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  1. So I've been told that my new job isn't working out and 5 months in they've decided to part ways. Sometimes you think things are working out fine then bang, someone takes it all away again. Thankfully it seems like my previous boss will take me back. Its proper crap though as I was enjoying it.
  2. Lies, this must be a show-home, no modeller is this organised!
  3. If its any use to you I made a video where I use my Hornby FS with a TTS decoder to show off the JMRI software, for a budget chip I find them ok and serve a purpose.
  4. I briefly tried something similar with Tornado with some double sided tape, but the thickness of the tape was too much in my case. It caused the loco to have a lot of friction and fried the chip.
  5. May I ask which speaker you bought?
  6. I wonder if she's going partly because of her history as number 23
  7. I did a motor swap on mine (TTS version) and although it seems to be running about the same as it did with the 3-pole, its sounds very grindy. Motor dropped in directly. Only thing I had to do is solder the wires and drop it in.
  8. I managed to replace my Tornado's motor for the 5 pole, same as what I did for the P2. P2 is a bit grindy but Tornado seems about the same as the 3-pole. Might need running in or some extra pickups (no tender pickups). Managed to blow my DCC chip at the same time. Wondering if I can squeeze a TTS chip with a cube speaker in the smokebox.
  9. I do wonder how we'd fare without video conferencing and the internet to keep in touch. For all the bad things technology can bring, there are also many times the benefits.
  10. Things have certainly changed for me a lot over the course of the past year. Everything is completely different to when I started this thread too. 1. I moved house - out from under my parents roof into my own home 2. New job a couple of months ago - vast improvements in working life and salary The only thing I'm struggling with is a lack of human contact. I think I have a better relationship with the cashier at Tesco than anyone else right now. See my folks once or twice a week but haven't been able to share a beer with friends for months. I understand why the lockdowns ar
  11. Ordered 2, gonna have a crack at swapping the P2 and my Tornado one.
  12. Lockdown has had a similar effect, I want to get out as I work and sleep in the same room lately. I've walked bloody miles! No real modelling mojo as house-hunting is commencing, but after that I may finally be able to set up my garden railway.
  13. Do yourself a favour and pickup a Mamod train set, hours of fun. My 16mm loco's have been staving off the lack of big steam loco's and keeping the steamy smell in my nostrils that bit longer.
  14. Not exactly far away from point to point, but still a bit of a trek: Located in Vienna near the Technisches Museum Wien and Schoenbrunn palace. Nice little shop, chap only knew a little english but helped a lot. Pickoed up a Piko Hobby Taurus for €64.99 http://www.modellbahntraum.com/ Wedel - Hamburg - There was a small model shop nearby, picked up an N gauge Flesichmann 0-6-0, couple of 6 wheel carriages and a luggage van Nederland Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht - picked up a Piko Hobby 0-4-0 tender loco, couple of 4 wheeler carriages and a baggage van
  15. Looks much nice, I always thought it seemed dark around the back so hopefully this'll show up better. Maybe pop in when I get some spare time soon for a browse. Nothing worse than going into a shop and browsing a stack of boxed loco's and rolling stock, its nice to see examples out the box.
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