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  1. Use it for my DC O gauge loco's and its been pretty solid. Picked mine up used many years ago. Was better than the bog standard Bachmann controller.
  2. I suspect some of the box shifters might knock a few quid off, but sadly the costs going up is just what it is.
  3. Sometimes there's a modelling 'hump' to get over, when you can't figure something out like a kit. Then all of a sudden, a few weeks later you look at it and blam, sorted straight away.
  4. Starting to feel better now. DWP have finally acknowledged the change in circumstances I put in in September to take me off Universal credit and my wages came in at full rate last week, which was nice. Got a new 16mm coach build on the go to finally give me a full short rake for my RH Billy to pull. Things are looking better. Also booked a week off at the end of November to fill with a holiday. I think the misses has twigged my locations of choice as she gets suspicious and checks for nearby railways and museums, she keeps sussing me out.
  5. Finally, some wages have gone back in, I can top the savings back up. DWP also confirmed I'll be getting a payment, but 1/3 less due to me having some savings (which have been a little diminished of late). Finally able to afford the 220 steam oil I've been needing (bought 5L of the stuff!) for my live steam loco's. I can breathe again. Hopefully the DWP actually pay attention to my change of circumstance notification, I wouldn't put it past them to make a cock up and try to sanction me for not showing up, even though I'm working now.
  6. Further to my epic 'story' with the Job Centre. Having gone through the 8 billion pages for applying, they now tell me I wouldn't get anything anyway, when they told me I would if I applied. Thankfully got a confirmed offer but the incompetence and duplication of that place is staggering. No wonder they heamorrage money.
  7. Bit of an update, have been offered a fix term contract and now get the satisfaction of telling the job centre to go do one. The JC were wanting me to go in every single week to provide them with updates on my job search and to 'coach' me on how to look for work. Hate the Job Centre with a passion. They deliberately make things confusing and difficult to put you off. My advice for anyone who has to deal with them? Do so, but keep them at arms length. I only claimed to get what I'm entitled to after paying into the system.
  8. Its all fun in the job hunting world... ... NOT! Except the governement, they can piss right off! Universal Credit is such a hokey system its unbelievable. Designed purely to save the government money by giving out less. Not to mention the contempt the staff treat you with and the depressing state of their premises. I'm lucky enough to have some life savings I am trying to not touch, but you get penalised for having any savings whatsoever. I've I'd not bothered saving and blew it all, I'd be eligible for more. I am also looking forward to thew inevitable 'advice' on how to job hunt and their expectation that I will spend 35hours a week doing so. I'm sorry, that's not how job hunting works. 2/3 hours a day max and you've covered every site and every advert. Not a happy bunny.
  9. Not sure if it necessarily counts, but if 16mm is your thing Roundhouse have a small shop at their factory.
  10. This is something that bothers me about the lending culture today. For example we see lots of car adverts, many of them specify the monthy 'rental' cost and various hire/purchase options. My car cost £2750, I paid cash and paid all the other bits up front. Apart from fuel and the usual bits, I've probably spent about £4k in total, all in the readies. No loans, no hire purchase crap. It had a DMF failure not long ago but all in all, it was worth getting it fixed. Now if I walk into a dealership they'll convince me I can afford £15k and then some on a brand new car that'll be worth half that in a couple of years anyway. Even at that, the 15k car will be low spec, slower and generally an 'unknown' factor. I don't know how well its been put together and its not even bedded in.
  11. As far as I know its always been there. Unless it was out on loan when you went.
  12. Update on my situation I suppose... Basically I was laid off and given my weeks notice (its awesome being a contractor.... not). Finished with the company last week and a massive weight seemed to be lifted. It made me realise how much I hated the job when I was happy to be, essentially sacked. I was laid off for not performing as I should have and this was after a couple of warnings. I can do the job, its not a hard one but the fact of the matter is, I didn't actually care about it. I've obviously been looking, but I've still got some cash in my pocket to see me through for a little while. The loss is theirs not mine. I'd warned them about what would happen, they refused to heed my warnings and those issues came to fruition. Screw them On the plus side, I've taken this time out to do a couple of things I've been wanting to do. Went to visit Bressingham last week and had a fantastic day.
  13. Ooh give them a scratch behind the ears from me. I don't have pets but love seeing them. We're not home enough to warrant one, it'd be cruel to leave a pet alone all day.
  14. Resurrecting the thread, I'm sorry, feel really down at the moment. Have had a weeks holiday which was really good, but coming back to work has shown how much I hate it now. I don't want to stay in IT anymore and I need something new, but I feel utterly trapped by it. Starting at the bottom at my age isn't ideal at all.
  15. Its the picture of the smashed Black 5 that chokes me up. Amongst all of the carnage, the focus on one very personal item is the hardest bite to take. I'm so sad that this is so near to me and practically local. No amount of money can replace the blood, sweat and tears gone into those creations.
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