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  1. A/001 Class on Kirley Junction
  2. Bogie Wagons Container Flats, Ammonia, Cements and Shale Wagons. [not a bird sound to be heard Pat]
  3. Alphagraphix Card Kit – Blacksmith’s Forge & Cottage. I was attracted to this kit as it reminded me of a similar building on Dublin Road, Antrim which had been converted to a shop and I'm told is still there. The walls of the building had to be reinforced using heavier card. Now where to place it on the layout.
  4. (Ammonia Poor Little Sparrow) Ok I'll get my coat....... Patrick don't forget your hat as well.
  5. How did I miss this Breaking News, so you finally got access to a room below the roof space..... Looking forward to the new layout, with I hope, some of the old GVSt treasures been incorporated into the new one. Expecting first pictures before the end of this month....
  6. Just some ambience background noise Pat, too much?
  7. The Ammonia Train gets a run out. Built a few years back from SSM brass kits.
  8. Thanks John, an encyclopedia of Irish Railway knowledge as usual.
  9. Jeremy Suter Irish Kits. Vans completed and at work on Kirley Junction.
  10. Last project of 2019. I was given two Jeremy Suter Irish kits. I had read about them but never came across then before. A hark back to the time when white-metal was king. With thanks to David Jackson for his advice on the under chassis work. Time to prime before the old year disappears.
  11. Not too many layouts could show off 18 wagons, no more issues with these wagons, they all look as if they are running smoothly?
  12. IRM 42' Flat Wagons Some test running on Kirley Junction.
  13. Container Traffic With the arrival of IRM's bogie flats and containers it was time to check out traffic at Kirley Junction Yard.
  14. Thanks Mike, yes the roofs left loose until I decide whether to add cattle but I don’t think they would be easily seen.
  15. After building Provincial Wagons CIE Cattle Wagons I put them behind some J15's for a run round Kirley Junction. Some ex GNR(I) Cattle Wagons also make an appearance. Hope you don't mind the sound effects, that's how I remember these Cattle trains.
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