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  1. What was the official range on battery power? And does anyone have any more details on the RM ones thats got robbed?
  2. 0***p appears to have a very very large max bid in place 6***w has been chipping away at it... but....if you look at sellers other items....a lot of them are suspiciously high prices....like a pair of Hornby 37s way up high with similar bidding wars from low score bidders.......something smells fishy here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-R2255-EWS-Co-Co-Diesel-Electric-Class-37-Locomotive-Train-Set/393196606023?hash=item5b8c581247:g:7ucAAOSwkSZgUMxR
  3. Anyone else noticed that Hornby 21 pin socket is backwards on the R3267XS transrail DCC sound fitted 60s? Ive only found this out when Ive gone to fit a 8 to 21pin adaptor to fit a TTS decoder to a loco and the adaptor won't fit....when I compare it to a Bachmann 37 the 21 pin decoder would sit upside down.... never simple is it....
  4. The Bachmann factory sound is one of the best DMU sound chips ive heard...you can get it as a reblow from SWD.
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-CLASS-60-in-LOADHAUL-livery-and-large-RAKE-of-7-LIMA-TEA-WAGON-boxes-Only/284224383890?hash=item422d17eb92:g:ZGAAAOSw7T9gU5~o a bit naughty....using words to describe models but actually just boxes...
  6. On 15/03/2021 at 19:55, Nigelcliffe said: Testing a loco which is known to be faulty, by putting in more decoders and hoping they work isn't sensible in my view. what you mean you have never dropped a loco screw on the floor...and then purposely dropped another to see if it lands in the same place??????
  7. Not my photo.... Can't decide what road you want dont worry....use both...
  8. Never ceases to amaze me.... hey woodenhead...if you send me £1000 I promise ill send you £2000 back........if it was money you could see....you would think twice....but because it was something he couldn't immediately tie a value to it was all too easy.....
  9. Ebay certinately isn't what it used to be, there's very few real bargains to be had these days, I tend to use it for scenery now, and items out of stock in shops, and again paying what I want to pay and if not walking....536 is my feedback score.....I'm not a dealer either.
  10. Check for shorts, on the dcc socket, caused by Tin whiskers, I would say it was a short on the function side of the decoder as a short on the motor side....should trip the dcc system out. What decoders have you tried ?
  11. There is a Tiny circlip that goes on a recess on the buffer shaft.....good luck finding it once my 56s had started ejecting their buffers I glued them into place...
  12. is there any more photos of it.....I can only find them on the Olivias site... I did look at it and say that cant be factory surely....but then...why would you weather....a factory weathered model.... on the bright side....they will all be unique weathering
  13. depends on the hire agreement....very few railways actually own locomotives, the vast majority are owned by groups or individuals. So repairs are the responsibility of the owners, At the GWSR the only mechanical part of a steam engine covered is brakes and springs. Anything is else outside of consumables is down to the owning group to fund. Diesel running isn't the answer, its Joe public that keeps the vast majority of railways going not the railway enthusiast, even though im solely interested in diesel even I can see that the GWSR wouldn't survive on diesel running.
  14. I think its more of a case of what railway forms after the dust has settled not if. The track bed is leased long term from the council, the railway is a major tourism attraction for the area contributing greatly to the local economy. So they are not going to rip it up, or convert it to a cycle way...or whatever else is being bounded around...not if it doesn't cost them anything to leave it in situ even in a worst case scenario.... I do disagree im afraid with the notion that 300 odd grand is small change....thats simply not the case when you owe it to the bank, and they
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