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  1. According to Yeadon both 1683 and 1138 were allocated when new to Bowes bridge 11/02 and 10/02 respectively
  2. From1903 to 1917 all goods locos were black lined red with the number on a large cast plate. After 1917 they were unlined black and numbers painted on tenders or tank sides. Prior to 1903 they were lined green.
  3. Darrowby in the books was an amalgamation of Thirsk, Leyburn and Richmond, all LNER territory.
  4. We diid use tham on one occaision when there were problems at the other end and we could't run trains through.
  5. Hi Jol Looking at the left hand side it seems that trains can only arrive on platform 1 and 2. That wold mean that if trains from there terminate and need to be stored in the carraige sidiings it is a convoluted move to get there.
  6. Just recieved a nice little package today. 3 london road loco kits J21, J25 and G5 all with sharman wheels and replacement brass domes and chimneys. Dave Bradwell tender, Poertescap mator and micor dive motor and hearbox with some other goodies. Less than half price.
  7. I would be interested to know what the issues were. i bought a J65 kit off the second hand stall at S4um that has been started. It has double thickness coupling rods and the footplate doesn't appear to have tabs other than the front lamp irons.
  8. The instructions for the coaches date to the mid 80s and include drawings.
  9. I can't answer that. My copies of the bulletin range from 115 to 151. There is a review in one of them of Blacksmiths coaches which references Gordon Weddels drawings and various photographs in earlier copies of the bulletin. There is also a note in another that says to conmtact S Ehrlicher for a copy of the information he holds on the carriages and NPCS.
  10. The information was collated by S Ehrlicher who was (is?) the S&DRT Coaching Steward. George Dow isn't definitive on the 1912 date assuming it was the same as the Midland. Some of the sources quoted are the S&D Trsut bulletins. I will need to find the ones I have to check if there is further information in there.
  11. It would be after either 1912 or 1917 depending on who is right. The instructions have a full list of resources and contacts although the contacts are probably now out of date. Prior to this it says blue with gold lining.
  12. From the blacksmiths instructions it seems the livery was chanhed in 1917 to black and chrome yellow
  13. They were purchased when we were building a model of Cole. 2 have been built but not finished. One method of doing the lining was to scrape the paint off the panel edge to reveal the brass. From the photos none of them seemed to have black on the raised moulding apart from 1 that looks like an official photo.
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