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  1. Peppercorn A1 would be the biggest omission for me.
  2. All good here John, very few cases in our state but a big outbreak down south has us a bit concerned. The work from home thing has been a boon for my modelling though, no travel and knocking off around 5ish means lots of time for the layouts you’ve seen on my thread. Re the weathering, to be honest I really prefer 1401 to 5801 because it really highlights the detail well and has enough variety to keep the eye interested. Factory weathering is just too uniform usually. One of the things I try to do is make every “panel” slightly different as it was a trick I learnt from a 3D artist who worked for a software company as it keeps the eye “busy”. That might mean differences in sheen, marks on the boiler or tanks, fire irons etc. For 5801 I think the flat look all over is what still makes it not quite as good as 1401. Maybe a coat of floor polish on the tanks, cab sides and bunker might help, but as always, if you have a pic of a similar tank engine, that is the best guide. In the end though, the result you have got from resurrection of the Dapol version is one you should be very satisfied with! Cheers Tony
  3. Hi Mike Thanks for that. I might leave it then if that’s ok as it seems a bit of a waste to put such a great body on the older Bachmann chassis which wouldn’t even be worth the 25 quid. I’ll have to stick with the Finney one I haven’t yet put together. thanks very much for investigating though and sorry for wasting your time. Cheers Tony
  4. Silk purse and all that John, well done! The weathering you’ve done on the recent ones certainly looks the part. Cheers Tony
  5. Hi Mike If it is still possible, and you are willing to post to Australia, could I order a Bachmann chassis one. No problems if not. kind regards Tony
  6. Against Wakefield Trinity? Someone I work with has a partner who used to play there, but I think this prose by a young Wakefield lad says it all
  7. From what I understand it is either 95 or 114 arches depending on whether you count the ones that go under the station. It certainly is better looking towards the city, but it would’ve been nice to have a view of the cooling towers in the background somehow. cheers Tony
  8. Thanks Simon I’m glad that you can recognise the building in the pic, as it means that it is at least recognisable as Westgate. I need to tidy up the image more in Photoshop and backdate it now to get rid of the modern buildings and widen Westgate itself, otherwise I’m really happy with how it looks, not precise, but able to indicate that it is Wakefield. Meanwhile, I have been working to create the famous viaduct coming into Westgate. Not all 99 arches though, but as a nod to Dave Shakespeare, just 3. When he asked me once via PM if I was going to recreate the 99 arches, I said I could only fit 3 or 4 arches, he replied: Only four arches! Hell mate you live in Australia, I visited Peaks Crossing out near Ipswich so I know you can travel for a week and still be in the same scenery so you've got plenty of space to model the whole viaduct. But take heart, I've got an article somewhere that counts the arches and over bridges and I think there are actually only about 95 or so. Get building you ######! Regards Whinging Pom. So here’s a few arches for you Dave!
  9. I do love the stretched streak. I was looking to build one but with a number of loco kits accrued now, I think it might be a Hornby job. Still need to figure out which Thompson pacific I’m allowed too given the upcoming releases, or should I just get another Peppercorn A1, they’re a safe bet. Decisions, decisions...
  10. Thanks John Im not exactly sure what it was, I think offices but haven’t been able to find out. I have sort of assumed that it might have been linked to the building behind it and may have also had some sort of manufacturing but more research is needed. Until a few weeks ago I had no photos to speak of to work from, but some gold dust popped up on a Wakefield historical group on Facebook and I snared these two B&W pics. Cheers Tony
  11. Also, a couple of fill in buildings to finish off the built up area. Hopefully these are the last of the kitbashes for now, as I’m itching to get back to railway stuff.
  12. Building progress has been continuing of late with this representation of Milne House as per the B&W pics. This was directly across Westgate from the station so have been adding details to make it a bit of a “hero” building that helps to match up to the detail of the station building.
  13. Glad everything is ok with your eyes Gilbert. Lovely photos of late, both historical and model. Plenty of B17s too which always makes life better I find.
  14. Such exotic locos up north Eric, and all look superb too.
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