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  1. Mikkel You idea follows the projected Salisbury to Berk & Hants route which the GW produced a diagram for it joined the line near Woodbrough just West of Pewsey. A map was shown in the Rails across the Plain book. It followed the river Avon all the way north with a junction facing east at Woodbrough. Mike
  2. Thanks for the link, would look superb may order other bits to make worthwhile.
  3. I'm looking for Roco BR 01 Witte style smoke deflectors, as an alternative can l use the smoke deflectors from BR 44 41 or 50? And can anyone recommend a spares supplier that won't charge £17 postage!
  4. So when ebay states 20% VAT is the added on by the seller or by UK customs at point of entry like many items from the US?
  5. Don't know if anyone noticed, and this is applicable to buying from any EU country, l notice a number of ebay sellers now not delivering to the UK that previously did and more concerning is the statement that items worth over £15 you will pay vat at 20% then there is import duty for items worth over £135 on top of that. The carrier will also charge an admin fee for collecting it. This could soon add up if anyone bought a Roco 012 will know!
  6. Thanks for all your pointers, that makes it a lot easier.
  7. Lost track of LMR prototypes and the available range of Jubilee, Patriot, Royal Scot by both Hornby and Bachmann are confusing, what are the best one for detail Etc?
  8. Released yet? When are the VEA out yet, or have they gone, amazed that if you don't get things when they are new they disappear!
  9. Sorry if it already been covered, what year did the Class 116 gain corridor connections, and were all of them converted? Mike
  10. Graham As the Layout Is near the Eastern End of the North London Line almost any SR (class 33! etc), WR, ER, or Southern LMR traction would be totally prototypical! Mike
  11. In BR Steam days, it appears only open wagons were used, but I recently saw a video showing one of the LBSC vans in the dock siding at Sandown along with a SR PMV? The vans are well photographed but all appear to carry departmental numbers in the 1950/60, would anyone know if they were actiually used (even in service use) away from the sidings they usually appear photograph in?
  12. FJ Roche Drawing P series Diesel Twin Mobile Workshop I have a drawing G/116 of the Wire carrying wagon, that was attached to the LMR Diesel Twin Mobile Workshop. This was used on the MSJ&A Line, converted from the LMS articulated diesel unit. It is noted on the drawing by FJ Roche that the accompanying Drawing was in the 'P' series. Has anyone a copy of the drawing?
  13. Jon Cheers, tracked one down, thanks for your help. Mike
  14. Hi Melmoth, Excellent, that has narrowed it down nicely, I have the CM 1979 issue and it does have an article on his stock. Thanks Again Mike
  15. Captain JA Baxter published a number of articles on SAR models the earliest I can find is August 1965 Railway Modeller titled as Part 1, did part 2 come in Sep 1965 or later? Thank Mike
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