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  1. I wasn't able to be there today and so didn't have the pleasure of meeting David, but I'm delighted to see the road finally looking so busy....you can almost smell the diesel fumes! Peter
  2. We had a visitor today. David, who had spotted the photos of the lines of red buses outside the station posted on this thread, and the absence thereof on the model, and decided to help us fix it in one go. And yes, buses come in 3s! Thank you. Peter
  3. The crossing does look bright in the picture Michael but it's actually two shades of grey, I tried to make it reasonably dull but perhaps it needed toning down a bit more. It looks better in the flesh. I'll have another look at the pole, it's easy enough to move. We are still trying to find something suitable for the globe on top. Peter
  4. As you will see there are still jobs to be done, but I think it does now look like York station in the late 1950's. It has been a huge pleasure to have the chance to be involved in the project, especially now that we can sit back, look at it and run trains. Peter
  5. I've just got back for another day working on 'York' and we have agreed to call it the end of the first stage, although there will be the odd day over the Summer as things arise. Here then is a set of pretty pictures. More below..........
  6. Another visit today; I have put together and painted the NER canopies. I have begun cladding the far one, but have brought them home to finish. This is the entrance by the hotel; it looks odd because the board in front has been removed to give me access. The two clean panels will be weathered on my next visit. Difficult to photograph, but this shows the detail up in the roof area. Finally I have completed the two yards behind the hotel, much easier to get at with the boards separated.
  7. Have a look at www.stationcolours.com ... you should find the information you need, plus colour patches, Peter.
  8. The original NER canopies need to be modelled. The pillars and brackets were 3D printed and are already fixed in place on the platform, but the canopy itself has to be removable. Naturally they are mostly curved! I began by cutting out the girders that support the roof. On the real thing they are quite slender metal fabrications but on the model making them like that would not be anything like strong enough, so I have cut out triangles of 2mm plastic and added the detail on both sides. They look very solid here but when they are painted and weathered they should look
  9. Another good day today, I got a lot done. The canopy on the left is new; it does not look like the real one as we haven't the room for an island platform. There will be tracks in the foreground in due course...I hope I've left room! My customer is currently in York and naturally visited the station....he sent me a picture showing that the platform overt he Leeman Road bridge is wooden so I've made the alteration. I've also done more to the ent
  10. I've had a long day on the layout today although I don't seem to have achieved much. I had hoped to finish it this week but that isn't going to happen. I have put the footbridge in place, which can simply be lifted off as it covers a baseboard joint. The canopy on the right that had to be removed is being put back. The roof around the footbridge is fixed to it rather than the platform. The canopy at the far end has been extended to the correct length. The walls and canopy on the ri
  11. I've pretty much completed the area around the Leeman Road bridge now apart from some fencing and odds and ends. It's all very compressed but I think it looks convincing. There's that car again! I am assured more vehicles are on their way.............. Two of my favourite things....rock 'n' roll and Diana Dors! Looking the other way. I'll be back on Wednesday so more pictures then. Peter
  12. What scale is G3 David? I built an American narrow gauge layout about fifteen years ago in 1/20.3 scale, and a French narrow gauge which used 45mm gauge track and I think was the same scale as G3. The buildings were huge, they all had to be packed separately and took up a lot of room in the van but it was worth it for the chance to model the fully detailed interiors. I must admit I'd struggle loading it and unloading it these days though. We used Preiser figures and some LGB loco's so I suppose it must have been G Scale. Peter
  13. There is something about large scale that is really appealing, - I love watching the G3 layouts at shows. I'm enjoying watching this develop David, Peter
  14. Good point, that would be well worth doing. It seems that it may not be necessary to rebuild the signal box after all which will make my life a lot easier next week! Peter
  15. I think they were just offcuts being used as legs....nothing goes to waste! Looking at the pictures again the expanse of grey tarmac strikes me...the 1955 photograph shows no white lines at all. I was posed with my brush and pot of paint, but to no avail. We're so used to seeing lines all over the road it's a shock to see how well they seemed to cope without them! Peter
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