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  1. Like your sleeper fence and individual bushes, I bet that took a while. The factory building adds another bit of realism to that Adelaide scene.
  2. NIR Class 70 6 Car Set Primer coat on the two Intermediate Trailers, roofs just sitting on top. Dining Car #550 Using a Dapol 60' coach as donor. Hacked down the coach and attached the brass sides. Also started on the interior. Dry fitting the kitchen and bar area.
  3. These were done back in 2015 using HO -Piko -Schüttgutwg Facns 133 DB AG V (Ballast Wagon), not sure if they are still available.
  4. I'm using Evo-stik Impact at the moment but others use Superglue.
  5. Kirley Junction NIR 112 on PW Duties
  6. This is how I do it but I'm sure there are better ways. I use this jig which has also been used for soldering as the burnt marks confirm. I mark on the brass where I want the bend to start and match it up with the black line on the jig. I then hold down the brass with a steel ruler. As you can see from this angle the amount of curve you will get. I apply pressure on the brass with a block of wood and sometime use a hammer to provide extra pressure. You should end with something like this.
  7. Getting better and better.
  8. Steve you zoned in on my key issue in doing this type of construction. I always find getting roofs to sit properly is a problem. I try and keep as much of the original coach to provide strength and keep everything true. I do recall someone tell me they removed the whole side of the coach and replaced it with the brass side. That approach would be a lot easier to do and you would not end up with the double thickness of the plastic and brass where the side meets the roof. However I never had the courage to go down that route but would love to hear from anyone who did it and how it worked out
  9. It's just a guess by me, 4 x 4 mm plasticard with a V shape cut into one end, 14 needed for the Intermediates.
  10. Nice to see your bogie beet container, looks the part.
  11. NIR Class 70 6 Car Set This is my first project for 2021 inspired by Colm Flanagan’s Set seen at many Model Railway Exhibitions and the work of Darius43 on RM Web. I did a 4 Car Set back in 2010 using Colm’s method but this time I used Worsley Works brass sides. Alan also made up sides for the Dining Car 89 (555) and also a first class coach. I started with the two Intermediate Coaches using old Airfix coaches I had. Lots of cutting to start off. and interiors to be built. Ro
  12. Well done Noel, those are buildings you will be glad you went the extra mile with them. Not sure if you have any Irish stock, (e.g. John M Models) that is wider , I got caught out that way and had to widen Goods Shed openings and platform widths. I went back to your posting last January and it was sad to see Glover's impute. I miss his postings.
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