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  1. KIRLEY JUNCTION Enterprise train with MkIII EGV added.
  2. MIR MkIII EGV Getting hard to find, MIR brass etches using a Lima MkIII as donor.
  3. Thanks Pat but I can't claim the weathering on the loco, it was done by Anthony Smith
  4. Always nice to see Hunslet and C Class developing from kits. Interesting approach to providing working chassis for them. Maroon MV ............?
  5. I don't think it's meant to be there, probably work in progress.
  6. KIRLEY JUNCTION –AISHA LINER My attempt to recreate the arrival of the Aisha liner at the Goods Yard at Ballina, so ‘modellers licence’ is requested. The video is 5 minutes long but I hope it’s worth sticking with. I scratch built the Acrylonitrile Tankers earlier this year.
  7. Weathered to represent two weeks in service Noel? Nice job.
  8. Gareth built the whole thing including the bogies. Lettering from Foxes.
  9. GNR(I) Bogie Vans. A while back I got an Alphagraphix kit of GNR(I) Guinness bogie van. My friend Gareth Brennan wanted to try a build in plasticard so he made a Guinness Van, a Grain Van and a chassis and roof with the body to be covered by the Alphagraphix kit. I did a short video highlighting these GNR(I) 28' bogie vans on Kirley Junction.
  10. Glad someone else did this parcel van, it's years since I asked Allen to do the etches. Nice job.
  11. Glad you added the pipe work, makes such a difference. Like the way you finished your air tanks.
  12. Fuel delivery at Kirley junction including the new Burmah Tanker. Traction by No. 177.
  13. Airfix Esso Tanker This model dates back to the early 60’s and the solebar was broken off on one side. Also it was in bits with just the axle boxes remaining intact. It nearly went into the bin but I thought I would see if it could be repaired. Getting the axle boxes back on and keeping everything level was the tricky part. I cut some brass scrap to fabricate the reinforcement CIE added to these tankers. Then buffer beams and buffers. Cutting plasticard triangles to fit the reinforcing strips was not any easy job. Brake gear, gangway
  14. Diesel Dawn by Colm Flanagan, “Northern Ireland was an important pioneer in the use of diesel traction on Railways in the British Isles. This work tells the story of this contribution to the dawn of dieselisation and looks at the diesel railcar fleets introduced by the UTA in between 1950 and 1968.”
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