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  1. opps!!! nearly forgot.............. a weathered EWS 37/4 would be a bonus!!!
  2. White window Deltic, New 40 and a DRS 66 would be nice plus a domino headcode 47 and flush front Peak for me !! Totally "Out there" would be a range a RTR fine semaphore signals that could either be hand operated or attached to a servo motor. Now that would be great!
  3. The picture of the Monifieth Model Groups static model is from the early stages of the build. I was lucky enough recently to visit and see its progress and was well impressed at its detail of the area. Would be delighted if anyone had any photos from the Dundee to Forfar(either open or closed) as i lived close to the line at the Dundee end in the early/mid 70's when a lot of the trackbed/cuttings/embankments/bridges were still intact.
  4. No bother Phil. The 2008 scene thankfully is still the same today with the tracks still in place.Sadly the majority of the Dundee harbour lines have been lost through the numerous redevelopements of the waterfront over the years and the redevelopement of the area surrounding Camperdown Junction (which used to "feed" the eastern end) although some tracks remain.
  5. The photos taken at Dundee in the 50's and the 2008 ones are from different locations(not far away). The 1950's shot has The Royal Arch in the background which was demolished to make way for the Tay Road Bridge. Best way to describe the exact location now would be that the loco is stitting in front of the Caird Hall in Shore Tce with Dock Street Tunnel below.The harbour line came straight along here connecting Dundee East and West stations.
  6. Thats interesting. I have a hazy memory of being told that the service originated at Perth and was pulled by whatever was lying about Perth. Had some memorable haulage and photos of this train in 82/83/84. Balmossie to Broughty Ferry behind locos such as 40 184 and 47 001- all for 10p!!!! Maybe need to start a new topic re this train and leave the DMU thread alone... ;oD
  7. Would be a great addition as very interested in The Strathmore Route and its branches. I lived close to the Dundee to Forfar line which is now disappearing fast under houses and roads.Would have been a handy commuter link if it still existed today?? The Monifieth Model group have a Model of The Dundee to Forfar direct line stations from Dundee East to Forfar which will hopefully go on show soon.
  8. Was a regular user of The Dundee -Arbroath DMU services.(From Balmossie and Broughty)Loved the 101's and the Bubblecars (used to ride in the Guards compartment when they were on the busier services) and remember being on Cravens units too.Took very few photos of them though cause they played 2nd fiddle to The Deltics and the "40's". I still have the Tayway poster taken at Dundee diesel depot with the Buses standing beside a 101.A brilliant concept the Tayway ticket-sadly scrapped. Of course my favourite train at that time was the last all stopping train between Arbroath and Dundee which was l
  9. I heard that there is planned works over Christmas at the station end as part of the Waterfront/Station redevelopement and of course the whole tunnel roof was strengthened a couple of years ago as part of the that as well Mind you the Graffiti painters been busy recently covering over all the stuff at the Camperdown incline but by the look of it he will have to come back!!! ;o)
  10. Thanks for the link Richard.Must say im very surprised and saddened to read That Camperdown is no more. Would have thought that as its the West access to the docks(both vehicle and pedestrian) it still would have been required? Location lost a lot of its appeal when they destroyed the signalbox in 85 but certainly didnt think it would ever close. cheers
  11. Hi,Not seen anything in the local press and in the railway press recently but does anyone know why the level crossing at Camperdown Junction Dundee has been closed and all the equipment(Barriers/Lights etc) removed??? A metal fence has now been installed into the gap.Has it closed for good or is it away to be replaced?? I also noticed that the connection to the former Dundee East Station has been isolated from the network.Shame as this was a wonderful location in "busier" times to see the trains. Thanks for any help/info.
  12. Refurbished 158's!!! So a piece of bad news about the new operator! I wouid have thought they would have been the 1st to go!!! I will never forget a few years ago getting aN "Inter City" train to Edinburgh and was expecting a 47 with 6 to 8 coaches to appear when to my disbelief a single 2 car 158 turned up...What a nightmare journey!!-Put me off them for Life!Will need to see how the East Coast "Local" services are going to be handled!!? ;o)
  13. Personally ive been waiting for a bog standard DRS 66 for years now (I prefer the Farish version).Suprised that there has not been a regular run from either Farish or Dapol.
  14. Yesterday and today I noted 68 002 on the Aberdeen ASDA and I must say im impressed by the sound of these locos as well.While not in the same league as a Class 40 on the Aberdeen Cement in the 80's.... 68 002 gave it plenty of grunt as it headed up the coast and could be heard for quite a while afterwards.Think an N gauge model will be added to my collection after all!! ;o)
  15. It always astonished me that Scottish Inter City services went from lenghthy loco hauled stock to 2 or 3 car units.A turbo to me is like a class 101 on the Arbroath to Dundee stopping services and in no way can be described as a long distance Inter City train!Please tell me that common sense has now prevailed!!!!! Some 68 power would be nice and modern......but only if the Class 37's provide cover!!! ;o)
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