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  1. I liked mine until it suddenly started to rust from the inside out - typical Longbridge product of the time when bodyshells were left out in a field before painting.
  2. The weather looks good but it was cold and windy, I’ve got another layer on under that red jersey.
  3. Today in Jersey Not one but two almost identical Claud Butlers. My son found the red one on Ebay and restored it - both of these (and this rider!) well over 70 years old. Mid way round a very nice 25 mile ride, St Catherines breakwater in the background.
  4. I did this myself with a Kitmaster J94 and after some years it did an impression of a boiler explosion. More recently a loco I had built came back to me with its bunker sides and ends forced apart after being filled with lead shot an PVA, this after less than a year - was very difficult to get it out to tepair it as well. I don’t know exactly what happens but there’s definitely a chemical reaction of some sort.
  5. A razor saw will do it but maybe you haven't got one of those either. It saws a slot in the gearwheel as well but that doesn't matter.
  6. The way to deal with the stupidly long grubscrews is to tighten them, cut them off flush and saw a new slot in with a piercing saw. If the griubscrew was entirely in the hole as it should be it wouldn't shear off (as I'm sure you know).
  7. C6341 shows a Brush 200hp 0-4-0DE, possibly ex Parkgate judging by the shape of the back windows - do you have any more photos of this? I wasn't aware of one these working at Derwnthaugh.
  8. As he said, only with the gearbox - but they are then incredibly powerful.
  9. Never use PVA glue on lead, it will expand and can easily destroy a model. Sometimes they look as if they have exploded - which they have, albeit slowly!
  10. Hunslet were still experimenting with underfeed stokers as late as 1983 in Yorkshire collieries.
  11. It's a shame you're not taking Lime Street out anymore but just to dispel one very common myth about van hire, Enterprise have no age limit for drivers - and the service is excellent.
  12. Phosphoric acid for everything, throw the Carrs stuff out (they never tell you what it is)
  13. Yes, this is HE 2082, sent away 24/10/1940, although this is a much later photo. it was back at Jack Lane for fitting of blast furnace anti glare and a horn in 1953 so the photo might have been taken after that.
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