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  1. Catering was excellent, I really enjoyed the curry and rice and goood value too.
  2. If the sides are pre printed i would hazard a guess at PC Models.
  3. You already have everything you need to build a compensated chassis if that is what you want. I build in P4 so compansated is just about de riguer but not so in EM. The diference in price of Markit wheels to gibson alamost pays for the GW press. It depends on how many more compensated locos you intend to build. Quartering without one isn't too difficult.. A back to back guahe will help although the back to back can be set with a vernier gauge if you have one.
  4. If they are on the centre line of the wheel then the up and down movement should't be a problem unless your track is awful
  5. my locos follow the same path with the exception of a 52F T1 which has plungers. It was the easiaet loco to get running without tweaking I have built.
  6. There is an earlier single volume by Tatlow on LNER wagons which would probably we adequte for your needs. Would have to be second hand though .
  7. The running lines are Slater limestone ballast, the sidings are Modellers mate ash ballast which unfortunately is no longer available. A further view showing 2/3rds of the layout.
  8. Following on from previous request for more information on Hawes here are a couple of pictures
  9. Hi Dave It is P4 and moved on a bit since that photo. I will see about adding some mor information on my workbench thread so as not to clutter this one up. Link
  10. Funny you should say that:
  11. Hi Mark I didn't respond earlier as I paint my own teak and then use either humbrol or precision gloss varnish. To my mind the teak on those coaches is let down by the lining which is too orange and large.
  12. Hi Jeff no i live in Chelmsford. We are building a model of Hawes hence the picture, we commissined Bill Bedford to do the windows for the shed and station building.
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