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  1. I hope you don't mind me waking up this old thread. The idea of digital mag subscriptions is attractive, but can BRM or others answer these questions: 1. I have plenty of model railway mags 10 to 20 years old, and I still dip into them for reference from time to time. In 10 years time, when "Pocketmags" may or may not still exist, and there may or may not still be an "app" (AKA program) for whatever version of Windows, Android or other system is then current, how likely is it that I will still be able to access those digital magazines that I have paid for many years ago? 2. Kind of in answer to (1) above, has anyone yet worked out a way to save the whole magazine(or article) to PDF, because if so, I guess that ensures the future of being able to read them when Pocketmags has been acquired by Microsoft/Facebook etc and made unusable. 3. Similarly, has anyone worked out a way to print a whole article so that it can be read in comfort? (if so, this also answers (2), because printout can always be directed to PDF) 4. What sort of guarantee is there that the pocketmags apps will continue to work on older operating system versions, or can Pocketmags force their subscribers to upgrade their computers to be able to continue to access their saved content? 5. If, as i have read here, video content is only ever available by online streaming, what guarantee is there of continued availability of such content as the years pass? Thanks, Pete
  2. I've received the replacement instructions, allen key and drill from Tom, many thanks for the prompt service. I've done a couple of axles and it is now working well. I'll post some pictures when I get a chance, to complement those posted by Mark. I think most of my problem was that without the very small allen key, I could not adjust the drill length. It was set quite short, and I suspect was not drililng far enough in to get the full diameter at the hole entry. The bearing are a very tight fit in the hole, and require use of pliers to force it in, but that is no bad thing because the bearing is then rigidly in place without the need for any glue etc.
  3. Hi Tim, Many thanks for your kind offer to send the instructions, allen key and another drill bit. I'm very happy to pay for what it costs and postage, it's my fault I lost the instructions and allen key! I have emailed you my postal address. I have managed to ream out the axleboxes on a few old coaches so that the pinpont axles will go in and run in the plastic. The tool worked well for that, and they run better than the old plastic wheels, but putting proper brass bearings in would be preferable and will give even better running. I'll have a go at that as soon as I get those bits from you. Big thanks! Regards, Pete
  4. I bought one of these a while ago, but never got around to using it. Today I thought I would have a go, and I'm struggling a bit. This may well be because I have long ago lost the instructions and any other bits that came with it. The drill that is supplied in the tool is about 1.75mm (measured with digital calipers). So not surprisingly a 2mm bearing will not fit in the hole it reams out. As far as I can see, the tool would not take a larger drill (or am I wrong?) So how should I use it to fit a 2mm bearing? Also - what is the required size of the allen key to adjust the drill position? (yes - I lost that too :-( ) Thanks, Pete
  5. Book arrived today, "Southern Way Class 71/74 Locomotives". Lots of excellent Pics and details of the conversion. I bought it mainly as reference for my attempt at converting the DJM Class 71 to a CLass 74, but the detailed text of the history and development is also a fascinating read - excellent book. And to answer John's questions, the bogie revisions were mainly revised springing because the 74 was heavier, and retractable pickup shoe gear for use when on diesel, it was fixed on the 71. The arrangement of the pickup gear looks quite different. There are photo's in the book.
  6. Kernow had a few DJM Class 71's (green weathered) for £69.99 special offer at the GCR show today, so I grabbed one as doner loco for a class 74 conversion (used some of my Kernow account credit from the cancelled class 74 orders). I've also ordered Simon and John's book. So if anyone is doing conversion parts (such as bogie sides) I would definitely be interested.
  7. Seems like you two ought to talk to each other!
  8. Do you consider the Hornby chassis to be better than the DJM one?
  9. I do have one of the DC kits class 74 kits, which I started building quite a few years ago. It's a fairly basic resin body shell, so probably no comparison to the DJM one I was hoping for, but it might be worth seeing if I can adapt it to go on the DJM class 71 chassis.
  10. I'm pretty sure any detailing parts were not fitted - presumably still in the boxes which the shop owner still has. I guess he might recover a few quid by selling the detailing packs separately, perhaps on Ebay or whatever.
  11. Yep, Wellingborough is on the Midland Main Line north of Bedford and south of Kettering. It is also East of Northampton and West of Peterborough. The thief stuffed them into his bag so I think you are right, there might well be some damage. Once I get hold of the CCTV footage I'll post it, just in case somebody recognises him.
  12. Sad to report that our local model railway shop here in Wellingborough suffered a shop lifting incident last week, when 7 locos were stolen whilst the shopkeeper was serving another customer (He was a friend of the shop owner just helping out for the day whilst the owner had to be elsewhere). The following Hornby locos (all in green) were stolen: GNR N7 0-6-2 no. 1744 LSWR M7 0-4-4 no. 245 Class 42xx 2-8-0 no. 4266 Class 42xx 2-8-0 no. 4261 N15 4-6-0 Sir Sagmore B17 4-6-0 Sandringham T9 4-4-0 No. 709 They were stolen from a display case in the shop, so they are all brand new but without their boxes. If you spot such a collection, or part of, being offered for sale, please let me know. The helper is particularly upset by this, as he feels it is his fault, although it is clearly the scumbag that took them that is responsible. There is some CCTV footage, he shop owner is going to let me have a copy to post, just in case anybody recognises the thief. (He has given a copy to the police, who told him they might be in touch in "one to two weeks".) (is this the right place on RMweb to post this? If there is a better place, let me know)
  13. Doesn't stop you having one under Rule 1 - most layouts have "what if..."
  14. I only really bought my class 71 to support the crowd funding effort, in the hope that a 74 would come along afterwards. So now, I am wondering how easy it might be to convert my class 71 into a class 74. Anyone out there up for creating a conversion kit?
  15. We've only been given two options - get a refund back to the original card or take Kernow loyalty points in lieu. Why not give customers the option of leaving their money in the project, on the full understanding that it will be "for a while yet"? I for one would be prepared to do that. It's been a lot less time so far than the D600 warship, and that is finally getting there.
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