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  1. We have them in stock and the limousine cab conversion etch.
  2. Much as Phil said above, we do get rubber and resin from Sylmasta (actually Sylcreate now), the rubber is 380, the resin is G27LV. Almost everything I mould has one flat surface, this is stuck down on the bench with double sided tape with a Lego brick box around it. When moulding the flat surface is uppermost and after pouring a small piece of waxed perspex is put on top and weighted down. It is possible to mould items with very large undercuts by this method, the rubber is very flexible and we can do tapered chimneys - even buffers although these need a split making in the mould (only partly split, not completely separated so they spring back together). Chimneys and domes are set on an appropriate diameter bar to pour the mould (usually a Blu-Tack box in this case), the same diameter bar is used in place of the flat perspex to mould the base.
  3. Separate rods were just following LNW practice, jointed rods on the 0-8-0s came later, the originals were overlapped on the crankpins. This is much more common than is generally realised, if the model din't work it was for some other reason, not the separate rods.
  4. Just making the etches (preferably with a drawing but not essential) available would be good enough - we do very well out of this sort of offering although we do supply detailed drawings with them.
  5. It's difficult enough doing two sets of Stephenson gear between the frames in 00 (I did it with a Finney kit despite hearing Martin telling another customer that it was impossible...) but three sets and a crankshaft - I wouldn't even think about it!
  6. My 94xx used the Lima cab/boiler/tanks with the rest scratchbuilt. Seen here on a visit to Liverpool for its photo.
  7. This was seriously suggested in Sheffield when the new tram system was being planned - dig up West Street and use the existing buried track. The trams do run there now but this suggestion was not taken up....
  8. I did a pattern for a resin moulded 37 for Maurice Pilsworth about 30 years ago - no idea what happened to this but I still have the cab pattern here. I used to make one cab, mould it and add then to the body. Others included LMS 10000, class 56 and Deltic.
  9. Looks fine to me, glad you didn't have too much difficulty building it.
  10. Its not really practical to include wheels in 4mm kits because of different preferences and gauge/wheel standards. We do supply wheels in a few kits but these are only wagon/coach wheels for chain drive locos - even these have to be for 00/EM or P4. 7mm is different, Slater’s wheels are all but universal now - although again there would have be an S7 option.
  11. There's another sad stage after that - the buyer passes the kit on to a professional builder (me) who then has the frustration of finding that it's not complete. Happens all the time.
  12. Fulgurex produced Castles and Kings, they were reasonably accurate although from memory the firebox shape wasn't quite right. They ran reasonably well by the standards of the time but might not seem so now. The small Prairies were by a Korean firm, they also produced 57xx Panniers. These did run very well they had very nice cast brass wheels and can motors, I still have three of these and another Prairie which I intended to convert to a 44xx. Seen here on Heculaneum Dock, I painted 5517 and it was expertly weathered by the late Paul Fletcher. One of the Panniers, also seen posing in Liverpool.
  13. Nice to see my drawing on there - pity we only sold one of the kits to Italy, after they asked us to produce it in HO scale. We have sold a few in other places but it hasn't been a big seller - it's still in production though.
  14. There were etched sides from Perseverance which I used for one of mine - but they didn't quite match the Hornby body, being a little too short...
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