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  1. I thought the issue with the lima one was more that it was underscale rather than the wrong shape? edit..damn Mac spell checker
  2. Ive drilled into small resin buildings using a Dremel with no issues...but the advice for using(or at least starting with) a pin vice is best because theres no chance of the drill skipping and damaging the building. Ive used much larger drill bits on the underside of buildings using a cordless without issue, sharpness of the drill be is key though, if its blunt it will snatch and cause damage.
  3. I have an active post about the missing function numbers from the latest version of the mobile, which to date has solicited no response from ESU, I have the later mobile but it still suffers from a few annoying issues....but its growing on me.
  4. I had wheels from them in the middle of lockdown they were £5 per wheel so 30 quid to do a co-co loco, and locomotive body shells were £39.99
  5. were the speakers a straight swap Richard? did they go in the same place as the currently fitted ones? Do you have any pictures of the speaker swap? Just trying to get an idea how difficult/easy it is.
  6. I seem to recall Olivias did but they used the wrong bodyshell, it had the later transrail grills.
  7. id hazard a guess at a water softener plant
  8. I guess it depends on what you mean by generic, with the exception of the rolls Royce engined emu's they all pretty much sound the same, only the bubble cars sound different, as they have a different exhaust setup, but 108s, 117s, 101s all have leyland 680 engines, with the same control system. The SWD file (which is on bachmanns 101) is very good nice and loud, and then you have Jamie Goodwins sounds which Richard from roads and rails has put a video of on here, the only difference is they only have 2 engine startups, and not 4 which is on the Bachmann 117, I wouldn't be surprised if that was an easy fix for them though.
  9. Cheltenham model centre dont currently make there own sound files, they normally load with biffo's
  10. I have just seen a picture that confirms L124 did not carry NSE branding....at that end of the body...the branding should be next to the carriage number at the other end of the unit
  11. Also bear in mind...its gone from all wheel drive to 1 wheel drive....I bought a cheap 37 that had the same config (I reheeled it back to OO)....yes the wheels look great but you completely compromise the haulage capability of the loco.. because theres no cog on the centre axle it can't transmit drive to the rear axle.
  12. What speaker was that Richard?
  13. no you don' t need to remove the body, simply lever the frame against a wheel (with a rod or small screwdriver between the wheel and the frame) at the rear of the bogie to pop the bogie frame from the bogie itself, its held in with one clip at the rear and two clips at the front, be very careful it can be brittle and you can damage the rear clip. once the frame is removed the wheels can be pulled from the bogie, the bearings (the round brass things) are an interference fit into the bogie, you should be able to swap directly for the standard wheels the brass coloured strips are not a part of the original bogie, you can buy standard wheels from Bachmann @ £5 a wheel. why has a hole been cut into the bottom of the bogie?
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