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  1. That's very kind Roy. One thing I ought to have said, no one is restricted to just four sheets, it's just that more than four at a time overloads the e-mails. Have as much as you want. Peter
  2. I have decided that it is not economic to continue offering my wide range of printed accessories, particularly as there are unlikely to be any more trade shows until well into next year. However, I would not like them to disappear altogether. From today onwards, all my printed papers with the exception of the backscene packs will be available to anyone that wants them free of charge. The backscene packs will be sold as previously. Anyone wanting my other printed papers should e-mail me their order (a maximum of four sheets per order please) and I will e-mail back the artwork which is all to 7mm scale. The customer will then need to print it off, or in the case of building papers where multiples might be required load it onto a memory stick and take it to the local print shop. They will be able to insert the memory stick into their copier and print directly from it using fade proof ink and good quality paper, which is what I have been doing with the papers you have been buying up to now. The papers are intended for individual and club use and of course the copyright remains my property. The products available free of charge are as follows: BUILDING PAPERS . Please go to the page on www.kirtleymodels.co.uk for the full range. POSTER BOARDS Station poster boards ready to cut out and use for all the major pre group railways including joint lines, the Big Four, BR regions and BR 1970's. STATION SIGNS BR regional enamel signs, SR signs and GWR signs, the latter of use for numerous other lines. LINESIDE SIGNS. Cast iron lineside notices. ENAMEL ADVERTS Four sheets in large and small sizes. ADVERTS FOR HOARDINGS. PUB SIGNS GARAGE SIGNS ROAD SIGNS Please see my website for a full listing and further details. Modellers using other scales are welcome to have the sheets but will need to resize them to suit the scale they are using. This will allow me to concentrate on building models while keeping the products available for those who find them useful. Those interested should e-mail me at [email protected] . Peter
  3. My customer sent me these pictures today of the layout with all the detailing bits in place so I thought (with his permission) that it would be nice to share them. Peter
  4. No, I just used them exactly as they were. I'm very impressed with them for a layout like this. Peter
  5. They're home made mate, just some bent wire and bits of plastic. I needed eight and they only took half an hour to make. It's easier to paint them after sticking them down as you don't need to hold them then. Peter
  6. As it's too damp to take the layout outside I've had a play indoors, backdating it to the 1880's with stock from Saltdean. I know the track would have looked different then but apart from that only the phone box and Bill Haley graffiti are out of place. Peter
  7. It's Slater's dressed stone. I spayed it light brown from a spray can, dry brushed it in grey and a darker brown, added the green and then gave it a wash of dilute back. The uprights are stripwood painted grey. Peter
  8. I have been building this little self contained wharf layout for a customer. The pictures were taken indoors so are not all that sharp but they should give the impression of how it looks. The plan shows the layout as originally drawn and not many changes have needed to be made. The warehouse acts as a fiddle yard hiding a complete train, and has been made removeable for obvious reasons! I have used Peco Set Track and for a location such as this it works really well; the loco's have no problem running through the sharp points. The period is the early 1960's ( depending on when the 05 was built!) Peter
  9. We have just got back from Boulogne exhibition and while we were there we took some new pictures and video of 'Eu Depot'. The layout is an O gauge SNCF loco depot set in the mid 1950's. Eu is a real town close to the north coast of France but the shed never existed. The layout will be at Peterborough show in December. We have added the narrow platform for the staff train. The signal is new too, operated from the DCC controller via a Hoffman point motor. The spilled sand makes it clear what the gantry is for. The scratcbuilt 140C. The newest addition, a scratchbuilt 'Revolver' 4-4-4T from the Nord railway. The last one was scrapped in 1955. We do like to create an atmosphere! Peter
  10. I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Simon this morning when I delivered the cottages; it is an inspirational layout and the quality of the modelling is the very highest. Peter
  11. John and I decided that North Foreland would benefit from having another 4' long board inserted to extend the run of the main line and enlarge the loco shed area. We exhibited the new version at Redditch this weekend. Peter
  12. The Escort has had the blower on maximum - nice clear windows! Peter
  13. Hopefully I can bring a little more light heartedness to the discussion again. This is the first time I've been asked to build anything set in the 1980's. I bought my first car in 1982, a bright red Escort.....I couldn't help myself, I ordered one from Oxford Diecast and it's just arrived. It needs weathering, of course, and don't worry Simon, I won't glue it down. Peter
  14. This forum excepted obviously Simon, but most are like swimming pools, all the noise comes from the shallow end. Keep up the good work, Peter
  15. That looks like a really useful product, I'd never heard of it. The bridge looks superb, lovely modelling. Peter
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