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  1. First AI design model train… painted in AI livery with an AI box design controlled by AI looks like a bus with a face, and no rails.
  2. I actually wonder if making diesels is diverting resources from everything… last year has been very quiet in wagon deliveries, and the only new coaches to hit shelves has been some Bachmann mk1’ reruns, Accurascale mk2’s and Motorails… and the £160 Revolution Caroline. if your a chinese factory sitting on a big backlog… the least effort / high revenue / big money orders are going to ship first… those £550 CEPs landed pretty fast after announcement ! Car industry was no different.. Much of the lower end Merc range was non-existent for 2022-2023… Neither was the whisky industry which seemed to have less of the lower end niche bottles for a period.
  3. I know from first hand knowledge (I did the reboxing my self on placement whilst at uni at Dapol) that Mainline 56’s were simply unboxed, and placed into a Dapol box. (blue/Large logo) I recall seeing a whole pallet of Mainline blue/grey mk2d’s as well. Others include Royal Scots 6127/46137 and 45700 Amethyst. if there wasnt a sparebox to hand, they would go still in Mainline boxes occasionally. 56001 was a Dapol model though as were railfreight ones… they werent made by “Mainline/Airfix”. You could tell the difference by the foam insert tray.. it was a bit more “economical” should we say. But yes theres no difference.
  4. West Coast Railways 2024 railtour set… Empty box, no controller, couple of well weathered mk2d coaches in an add on pack.
  5. I keep hoping manufacturers discover there is more to industrials than Peckett… Hudswell Clarke is a bit under represented !
  6. Rail delays was mentioned on BBC news this morning following the football at Gelsenkirchen, 2.5 hour delays mentioned. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/euro-2024-trains-germany-england-fans-gelsenkirchen-b2563683.html
  7. One of these ? Thats about as big as Peckett got !
  8. I’m in, lovely little loco… dcc ready ordered.
  9. i still have mine with uncoupler, used to do rush shunting, rather than hump shunting… go fast, cut power, wagons fly. 40 years old at least.
  10. 16. Is Dapol. personally i am content with all mine on that list, so it would take an innovation to move me, though the 06 would be a no brainer. Surely anyone looking at an 08 would be considering a class 13.. its 2x the sales and appeals to that unusual niche. I noted Bachmanns cab interior was removable, but the frame was a one piece (class 13 had had very deep bufferbeams), so alas I didnt sense it). i’m surprised no one in preservation has created a 13004 tbh.. it wouldnt be too hard.
  11. 5 different colours on the whistle ? I bet the factory just loved that. i’m assuming its a whistle ?
  12. I dont think that was a confession.. more a kin to my point about chinese whispers. Theres undoubtably a clamour for a new class 40, even though someone is publicly already doing a new class 40. The noise on here for a new 40 isnt just random, ive heard it at shows as well… so imo someones putting out feelers and listening for a reaction, which seems to be quite strong. Where as thoughts for Bachmann 56, is a logical, given its proximity to a 69.. but there doesnt seem to be as much clamour for it, despite the logic.. it could be though that doing a 69 (which lets face it, is going to be a grand slam winner), makes the 56 a low cost no brain passenger, but i’d wager they wont let the 56 steal the 69’s limelight until its been well milked.
  13. I read the tea leaves differently on who's doing a 153/155. Of course there could be multiple working on it, as thats the vogue currently. But my bet isnt on Heljan, at least not yet, they still have quite a pile to deliver.
  14. 56’s being traded in for class 69 conversions ? 😀
  15. DC version wont have it, because it wont work on DC. Sooner we move to wifi enabled models the better.
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