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  1. Look at Bowesfield junction. It is on the approach to Thornaby and the start of the simpasture branch. It is all on the level and has 3 routes. I north to Stockton, The Simpasture branch and 1 south to Darlington/Northallerton
  2. The RSU itself doesn't generate heat as such. It is the current flowing from the carbon rod through the workpiece that generated the heat at the point of resistance i.e. the joint to be soldered. If dering a chimney for example the carbon rod would be placed at the top but the heat would be generated around the base where it joins the smokebox. The benefit is that the base of the chimney can bu tinned or solder past/craem can be used and there is no solder outside the joint to clean up.
  3. The heat is generated at the point of maximum resistance which is the joint to be soldered. The hetr spreads from there is my understanding.
  4. From what I can see you are most of the wat there. You will need a gearbox and I'm not sure of the mounting points on that motor.
  5. The diagonal midland fencing was obtained from no longer servicable sleepers and creosoted ( midland style - George Dow). I doubt this changed to a painted finish.
  6. Chas As I am currently test building the round tank version I have spent a lot of time looking at that joint. There is a very clear picture on page 12 of Yeadon of a round tank loco it shows the tank font up against the boiler cladding. On page 26 there is a photo of the square tank version (the one you are building showung a similar close arrangement. There is a rod which I think is to the blower that passes throgh the front so I think it is just a plate that extends past the tank inner.
  7. Hi Thanks for that. It looks like I might need to do the same, I had hoped they were commercial prints.
  8. I have come across these on my workbench. I can't remember where I got them from nor what I was going to use them for. Anybody able to help tell what they are?
  9. I have buillt the N8 version using a portescap1616 and MJT converion which doesn't intrude on the cab. Just waiting for better weather to paint it.
  10. Hi What is the backscene you have used?
  11. Ian Rathbone uses Precision M & GN Gorse yellow for gpld lining
  12. I don't appear to have recieved my copy.
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