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  1. I haven't been able to visit this thread as often as I would like of late, but when I do get to visit, I do so enjoy such lovely views such as the one above, nicely Timmed locos of various descriptions and shots of Peter's amazing architecture. Continues to inspire me each time. Thanks for continuing to post Gilbert. Cheers Tony
  2. Those Timmed A4s just look sooooo good!
  3. A great poll Brian. Can I vote for 1. J52, I have a Hornby body and comet chassis plus super detail kit to do one for Wakefield West, 3. J6 because I have built 3 now and think they are a very under-rated loco, 7. the J39 is ubiquitous in the area I model and the Bachman one is quite dated, though I do have a kit one to put together and finally 11. O4/8 because I am a lazy b*gger who probably can’t be bothered hacking at a Bachman jobby just yet. Cheers Tony
  4. Loving your work on this Rob, puts my OO ones to shame, but I love a J6 regardless! Cheers Tony
  5. Sorry to hear about your father Scott, but thankfully you got to see him before he passed. Those photos you posted are an amazing keepsake to remember him by. Hope you are going ok in that other country state over there, though I think Qld and WA are now back on speaking terms. We won’t talk about NSW though, I think they hate both of us at the moment! Cheers Tony
  6. Lovely stuff with the West Riding Gilbert. What is the provenance of the restaurant twin if you don’t mind me asking? Was admiring Andy’s various twins on Gresley Junction. One day I hope to create the pre fire version. Cheers Tony
  7. Really been enjoying all of your posts Andy. I too wish there was a CWN for goods stock, but I’ve still got a ways to go on the passenger side to get anywhere near yours and Gilbert’s accuracy. I’m also very jealous of your West Riding formation, that is one I really do want to reproduce eventually, but those FO-FO twins on the front are rather difficult to get hold of. Keep up the great work. Cheers Tony
  8. ‘tis a nice portrait of No.7. Is it due for Timming soon? Those shots of Quicksilver show the marque of the master of weathering that’s for sure.
  9. That's us in Queensland, 1 hour and ten years behind the rest of the country!
  10. There may have been trains to a concrete batching plant used for constructing the power station, as large projects tend to have their own concrete making facilities, so perhaps a few Presflows every now and then, with some sand and gravel deliveries too. You could also run trains of spoil being removed from the area during construction, that happens quite a lot. Keep up the great work on the layout, it's looking good! Cheers Tony
  11. I do so much like a B1 portrait in the morning (well it is the morning here in the Antipodes...)
  12. Really enjoying the reminiscing. A bit like Graham I was only 2 at the end of steam in Queensland (Dec 1969), so don’t remember anything about the steam era, but can vividly recall standing on the platform when one of our first generation English Electric 1200 class (built in Bradford amazingly) hauling what was called the Exhibition set of slam door Evans Cars suburban coaches pulled in. The coaches which were normally a Tuscan Red colour, had been painted a dark Hawthorn Green for use on shuttle services to our City’s Showgrounds. I’ve loved the sounds of English Electric’s ever since (they were engined with 12CSVTs the same as class 37s). My first view of real working steam was in China in 2012 and the thing that struck me most was how many different shades and textures were present on active revenue earning locos. Even in China it was obvious when a crew had a favourite engine, it would be looked after better, maybe a bit of polish, new paint or a special plaque, but it was also still weathered. Some pics here if anyone is interested in such things https://www.flickr.com/gp/trw1089/0w7E97. My first steam excursion was back in 1982, an all day trip behind a C17 4-8-0, the thing that captivated me most was the sound and smell of it, the hot oil, sulphourus coal smoke, it was just captivating. It hooked me bad, and really was the commencement of getting into the modelling hobby again. Hard to believe that was nearly 40 years ago now! Cheers Tony
  13. Lovely series of shots John Always liked the quirkiness of the Dukedogs, and lovely shots of 9022 on Granby makes them even more special. I see Rapido are bringing out a 15xx Pannier. Now there is one Pannier I think I could get to like, Walschaerts valve gear and outside cylinders, lovely. I've driven a 5" gauge version, the design is known as Speedy by the famous lives steam designer and builder LBSC. They are a nicely proportioned loco but I know they weren't great travellers over the GWR so not sure if they would even be appropriate for Granby. Cheers Tony
  14. They’re not MethFix perhaps Jesse? They fazed me the first time I used them, never encountered that type before how you had to peel them off the backing apparently first. cheers Tony
  15. Lovely job there Rob. I’ve built three LRM ones now in OO but to see the amount of detail you have in yours makes me want to build a 4th. They just convey a look of power in their brutish outline. The Gladiator etches look identical to the LRM ones, not a coincidence I suspect (sorry, am unfamiliar with 7mm kit producers)? Cheers Tony
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