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  1. I'm fortunate enought to have a post office a short walk away, getting stuff dropped in from Amazon and not having to worry about being in is a godsend. Also amazon seem to have free delivery when it'd cost to deliver it home the same day.
  2. Might not be ideal, but quite a lot of people take retirement then do some shelf stacking to top up the funds. No shame in it.
  3. Pretty much that, needed a decoder there and then and the Bachmann one was available.
  4. Hope you don't mind a little self promotion. I picked one up from Trains4U today, I'm quite happy with it. A little shocked at the cost of Next18 decoders (not T4U's fault). Its nice to have a DCC fitted Thomas to run alongside my other fitted loco's. My 4(!!!) Hornby Thomas' are all analogue!
  5. Popped in and picked up the Bachmann Thomas today, great, friendly service as always. Had a play with the loco today and its not bad. Very strange seeing the Bachmann Thomas range appearing in bricks and mortar shops here now.
  6. Yeah definitely will do, I like the vibe of your site. Reminds me of heritage railways years ago, where you were allowed to roam quite freely amongst the sheds and exhibits.
  7. Ugh, so payday finally came, got my first 45 hour overtime week paid and I might as well not have. About 50% of it lost to tax, NI and a bit of pensions. Trying to get my Youtube vlogs up as a bit of a side project but not seeming to get any traffic coming my way. Please do take a look and subscribe/share if possible. Have got more on the way!
  8. Thanks Ian, loved coming along and taking a look, some nice chatty staff there too. Will come again sooner rather than later.
  9. Parts of it survived, I think the cab and bucket, but yes, now razorblades.
  10. Started 2 weeks off work! First port of call was Rocks by Rail today. Its relatively local but only been twice now. Very small operation but some really, really interesting bits of kit. Seem like a very friendly bunch, didn't mind my inane questions at all.
  11. Dual Mass Flywheel, its supposed to smoothen out the transmission, initially from high torque diesel's.
  12. Well, the DMF wasn't such a big issue, £150 labour and free parts replacement. Car is back and feeling smooth again, nuff said on that. My Go Pro Hero+ LCD died last month and house insurance paid out to replace it. Spent a bit extra and got the Hero 9, which is pretty good (once I got the media mod too). Couple more days work then off for two weeks.
  13. So work have agreed to let me do a bit of overtime each day for a while (1.5x rate) which should help restore some cash reserves and help pay for some camera equipment I'd like. Looks like the DMF on my car has gone again and needs work, only just out of the warranty period. Hoping the manufacturer gies me some grace on the parts which shouldn't have failed. Probable £700 bill coming for that. Price of used cars is so high lately that selling it with the fault and getting something else isn't worth it.
  14. Thanks for the tips, I did wonder about a change of career into lorry driving, it does peak my interest but I have the hurdle of needing the qualifications and not being quite 100% sure. I like IT and fortunately I'm moving away from that direct customer facing role I was once in. I have ideas about getting a second income from my hobbies and only just uploaded my first vlog on Youtube (link in signature if anyones interested).
  15. Money Money Money Because of my job situation, new job didn't work out and back to old job. Able to keep my head above water but not by much, suddenly can't afford to indulge myself quite so much and its affected my wellbeing. I like my job, but I don't think people appreciate who much living expenses are stacked against you living on your own. Thinking about trying to earn money elsewhere but not really sure I can find a saleable talent.
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