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  1. Thanks Gilbert Fortunately there aren’t too many named trains through Wakey so will try a couple of Fox ones. Cheers Tony
  2. Hi Gilbert with your headboards, are they Fox etched versions? I’m thinking of a couple for mid stuff and haven’t found the Sankey Scenics ones particularly convincing, but yours look spot on. Cheers Tony
  3. Not sure if it qualifies, but I’ve been told to select Bishop’s Waltham as my wife’s 99 year old Great Aunt lives there...
  4. Ryde Pier for me too please, had a very pleasant trip via Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight about 10 years ago, was amazed to see the LU stock running on the Pier as I’d only ever saw it in books before.
  5. If I could also be added to the C14 kit list if possible please, it looks stunning! Cheers Tony
  6. Lovely stuff Tony. I think the added steam/smoke really gives it drama, and such a stunning subject too. Cheers Tony
  7. I think you’ve hit the nail right on its head there Andy, it’s the tone I noticed in your workbench thread from other posters that really had me wondering what’s become of our hobby. Positive criticism is definitely what we need, but to say that these are worse than Kirk kits, given both the standard of those kits and the current holder of them is uncalled for and shows too much arrogance that is present among some modellers on here. People like Andy at Isinglass are doing their best to help out our modelling and if we are positive in our critique it only benefits all of us. Sorr
  8. I must admit to being very perplexed by all this discussion about Isinglass. During the recent Virtual ScaleForum I caught up with Andy via Zoom and he was very helpful and is looking to improve the kits as much as he can. I think instead of criticizing all the faults we should be thankful that he is producing these to the best of his ability. We should therefore be working with him to improve them but we all, him included, need to understand working within the 3D resin medium. I had looked for ages for a D&S Milk Brake it on eBay, because trying to get one from Danny while being out h
  9. trw1089

    Edgware GN

    That Jinty looks like it’s had a bit of work. Looks nice in crimson!
  10. That's the plan now John, as the other pics I've seen the windows aren't see through either.
  11. Did they have the bars in BR days? The photo I was going off didn’t seem to have them externally (photo via the Steve Banks site from the Hugh Longsworth book)
  12. Thanks Eric It got a bit of weathering today, but as always, a couple of unwanted marks appeared on the roof, so just a tiny fettle and it will be all good.
  13. Yes Dylan, lasted until mid 60’s. Here’s one in that guise as of just now (hope that’s ok to post in your thread Jesse)
  14. I always liked Midford, the station and the viaduct, lovely stuff.
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