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  1. Great finish on the Cab fronts, when I saw the pictures of them before sanding I didn't think they would turn out so good.
  2. Unlucky Mike, I got a few and the only issue I had was my DCC controller NCE Momentum button and sound decoders
  3. A trip round the layout including the revised Kirley Junction Station.
  4. It all started with a CIE Container snagging on Kirley Junction Station canopy, and got me thinking I was never really happy with this part of the layout. So decision made and the yellow machines were sent in. Two weeks work gone in 40 minutes. On the revised layout the Station building would be facing outwards. I tried to place the Engine Shed but the Station looked too cluttered. I managed to squeeze a passing lo
  5. Your forthcoming MPD’s will fill the gap.
  6. Excellent result
  7. Very impressive hidden sidings Steve, looking forward to seeing them filled with stock.
  8. Love the control panels.
  9. Step lights, that will be something to see
  10. There was about 20 different versions so you’re spoiled for choice. 33lima has posted drawings under ‘UTA railcar drawings’ in RM Web
  11. What’s next, AEC or BUT Railcars?
  12. If you load your video onto YouTube as you publish it will give you a link for your video. Just copy that link and paste onto here and your video will show.
  13. Following your method of construction with interest, I see you are only using the bottom of the donor coach and removing all of the plastic sides.
  14. NIR Class 70 6 Car Set + DVT It took me from January to build this set and at last the reward running it on the layout.
  15. NIR Class 70 6 Car Set + DVT I fitted a headlight to the non-motorised Power Car using a pickup from the wheels. The only problem was the light stayed on all the time. I found micro-switches from Layouts4u and added one to the underneath of the chassis so it can be switched on or off depending on the direction of travel. Allen Doherty failed to send name plates as part of the etches but Darius came to the rescue and sent me some spares free of charge. Power Car No. 75 almost there.
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