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  1. Surely it can't just be me that's been painting pictures? Here are three more, which I'm less happy with but it's worth including them. A Nord 4-6-0 on the quayside at Boulogne in the 1930's. The wheel under the cab isn't vertical! The Correze tramway in the 1920's. I struggle painting small figures like these, they look very wooden. Dieppe Maritime in the 1950's....on the picture I copied the place was packed with people and not one was looking at the huge loco just a few feet behind them! I decided to pa
  2. While work on the station is paused, laying out the track for the North loco shed has been progressing. It's a relief to know the loco's fit under the coaling tower! Peter
  3. Here is a final group, and now I hope others will join in with their work. This is the first picture I did back in March, really to see if I still had any ability after such a long gap. It encouraged me to carry on. The loco is an LBSCR 'Belgravia' class, copied from my O gauge model. Folkestone harbour swing bridge. A Severn & Wye Railway train at Berkeley Road. My impressionist period! A Brighton Atlantic in the early 1920's. An SNCF 241P a
  4. I built this snowplough in December..... Now....at last....I've been able to play with it!! Peter
  5. Here are five more: A Caledonian 'Oban Bogie'. An LBSCR 'Richmond', another try at a fast moving loco. I don't know why the track looks curved, it's straight on the painting! Hopefully this looks a bit poster like. The Cote du Nord metre gauge in Brittany. One way of fitting a big engine onto a small canvas! All the pictures are done with acrylic paint on a 20" x 16" or 24" x16" canvas. Peter
  6. I've just been out and braved the cold to take a few more pictures. This is my diorama, four feet long and sufficiently generic to be used for all sorts of stock and any period. From the 1960's to the 1880's.... ...and over the Channel to France. Keeping the background non specific means the diorama can be used for all sorts of photographs. If the backscene included the Seven Sisters, for example, it would be a bit more limiting! One tip I've learned the hard way - do
  7. I am a great believer in photographing models outside in daylight whenever possible, but of course with a layout that cannot always be done. A simple diorama is the answer, small enough to carry around but large enough to pose a train on in order to photograph it. My models are 0 gauge but principal applies to any scale. This one was made for a customer: The shadows on the backscene are something to watch out for! The base is a simply plywood with a ply backscene to which I glued a sheet of 1mm aluminium. The self adhesive vinyl backscene (ID Backscenes
  8. Not modelling of course, but I thought people might like to see some pictures I have done over the last months to keep me occupied. Until last March I hadn't done a painting since 1983 - it's got the date on so I know! If anyone else has been painting please do share your work, I'd love to see it. Langstone halt in the early 1950's. An SNCF 231G at speed. 'Salisbury' on the climb out of Ilfracombe. A Wainwright 'D' at speed. An SNCF shed scene.
  9. Sadly it's all being delayed; I'm doing these models because they are small enough to post, unlike the overall roof! The ladders have arrived so the coal tower is finished apart from the bottom of the hoppers, which I'll add tomorrow when the coal is properly dry. Peter
  10. Some pictures of the painted structures. I've given the water tower a coat of concrete paint ready for weathering tomorrow. I've weathered the coaling tower up to the top of the concrete, the top part will be done tomorrow. I painted the hut housing the winding machinery in LNER cream and green as I doubt if it would have been first in line for a repaint in the 1950's. The steelwork is grey for the same reason, although it will be heavily weathered. The tower was painted with Railmatch concrete, put on so that the grey
  11. The laser cut platforms arrived so I've added them and sprayed the whole structure in grey primer. Peter
  12. The model is nearly ready for painting, but I've got the ladders and platforms on order so need to wait for them to arrive.
  13. The Plastruct has arrived so I've been able to make a start on the girders above the concrete section. With just two not very clear pictures, though, it's been a frustrating exercise so far. The small building on top houses the electric winch which pulls up the wagon hoist. Peter
  14. I'm going to enjoy watching this develop alongside my 4mm version; I think a visit to York is going to be called for in 2022 around Easter! Modelling York seems to be flavour of the month......is anyone going to tackle it in 7mm?! Peter
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