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  1. I arrived at 10:45 and parked in the car parkdirectly oppposite the enterance and there were loads of spaces
  2. Andrew Stadden also do unpainted cast figures https://www.acstadden.co.uk/shop-4
  3. Figures I have for coal consumtion for some North Eastern locomotives quote between 30 and 34lb per mile. (North Eastern Steam, W A Tuplin)
  4. Paul Cram

    Bachmann J72

    If you are doing a J71 I think a Arthur Kimber kit would be a better solution.
  5. Very slow here as well. I think part of the problem is the ad server. It seems to take ages for them to load even when the page appears which might explain why Andy isn't seeing a problem.
  6. You need to cut away the we where the W iron sits. These are D&S but the same applies for MJT.
  7. There are a selection of compensation units on the dart castings site here: https://www.dartcastings.co.uk/mjt.php#SuspensionSystems-WagonCompensationUnits Bill bedford spriging units can be found here. https://eileensemporium.com/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=category&task=listing&cid=4041&name=bill-bedford&Itemid=439
  8. Paul Cram

    Bachmann J72

    Looking at side photos in Yeadon the new ones look right. The original ones are too low compared to the boiler.
  9. There is another picture in British Railway Journal No 41 page 75
  10. Is this diagram 116? If so there is a picture in A portrait of the North eastern Railway on page 54.
  11. This any good? https://www.acstadden.co.uk/product-page/oo13-1950s-enginemen
  12. I started modelliong in P4 over 40 years ago because it looked better. Fortunatley back then there weren't people telling me it was too difficult in fact it was easier to get a compensated wagon to run with all the wheels on the track than it was a rigid wheelbase one. From there I just developed my skills in respect of loco frames. I don't think I am aprticularly skilled modelle but given care and patiece have manage to cobble some kits together. The last loco I finished ran beautifully first time. Nothing to do with my skills but as a result of a well designed compensation system.
  13. Probably just the same ones only they are now older
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