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  1. Is that because a beyer garrat has alot of pulling power yet is really high maintenance and enecenomical ? ill get my coat
  2. This is probably the slowest reply to a thread ever.... however thanks for all the replies. Thanks for all the photos as well, they are really usefull. Dazzler, at the moment modelling the area around 1956 to 1962ish.
  3. Frankly, it depends what time period you want to model. If its an era with bullhead track, then both the C and L and the new peco look great. DCC concepts also has a stainless steel version as well. Modern era stuff means that flat bottom is completely viable, but frankly I think the sleepers on the peco are too close together. Overall I would go with the bullhead.
  4. Please publish an article on stour valley when you finish it... cause its going to be a damn good looking layout if fen end pit is anything to go by.
  5. I'm pretty certain I still have a copy of that issue. I bought it because I had seen the layout on here and wanted to add it to my reference list of good layouts . Was /Is a good read.
  6. looking good. definitely build another , this one is awesome.
  7. better at it? I looked at the boiler and thought you were using transfers. I think you have done a pretty damn spiffy job
  8. A common occurrence among those that work night shifts. Really good light helps with waking up and staying awake. I worked in a building for a while that had no windows and only fluro lights and it got fatiguing very fast.
  9. This looks very interesting, and the prospect of a SDJR layout is exciting. Please keep posting.
  10. I just built a couple of these. I would have a look at how Bachmann's current offering has an area around the axle box cut out of the running boards, If you haven't contemplated modifying the kit. Also, its really easy to add hand rails to the kit, If you have time I would consider doing it, as it really adds another dimension to the kit. I can take some photos of mine for you if you are interested.
  11. PVA thinned with water and a paint brush (a cheap one with a reasonably fine head)worked really well when I did mine. Next one I do however will be a case of having all the track ready first in one hit, and then doing the glue, track and ballast in one hit. It takes preparation but is faster in the long run I think.
  12. this layout looks verry good. You.have.done a very good job on it and I have enjoyed reading your blogs. with the frogs and the wheels dropping down on your next layout I would re examine your back to backs and turnout geometry. a proper turnout should support the wheel all the way through the frog and never ride on the rim. given your evident skill in your work so far you should consider making your own turnouts. owen excuse the spelling as this is being sent from my mobile
  13. The fencing and gates look really good. They would look fantastic painted up. Good work.
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