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  1. Not in coal livery to the best of my knowledge, the Eastfield allocation was a paperwork exercise, as the 26s only returned there in later years for heavy repairs, most of the time they were at other depots. AFAIK haymarket emblem was only seen in the blue years.
  2. second this as it will also prevent bleaching due to UV as well...which inkjet printers tend to have issues with after a couple of years, laserjet printers tend to last a lot longer
  3. Hi all, wondered what experiences anyone has had with implementing train detection using the ECoS, im looking to use IR detection, over current detection, the end goal is to use the shuttle facility on the ECoS which relies on inputs from train detection, so would be interested to know what people have used and how easy it was to implement? Thanks Simon
  4. a handy way to quickly identify loksound v4s and 5s is that they have a laser etch in the surface of the cpu that can be seen when held up to the light, and shows ESULS4 or ESULS5. only useful if its been removed from the loco granted.
  5. The issue is largely ecomomic rather than, purely environmental, there will be a ban on house coal burning shortly, which its assumed will render the last splinters of the coal mining industry, as uneconomical to run, which leads to the fear it will be wound up, and as a result cant supply the heritage sector (which will be exempt from the coal ban). This is further complicated on certain engines of the copper capped variety which will become extremely expensive to run on preserved lines (where performance isnt an issue) because coal consumption will invariably increase to make up for the poor
  6. Do these new peaks still only pick up from 2 axles? or has that been improved?
  7. I know that mate I was joking
  8. Mr P...you will show my crimes against the name plate
  9. might be worth having a read of the @Sir TophamHatt edit and this https://www.modelrailforum.com/forums/blog/neil_s_wood/index.php?showentry=228
  10. Someone was asking what brackets were missing.....so while doing some essential winter maintenance i took some shots.... and differences between a 0 and 1 No 1 end and its buffer beam pipe work We will start with No1 one end B Side nearest camera, fuel filler valve, followed by the radiator Drain/filer followed by 1 of 4 external bogie retainers, followed by speedometer drive, followed by the engine water filler/drain, followed by the oil filler. (note the different bearing suppliers for No1 axle and No3 axle (timken and SKF)
  11. Hi Keith... Its odd because android 6 is quoted as needing 2gb of ram to run, but I suspect this is a recommendation rather than a requirement....and ESU have slimmed it down for there usage... ISTR that Android 4 was recommended 1gb, which is why I think it may have been "swapping" to flash and chewing up battery life...interestingly....my PC recognises the MC II as a HP G7 tablet....which has the following specs... https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c04459235 HP only officially support it up to 4.42 Be interesting to see if there are any ha
  12. @young37215 AFAIK the latest Mc2 has been out at least 6 months, I purchased one from Peters Spares, TBH im not sure what your expecting. I have had to send it for repairs and had a new one sent to me by ESU in the last month however, the specs are as follows CPU Quadcore A33 Memory 1gb Android Version 6.01 Android is starting to require more memory and the MC2 would require an upgrade and the battery life is bad enough as it is without having more memory to support. as regards your question...fitting a higher capacity batter should be fine as long
  13. The poly fuse is there @RAF96 because car bulbs can and sometimes do mask a short from the command station...and the concern is they can draw enough amps to melt wiring if the short were to go un-noticed for long periods, the poly fuse is there to blow should the bulb draw more than 0.9 amps if you are talking about the same diagram I have seen 0.9 amps was deemed to be safe enough to leave on for extended periods.
  14. Its likely....the motor algorithm set on the TTS decoder is incorrect, what speed step does the judder occur at? Most juddering I have had is at slow speed, The Hornby 66 uses the same motor as my Limby class 31 and I have had to change the motor algorithm to get reasonable operation, its the same on the 8 pin Bachmann 37s and the super detail class 31s I have fitted and vitrains 37s and 47s.. in fact im yet to find a motor that TTS works perfectly with out of the box....... Try those.... CV3=35, CV4=20, CV150=1, CV153=215, CV154=0. Also, turn off DC running in CV29
  15. Hi Roy, Jamie is Loksound, he's on here drop him a PM. He takes PayPal and emails you the sound file. SWD just sell a Non re-furbed and refurbed 37 file, was at a time when I didn't pay much attention to 37s, I dont think there is too much difference to the sounds between a 4 and 5 TBH. But more knowledgeable folk might have a different opinion
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