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  1. Now received mine, Very impressed with it. Thanks Mike.
  2. Axxording to North Eastern Record lectric lighting was introduced in 1904. In 1908 the gas lighting was change to incandescent burners so it would appear to be elecric lighting for new build only. At what point changes to electric were made is mentioned. It would appear that the only way of knowing would be by photographs of the stock at the period.
  3. From 1906/7 the elliptical roof stock were built with electical lighting and the D&S kit I have has this (bought from Danny). I don't know when the clerestories were changed . I use bent wire for the handrails.
  4. It was tha Gibson wheels that had the brass centre, Sharman. Sharman have the crankpins moulded in.
  5. It ws just your firt post said you were drilling the pick up holes and the second said you werew marking them out, jjust pulling your leg about it hence the smiley.
  6. The original K&L track had thick sleepers. It was when Alan Gibson became involved in the sale that thim sleepers were produced to match existing OO track. Thick sleepers were also produced. Allof the track work I have done has used thick sleepers. The track o Hawes was started in the mid 90s and despite being kept in a variety of conditions is not a problem. It has been painted. Some of the chairs from 1 batch were very brittle but these were produced when the moulding was outsourced.
  7. I decided to model in P4 in 1976 and have never had second thoughts. Ready to run isn't something I worry about. I have a couple of models which I will alter using an easichas. The rest I build from kits (or in the case of some buildings scratch build).
  8. Yes I always group the 2 together as they were all Len Newman productions and ended up in the same place
  9. As far as I am aware only C&L do the correct pattern 2 bolt chair the GWR used.
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