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  1. Sorry, if you need ideas around changing ballast colour or weathering ballast, I did up a video for Gilbert a year or so ago about using pan pastels on ballast. I use it quite a bit and find it less messy than airbrushing, but it’s what you are most comfortable with too. video here cheers Tony
  2. Keep at it Jesse. I use one of the Proses ballast spreader thingies, works a treat. Recently on Trainmasters TV they had a segment on better ways to ballast turnouts by basically painting on glue between the sleepers around the tie bar end and for about 8 sleepers towards the frog. It keeps glue and ballast from getting mucked in with the mechanical bits and has sped up my recovery time after ballasting no end. You can sort of get the idea watching the end of the preview Here. Cheers Tony
  3. I particularly like those small Scottish visitors! I think your camera lens might need cleaning though Gilbert, there seems to be something at around the two o’clock position that is causing some blurring/smudging on the images by the looks. Still, as I look through rose tinted glasses whenever I look at PN pics, it all looks damn good to me! Cheers Tony
  4. Really enjoyed the cine movie and the C16 shots, plus that lovely Newcastle relief consist. I continue to be amazed at the happenings on PN, it is my main inspiration on here to keep at my layout. cheers Tony
  5. As much as I like the glamorous engines and their trains, freight workings have so much more variety and interest for me. A great lot of photos as usual Eric. Cheers Tony
  6. Hope the heel gets better soon Gilbert. I do like the under the roof shot of No.10, it must have been a smoky noisy place when trains were running through.
  7. All done now Jesse, one is running happily here at home, the other on Peterborough North.
  8. Hi Jesse Just been catching up on your thread, some excellent work on show. Keep up the great work. cheers Tony
  9. Methinks that a certain Longdrem and Pinkhill proprietor has been a visiting with a lovely northern area Pacific such as that excellent example!
  10. That is a nice Dub D, can just hear it from here ...clank, clank, clank, clank...
  11. It does warm my heart to see that J6 trundling along PN. I hope it is behaving itself! Cheers Tony
  12. CoA is such a beautiful thing all glossed up like that.
  13. Hi John i really enjoyed my Swindon visit, I thought the museum was very well set out and I really enjoyed the people aspect of it. Cheers Tony
  14. B17s, always beautiful no matter what the angle!
  15. That last shot is a cracker! I really do like that viewpoint, even though you have to go through contortions to get it (but noting that it is less contortionistic than before...)
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