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  1. Provincial Wagons - CIE 1950 Class Cattle Wagons These are Leslies new kits and I got 10 to run behind my J15's. I also took pictures of my build and put them together in video format. Not necessarily the right way but my way to build these kits.
  2. Pictures of your build would be great. Edit, Sorry after I posted this your pictures downloaded [hotel internet]
  3. S2 Class No.191 Locomotive Testing this recently finished SSM brass kit build.
  4. S2 Class No.191 Decoder fitted but the test runs showed the front bogie was too light and kept derailing so some lead was added. The old 4-4-0 problem of lack of weight over the driving wheels arose so lots of lead added to the chassis and body which made a difference. Crew added and testing carried out. A video of 191 in action is on my Kirley Junction thread.
  5. Hopefully if you click on this link this will take you straight to this fantastic layout. https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/6775-barrow-street/page/11/
  6. S2 Class 191 Painted, decals applied (for better or worse) and trials underway.
  7. Craven Coaches at Clonmel. Cravens, Dutch & six-wheel heating /luggage vans and the 141's. Badly paying service, the coaches need passengers, yet another job.
  8. Progress continues on the S Class but at a slow pace.
  9. I'm sure someone with the information you have requested will answer you shortly. Otherwise you could email Downpatrick Railway at [email protected] Their website is at http://www.downrail.co.uk/
  10. Thanks for your kind remarks Tom, looking forward to seeing pictures of your ‘Carlisle’ layout soon.
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