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  1. Like Robert, looking forward to seeing the finished rake.
  2. That's the best model I've seen of the Class 80 Railcars.
  3. AEC CIE Pull-Push Two AEC Railcars, CIE’s 2600 Class, modified to run as a Control Car and a Connector Car in Pull-Push mode with the re-engined C Class providing the traction. A Laminate is the Intermediate coach.
  4. Thanks Colin, I had posted that picture earlier in this thread as it was the only one I could find as well but Stephen Hearst came up with some excellent interior shots, it's hard to believe a Railway would do such a thing as use plastic chairs but I suppose CIE were in such dire straits.
  5. AEC Railcar CIE Pull-Push. Started on the interiors, modelling a 6100 type (Control Car) and a 6200 type (Connector Car) which had the Cab interior removed and front windows sheeted over. The dreaded plastic chairs. front window on 6200 type sheeted over. A few test runs to sort out shorting and some derailing but got there. Showing the rake with a CIE Laminate as an Intermediate coach and a C Class at the helm.
  6. Good to hear from you Mike. Now you are testing me, I had to look back to 2015 when I built the Mogul. I used Hornby Class 4P 2-6-4T Fowler locomotive and it must be a few years since I last ran it. What are you up to at the moment?
  7. Return Freight From Adelaide To Dublin 177 on the return journey with empty freight wagons.
  8. Trust you Steve, nothing escapes your eagle eye.
  9. I’ll send you an email shortly Andy.
  10. Well done Andy, it must have give you great pleasure so see your rolling stock out on the rails again.
  11. UTA Mogul and some of the wonderful North Atlantic Express coaches running on Kirley Junction
  12. Two Sulzers running on Kirley Junction. 114 with 4 wheel flats and CIE 20’ Containers, 107 on passengers duties. I got a couple of CIE containers + flats from Leslie McAllister so it was a GOOD excuse to run them.
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