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  1. When Len Newman was producing C&L track the sleeper panels were moulded and then placed in a jig. The 2 rails were then gripped and pulled through. Amazing to see.
  2. Yes for prototype fideleiity and having operated London Road I can say that Jol's work well.
  3. I would prefer radial trucks for and aft.
  4. I sealed my garage floor with garage floor paint 30 years ago. still ok today
  5. "(you don't need to be a gold member to purchase things)" Are you sure about that? I tried to buy something and got a messeage saying I didn't heve the correct permissions.
  6. Thanks for that Martin. Just what I needed to progress. Paul
  7. The LRM BTP was originally a Steve Barnfield kit
  8. Hi Martin No worries. I just wanted to refresh my memory of how you connected the point to the diamond crossing. I need to do the same. Paul
  9. I prefer option 2. Any news on when part C will be published as I am at that stage with my project.
  10. The body and floor are square and therefore the w irons are. The difficult bit of getting the W irons all perfectly square and inline is removed. It doesn;t have to be very far out for it to fall off when rigid.
  11. I was never able to build rigid chassis square enogh to get good running which is why all my stock is compensated/sprung.
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