  3. AIUI they were normally removed (from closed stations) to reduce the likelihood of the unmaintained platform fouling the loading gauge, which is what they found at Cheltenham Racecourse platform 2, the foundations were sinking which had rotated the coping stones close to fouling the loading gauge (which is why the platform had to be rebuilt)
  4. But look at those appeals closer.... all valley railway....realistic target (to the joe public) and a defined outcome.....we need 100k to fix our viaduct....all the hallmarks of a successful appeal... WSR our business isn't viable in the long term.....we need a massive cash injection on top of what we had from he government.....finger in the air....million quid should do it....in the midst of some very very very public spats with other groups.... not only can you not see a difference when you put your money in the tin.....which means if you think its not going to make a difference you won't donate.....but also.....theres no indication of what it will be spent on...if im not mistaken the WSR had one the largest wage bills in preservation.....by an incredible margin... its all very well bleating you might close....but llangollen has already proved......the preservation movement will tolerate it....... fact remains they haven't invested in the infrastructure...and its come back to bite them...ive taken 26043 over some very dodgy track....but ive not taken it to any other railway that has double digit tie bars over the next 4 track panels you about to travel over!
  5. which is why i posted the link and not the photos but apologies didnt see you wanted them for publication
  6. Everyone on a preserved railway has there own agenda....you all get along fine until your agenda interferes with theirs.... Having seen it first hand its a very brave loco owner who thinks that dictating terms on a preserved line will not end in a messy divorce at some-point.....and i have seen steam locomotive owners ejected (even while their locomotive was in ticket) you can push your luck to a point and then something breaks and it ends up with a "Dear john" letter. its not normally difficult to find a loco to replace the one your kicking out.... there are portions of the preservation sector that are just like you say northmoor....and these are generally people there from the start thankfully they are rare, and thankfully the incoming generation thats replacing them seem to be a bit more pragmatic....in my experience the original steam preservationists are very resistant to change......like everything it goes in cycles...and im sure the diesel preservationists of my time will be just as cynical when some new youngster gets his bid accepted on a class 66
  7. I would say that its more likely that the support to the heritage railway sector is suffering from appeal fatigue rather than an issue squared at the WSR itself.
  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/70023venus2009/8179828428 https://twitter.com/_doublearrow/status/791410051772780550 not my photo, but there is the coaching stock..... and there it is in glorious technicolour
  9. Bachmann supplied this Andrew https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/44-041-OO-Gauge-Scenecraft-Sanding-Plant-/253301751917 most places are out of stock but you may find some on ebay...
  10. Hi Andrew, no it wouldn't be for compressed air, the vents indicate they are for bulk liquids only.
  11. I Read that thread, but why was it called the white wash coach?
  12. Extremely crude electronics compared to a class 47....and the english electric engine is far easier to get parts for...it came into being with the class 20 and ended with the class 56. Simplicity and parts availability is why 37s have carried on for so long.
  13. Not at all Phil.....it still lags behind some of there other models ...the 128 is proper leds throughout
  14. the circuitry basically hasn't changed so i doubt there is a bicolour LED fitted....because 33s were supposed to be able to switch a lens over the lower markers to change them red, AFAIK this is was abandoned quite early on, they remained white afaik for quite a while but i know some 33s didnt use them in-favour of 2 white/red squares in the route indicator box.
  15. Look closely....its not a bulb its actually a 5mm LED or atleast in 33025 it is anyway other give away is the blanking plug now has an SM resistor on it. Thankyou Heljan now hopefully i can run lights with loksounds without the risk of them burning out
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