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  1. This course will sadly now not take place. See my posting here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/166163-mick-bonwick/
  2. I'm afraid I have to convey the very sad news that Mick Bonwick, well known to many modellers from his weathering classes at Missenden and Pendon, suffered a heart attack last week and sadly died earlier today. His passing is a great loss to our hobby and he will be sorely missed.
  3. I'm involved in organising a weathering course in August, to be tutored by weathering guru Mick Bonwick. The course will take place at Rushden Transport Museum, Northamptonshire, over the weekend of 14-15th August, with an optional extra day on Monday 16th August. You can arrive on Friday afternoon if you wish, to get set up. Full details and a booking form can be found here: https://www.merg.org.uk/merg_wiki/doku.php?id=public:weatheringcourse (Note: although the course details are on the MERG website, there is no requirement to be a MERG member to attend) This course is suitable for everyone from complete beginners who know nothing about weathering, to seasoned weathering practitioners who want to improve and hone their skills. The course format will be mainly practical, with Mick giving you the theory and guidance, and training on techniques, as you go along. Mick will have with him sufficient workstations, with airbrush, compressor and spray booths with fume extraction, to allow no more than 2 people sharing a workstation during the course. This means that if you don’t yet have your own airbrush, you don’t need to rush and out buy one. You can come on the course, learn about the pros and cons of the different types, and make a decision with Mick’s guidance before you purchase your own. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Regards, Pete PS: I did check with Andy first that it was ok to post this information here
  4. Hi Andy,


    I'm probably being incredibly dumb here.  I need to send you a PM to seek permission to post info about a weathering course that I am organising, but I havn't needed to send a PM on RMWEB since it was updated to the newer version, and I can't work out how to PM you!  :scratchhead:


    If I click on any reference to you, such as in a post you made, I get to your profile.  On your profile page, I can see this topic that I can post to, but I can't for the life of me find a PM link.  I'm sure it will be blindingly obvious when you tell me, so please could you put me out of my misery?






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  5. Good advice. Alan's excellent OT was indeed present when we did the demo of various control options, including extended handle switches, touch screen and voice control amongst others.
  6. Kevin, it was only a day and a half ago that Alan posted his questions! You need to remember that Alan cannot just walk up to a computer and check his messages like you can, I'm sure he will be along in due course.
  7. Michael, if you look back a few posts you will see that I mentioned that I have demonstrated the voice control to Alan, so he can decide whether or not such a thing might be useful to him. I also demonstrated it during a MERG online Zoom area group meeting a while back. I'm very interested in both the electronics and the railway modelling. My son is disabled, so I have a particular interest in the application of the technology to help disabled people access railway modelling. I certainly wouldn't class myself as "more interested in the electronics and new ideas than in the railway and modelling side" - I found that comment a little insensitive and upsetting as all I'm trying to do here is help with some answers that might help Alan make his decisions. I hope that my knowledge combination about model railways, electronics, computer control, AAC and adaptations to help disabled modellers might also be able to help Alan. Pete
  8. Hi Alan, others have already covered many aspects. My preference is also DCC, it is more amenable to control by alternative methods, and easier to implement for such control. It is, of course, not necessary to convert all 300 locos in one go, converting a few at a time as the layout is built so that you can run trains might be a good way forwards. I suspect all 300 would not fit on the layout at the same time anyway! Some of your collection will be easier to convert than others, so, together with which are your favourites, that could perhaps guide which ones you have converted first. DCC is also amenable to the fitting of keep alive units, which can be useful for short wheelbase locos that are more susceptible to stalling, for more reliable running. A bus system for the layout, as well as simplifying the wiring, allows all the different elements, such as trains, points, signals, routes etc to be centrally controlled in a integrated way, which is what is needed for alternative control methods. I favour CBUS, because it is what I use and know very well. Yes, the modules need building, but that is offset by a much cheaper purchase cost. Once you have the layout up and running with a bus controlled system, then various control methods can be implemented, the use of one does not preclude others. This could range from a conventional control panel with switches that have extended levers for ease of operation, right through to the voice control that I demonstrated to you a year or so ago. That could be developed so that voice commands can do anything from control the start/stop/speed of one loco, setting routes and running a train from A to B, right through to a voice command to run a train sequence. How far you would go with that is dependant on how you would like to control it. A model railway bus can also be linked to any AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) system, such as touch screen, Eyegaze, head tracking, remote switches etc. A starting point would be which methods you are finding work best for you for environment control in the house (windows, curtains etc) or, indeed, how you operate your computer to send emails etc. Multiple control methods could be installed, which you use depending on how your motor control is coming on, or indeed how you feel on a given day. None of this precludes a visitor operating things the conventional way My son, who is disabled, uses large round tactile push buttons to start and stop trains, via the CBUS system, whilst I simultaneously use the standard handsets. By implementing such control methods, hopefully you could do most or all of the actual route setting and train control, the carer's role would be to deal with any derailments or trains that stall on the track (hopefully all rare events with a well built layout) and, as has already been alluded to, perhaps they could do track cleaning duties. Track cleaning wagons can contribute, but are, IMHO, not a complete solution on their own. I have found that once the track is clean (I use a proprietary track cleaning product) if the layout is used very regularly then I very rarely need to do more cleaning. The worst thing for dirty track and loco pickups is not using the layout for some time. Pete
  9. Thanks for that clarification, Oliver. It was a quandry, because I have always had a very good experience dealing with Rails. So it is very good of you to recommend buying from DPS or Locomotion if we want to support those organisations. I looked at Locomotion, but Tulyar, the one I want, is not listed there as a sound version (the only options are £30 or £160 in the checkout selection box), so presumably they have already sold all their allocation of those. I have now had a very good email exchange with Darrell at DPS, who has taken over their online sales since my earlier experience some years ago, and who responded quickly to my enquiry. As a result of our discussion, he has added "Deposit only" entries in their online shop for their Accurascale Deltics, and you specify whether you are ordering basic or sound fitted using the "Add note" at the checkout. This makes it easier to order now if you just want to pay a deposit. So I have now ordered my sound fitted Tulyar from DPS, and when I am running it on my layout, it will be nice to know that some part of the money I am paying is going towards restoration of the real Tulyar. I can't wait to get my hands on it - but I know I have to! Regards, Pete
  10. I'm about to place my order, but I have a question about the DPS/Rails/Locomotion ones. I'd like to support the DPS - they do a great job restoring the Deltics and endeavouring to keep them on the main line. Will DPS get a cut from every one of those exclusive DPS/Rails/Locomotion Deltics sold, or only the ones bought from the DPS online shop? The reason I ask is that I am in a bit of a quandary as to who to order it from. Whilst DPS are doing important work on Deltic preservation, I don't have so much confidence in their sales operation. I ordered a custom weathered Bachmann Tulyar from them many years ago, and it never came despite lots of chasing and promises. So in terms of knowing I will get it, I would prefer to order from a slick operation like Rails. But it would be good to know if some benefit still went to the good work of DPS for that limited edition. Does anyone know how the benefit from the exclusive editions is allocated? Since we are supporting important charitable organisations here, I don't think there is any reason why this information should not be open and transparent. Pete
  11. That would be great, thanks! Does anyone know how I get to the archived content whose links no longer work? I have quite a few RMWEB saved bookmarks on various subjects, which no longer work.
  12. Was there ever a part 3 to this guide, showing how to finish these off? I also bookmarked a link to another RMweb thread showing such a conversion, "JMA in 4mm" but the link no longer works: <http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=40988> Does anyone know how I might access that content? Thanks, Pete
  13. Thanks for the link and info - I've save the cached web page as pdf and as screenshot. I spoke to Tesco bank and at first they tried to rebuff me, based on the amount less than £100 and on how long ago the payment was and the fact that it was a Paypal payment. But based on people's experiences and advice on here I persisted on all points, particularly on the Paypal thing as, AFAICS, Paypal are no more an intermediary than the usual CC acquirer relationship to the merchant (I wonder if anybody has tested that in court yet?). In the end they said they would process it as chargeback rather than section 75 and asked me to email in the various documents (DJM receipt, newletters to show the order was still active etc) so we'll see what happens next.
  14. Great info on this thread - so I'm just about to contact Tesco credit card about getting a refund of my £60 depost for 2xClass92. I have my invoice from DJM, and the various newletters etc, what I can't find is anything that shows what the full price of the Class 92 was, as evidence that the goods I was ordering were priced at over £100. The DJM website no longer shows this. Does anyone have a screenshot or document that shows this? Thanks,
  15. I hope you don't mind me waking up this old thread. The idea of digital mag subscriptions is attractive, but can BRM or others answer these questions: 1. I have plenty of model railway mags 10 to 20 years old, and I still dip into them for reference from time to time. In 10 years time, when "Pocketmags" may or may not still exist, and there may or may not still be an "app" (AKA program) for whatever version of Windows, Android or other system is then current, how likely is it that I will still be able to access those digital magazines that I have paid for many years ago? 2. Kind of in answer to (1) above, has anyone yet worked out a way to save the whole magazine(or article) to PDF, because if so, I guess that ensures the future of being able to read them when Pocketmags has been acquired by Microsoft/Facebook etc and made unusable. 3. Similarly, has anyone worked out a way to print a whole article so that it can be read in comfort? (if so, this also answers (2), because printout can always be directed to PDF) 4. What sort of guarantee is there that the pocketmags apps will continue to work on older operating system versions, or can Pocketmags force their subscribers to upgrade their computers to be able to continue to access their saved content? 5. If, as i have read here, video content is only ever available by online streaming, what guarantee is there of continued availability of such content as the years pass? Thanks, Pete
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