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  1. Good to see posting again, you've been away for a while.
  2. Great result, the more weathering the better.
  3. Great job on the Red Star containers which reminded me I painted up some but never finished them. You can add Merlinir and Ian McNally [MIR] should have the decals for Containers and Lorries. Can’t remember who sent me this picture of a rare photo of the NIR Parcel Lorries.
  4. KIRLEY JUNCTION C Class No. 225 with two Heating Vans and a Park Royal bogie coach.
  5. I love this layout, it gets better and better.
  6. KIRLEY JUNCTION UTA passengers trains featuring Mogul #102 & U2 #72.
  7. Yes Andy, they served well for the past ten years but are not likely to see much use when the IRM models arrive.
  8. KIRLEY JUNCTION -A Class at work [part two]
  9. Working my way through this delightful book. I love the write ups beside each picture, it's just like listening to Jim describing his visit with all those little details heavy on each page. It would only be Jim who would slip a word like 'bifurcated ' into the text.
  10. KIRLEY JUNCTION - A Class at work
  11. Great collection but looking forward to seeing them moving on your layout.
  12. "Railway photographer Jim Edgar has put together in this book a collection of his photos of Irish railways between 1974 and 2008. A wide range of passenger and goods trains feature, ranging from wooden bodied stock to modern air braked and air conditioned trains, and from loose coupled wagons to bogie liner freight trains. There is coverage of long closed lines including the Burma Road (Claremorrris to Collooney), Athenry to Claremorris, Mullingar to Athlone and branches to Ardee, Kingscourt, Silvermines and Loughrea. Locos include the classes A (001), B (121 141, and 181), C (first 201 class), E and the second 201 class. " So he finally got around to finishing it, can be got via his Web Site www.markle.co.uk or the RPSI Shop https://www.steamtrainsireland.com/shop?fbclid=IwAR1x0yGGqAAQLx5vfTBWpvV9FBmgJ5MJoXYmNloLjJJh-a_uLzZ-u3ESalc
  13. MkIII's & Pocket Wagons 201 with a rake of MkIII coaches and 082 on the Pocket Wagons.
  14. Signals & Signs On Kirley Junction
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